Live Messenger 8.1 Beta

On December 28, 2006, in General, by Kok mING

Hm… I am the real risk-taker. Seriously! I am!

Two days ago, I saw MSN messenger chat window(bottom part) display a link to try Live Messenger 8.1 BETA. Without a second thought, I downloaded and installed it… and uninstall it 10 minutes later… haha

First of all. It is a BETA version… means it is not a stable release. You must use at your own risk… Obviously, I can’t take that “risk”…

This version caused constant freezes… like every 2-3 minutes, my system will be not responsive for 5 seconds and then back to normal… It is not a big deal but definitely annoying…

It has nothing notable in this BETA version too… except they change the layout for some features only… make it more user friendly… Anyway, it is not worth the effort to test it unless you are the real risk-taker as I am!

I am  boring now… perhaps I will start compiling something related to the christmas! oppss… I still owe you the trip to Hong Kong day 2 and day 3… …

Keep watching here!



Internet Searches…

On December 26, 2006, in General, Site, by Kok mING

Hm.. Hm… I don’t know whether or not to be happy… There are some internet searches to my blog each day. Yes! It means I got other “strange” readers which are not like you… 😛 ahaha

Something funny to share with you… I treat it funny rather than sad, ok? Some funny search keywords…

Search Keyword No. 1


Oh my GOD! How this people know my KOK is big ? but a bad things is… he want it into a small ass…. *^^%$^%$%#$##@ I told you in my profile… I am very straight! No gay… I burned BrokeBack Mountain last summer! That’s why you see a lot of haze covering your country for months!


Search Keyword No. 2

cicakman bt file (

Aiyeh… Although I recommend this movie to you, Malaysian, but it does not mean that I will provide free movie to you. Furthermore, I do not know where to buy that VCD while the cinema is still showing now? haha. Stop searching for CICAKMAN BT FILE! Go support your own country-made film!!


Search Keyword No. 3

Pin Hole Camera (


Ok… I know you need a Pin Hole Camera very much… I know you need it for very HOLY purpose… I know you won’t abuse it! But I am sad to inform you… I still  sourcing for a supplier to supply me with this kind of product and you gotta know that in Malaysia, only “certain” type of Pin Hole Camera are allowed to be sold to public… If you are keen to have one. Ebay is a faster and better way, you fool!


Still a lot of search keywords but they are not funny enough to be listed here… 🙂 I will keep you laughing. Check here constantly!


One Piece & Dragon Ball

On December 25, 2006, in Life style, Life style | Entertainment, by Kok mING

If you dont know either One Piece or Dragon Ball then you better go google or local comic bookstore to have a look! The Top of the Best sellers. Got 3 in the list as I know. One Piece, Dragon Ball and Slam Dunk. Each of them sold 100 millions or 1 billion copies world wide… I am not sure on the figures but they are good!


Check the link above. Recently the author of One Piece and Dragon Ball has cooperated together for a short comic 😀

Have a look! It worth your time if you wanted to see Gouko (悟空) from Dragon Ball again!


A Trip To Sungai Besar

On December 22, 2006, in My work, My Work | Project Site, by Kok mING

3 days ago, I was assigned to assist David in a trip to Sungai Besar… Don’t ask me where is Sungai Besar, all I can tell you is nearby Kuala Selangor…

I don’t think I can tell you what is the purpose of the trip… or IF I tell you… You also don’t know what is it all about too ahaha.

We depart 9:30AM @ Office. Reach the destination @ 11:30AM… Long journey uh?

Then we walk around to do a environment survery first haha. To check around only… It was a fine day without hot sun and cloudly as well 😀  I manage to get a DSLR camera ahah 😛 So I taken some photos for ya to see 😀


  A wooden bridge to shore…


  Some kids “ski-ing” ?? haha.


 Mangrove forest… Must take the photo… for office use …


  BIRDS! Damn! I wish I have better camera lens to zoom it closer for you!


 Wild life No 1. Crabs crabs crabs!


 Wild life No 2. Fish!


 SEAFOOD Restaurant!!! SEAFOOD LUNCH!!! And YES, A FREE SEAFOOD LUNCH, LoL! I can’t take any food photo this time because I feel too shy to take it in front of other hungry colleagues… ahah. Can you imagine feeling that everyone is eyeing on the plate of food while you taking its photo? I simply too shy to do it this time. Perhaps next time! I will eat that again! Because this time did not manage to order the CRAB… 🙁 Next time must order it hehe 🙂


 The only female in this trip… and she is not my colleague… opps 😛 You can guess who she is…


That’s all… and remember I am an I.T. One-Leg-Kick and my new extra role is camera-man. Yay! hahaha 😛



On December 21, 2006, in General, by Kok mING

上个星期, Andy给我听了他的新歌。 还真不错的创作。 可是我觉得不够完美。。。

有一句歌词是 “停车的位置  只留给你”
所以我建议Andy将她改成 “床边的位置  只留给你”

唉, 我在想。。。 如果创作被商业化了。 你是音乐人还是商人? 我不知道答案,也不想问。 因为我知道每个人都会有自己的观念的。 我觉得可惜也只是我的观点而已。 可能在音乐界的角度来看, 一定程度的商业化是必须的吧! 音乐人也要吃饭的啊!

