During today’s tea break session, I was in a restaurant enjoying my food. There are a group of youngsters complaining the rising cost of living, saying house expensive, car (foreign) is not affordable and etc.

If I know them, I would have join the discussion. Not to support them but to tell them about all these problems exist for a long long time. It isn’t new with GST, nothing new with economy downturn. Life been always difficult to live, be my generation, your generation, ancestors or whoever seeing this in future.

My first job is a system administrator, earning 1600 when I start. Recession came and cut pay which I forgot how many %, that is pain but better than jobless. After a pay cut, company still doing bad and finally bankrupt and closed shop. Then I join the force of unemployment. Back then, I didn’t own a car, no house, no saving and still living with family.

Everyone has there own financial crisis. It isn’t the disaster, after a ten year or more. You will come to an understanding that all these actually will never resolve. You will never have enough money to spend and will never lack of luxury desire.

It is funny to have people envy my lifestyle. I been through rough times too. There are many moments where life almost got me to the end. If anyone tell you about “problem which can solved by money then it is not a problem “, please go fuck them hard and ask them to pay all your bills.

Money problem is real and it is extremely pressure to live a money-not-enough life.

You need more money, you gotta do the right things. Not sitting in a pricey mamak to complain about life. Use these free time to improve yourself, do some part time job or freelance.

Blaming everything to society or the government gets nothing resolve. After all, we know the problem is we didn’t make enough effort to make a change.

You want a good and easy life. You must have your way to earn it. None tell me how to do it. Poor dad and rich dad didn’t tell me too.

The moment you understand that all problems are started by you and you have the way to solve it. That will be the moment when you will understand  how to live the life you want.

Thank you for all people who never encourage me and never seem agreeable to me. Without your useless criticism and  disagreement. I would not be able to prove my way is right. Appreciate who supported me during my ups and downs, it is all because of you never give up in believing me, so I have the strength to persist until today.

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