I’ll pay, do it!

On July 12, 2009, in English, General | Discussion, My work, by Kok mING

Many years ago, I had this simple mindset. I thought money can solve everything, whatever money can solve, there are no problem at all!

Today, I found myself is not entirely correct. Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to tell you something like “I found love overcome money”, “My family is greater than all” or “Money just can’t buy anything”… these are bullshit… love can’t keep you alive without money to buy food!

Indeed, I am still find we need money to resolve problems but not as easy as paying it only. Most of the time, we have to be involved in order to get the best outcome too.

Money, it is still the essence to all kind of solutions but money cannot build solution.

Money can buy books but not knowledge.

Money can buy supplement but not health.

Money can buy sex but not love.

Money can buy a lot of stuffs but you have to be involved in order to get the best outcome!

Let’s say, you are hungry and you want to feed yourself with food. So, you need to buy a fresh salad with your money. Now, look into this way. Money, you use it to buy food. It can’t grow vegetables, it can’t be chew like fresh salad and it is definitely not safe to eat! Do you still think money can kill your hunger without you spend it on food?

I want to express that is all solutions associated with cost / price. It is not money that builds solution.

I am frustrated, very irritated when someone says “We’ll pay for it, do it”.

First of all, before you say that sentence, better think twice. By saying this sentence, you may feel very bossy and very proud but it also shows how childish you are… … Sometimes, people may reject you due to self-esteem. If this happen, what else you do with your beloved money? Think… Respect.

Again, never ever say “I am willing to pay, you better figure out yourself on how to solve my problem”. OK, let’s stay away from this kind of human being. Money is one of the important ingredient of all solutions, but it is not a medium for you to push your problem to the others! Have your teacher teach you never put your hope on people that eyeing on your money? I, myself, appreciate your trust on me. However, I must advise that whenever shit happens, you are your own life saver.

Think – you are seeking assistance, not someone begging you to pay. You have to pay because every solution associates with price. Get it right or leave.

After reading this, do you think your can solve everything with money?

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