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On December 20, 2006, in General, by Kok mING

Many peoples expecting me to write a LONG blog about the recent toll fees adjustment.

I am sorry to tell you that I am not going to write it and why should I?

It is very unlikely that Samivellu will read my blog and start to feel guilty for everything he did … if you really want to know my thought on this…

I can tell you. Malaysia is getting better and better. Previously, they still gather citizen-voices before they implement or decide on something. Now, they are totally independant. They can make decision without the help of citizen-voices anymore, please do not misunderstood that I am not trying to say that are “conducting business within the blackbox” (黑箱作业). They are mature enough to INFORM you about their decisions and DO NOT NEED your approval or critism anymore. This is the government that you have give birth to. This is the generation that will rules you for the rest of their lifes. This is the cause and effect. If you ignore this and keep casting votes to them. You gotta pay your own price for casting your blind votes 🙂


That’s all I want to say… They just inform me what I have to do in order to continue to use the TOLL. Nothing much. That’s it! Case close and we wait for the Petrol to raise price 🙂



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