我肯定是不会怕太过敏感的歌词, 我只怕没有人会欣赏而已。。。 试问自己, 有什么伟大的创作在开始时不是被当作笑话的? 贝多芬也不是一出生就会作曲的。。。 

因为害怕而失去了胜利的机会是真的不值得。。。成功的果实永远只有勇于尝试的人才可以吃到。 走在成功的例子后面的是不会成功的, 因为这世界不需要两个相同的成功个案。。。 对不对?



On December 20, 2006, in Life style, Life style | Entertainment, by Kok mING

Two weeks ago, I saw an T.V. advertisement about a new film… CICAKMAN.

First in my mind… “WTF???!!!” is that SPIDERMAN 3 has rename to CICAKMAN? The CICAKMAN is quite similar to SPIDERMAN. Both also red color costumes. haha and they can climb wall with bare-hand too.

CICAKMAN is a Marvel Malay Super Hero.  Anyway, I am having fun to keep saying CICAKMAN. I dont know the quality of the movie but it is definitely worth a try for Malaysian. Simply because with your support, it may be a Malay Super Hero Legend!

But… don’t count on me to go into cinema for it because I have not enough money to support myself too! 😛



Toll blog?

On December 20, 2006, in General, by Kok mING

Many peoples expecting me to write a LONG blog about the recent toll fees adjustment.

I am sorry to tell you that I am not going to write it and why should I?

It is very unlikely that Samivellu will read my blog and start to feel guilty for everything he did … if you really want to know my thought on this…

I can tell you. Malaysia is getting better and better. Previously, they still gather citizen-voices before they implement or decide on something. Now, they are totally independant. They can make decision without the help of citizen-voices anymore, please do not misunderstood that I am not trying to say that are “conducting business within the blackbox” (黑箱作业). They are mature enough to INFORM you about their decisions and DO NOT NEED your approval or critism anymore. This is the government that you have give birth to. This is the generation that will rules you for the rest of their lifes. This is the cause and effect. If you ignore this and keep casting votes to them. You gotta pay your own price for casting your blind votes 🙂


That’s all I want to say… They just inform me what I have to do in order to continue to use the TOLL. Nothing much. That’s it! Case close and we wait for the Petrol to raise price 🙂



Streamyx Upgrade…

On December 14, 2006, in Life style, Life style | Internet, by Kok mING

I noticed this like 2 months ago… before my connection went down for 11 days.

It was an upgrade from 1mbps/384kbps (download/upload) to 2mbps/512kbps (download/upload)


A week ago, before I receive the trusted source of  news on TM Net implemented traffic shaping on BitTorrent. I noticed another upgrade which make my connection speed has greater upload. That is 2mbps/896kbps (download/upload) . It is really able to get at least 70% connection speed of that but… without the ability to BT… it is just too much because all my download sources are using BT to share the files :'(  


Anyway, do not really want to praise TM Net or Streamyx but they did give me something better or show some improvement on this. Let’s give them a credit or two for this time… Let’s hope another upgrade soon or no more traffic shaping.

hehe. This is the screen capture!!



Kok mING @ Paypal

On December 12, 2006, in Site, Site | Announcement, by Kok mING

Yo! Yo! Yo! I recreated my Paypal account. It was inactive for 1.5 years haha. The account went inactive and cannot be re-activated too : (  *sniff*

Anyway, I got it setup again for some online payments and such. After 1.5 years, finally we, Malaysian, get the Donate button wuahahahah. At very beginning, Malaysian allowed to SEND money and REQUEST money only… never able to withdraw… I don’t know how it works and it seems nothing profitable at >that< moment so I left my account for 1.5 year heh heh.

hm… This post is to notify you that I have added that ultimate DONATE button somewhere @ my site haha.

Now you know, I am such a money-horny or money-minded people!! It is never be too late to know it. ok?

So start donate to me if your pocket has no more space for your money! I will be very glad to keep it for you until I spend it away!!! har har har.


泰国餐 @ Johnny’s Restaurant

On December 10, 2006, in Life style, Life style | Food, by Kok mING

话说上个星期六, 我们到RedDoor吃午饭。。。 吃饱了才发现, Johnny’s Restaurant 也有套餐吃。 算了, 虽然RedDoor的咖哩饭吃不饱但是也算吃了午餐。。。 所以决定了星期六就到Johnny’s Restaurant吃!

Johnny’s Restaurant是提供泰式食物的。 以前都没有发觉。。。 一直都以为她是一家火锅店, 正不好意思 哈哈!不多说了。

点了两分套餐. 凤梨炒饭Pineapple Fried Rice) 和泰式烧鸡面 (Thai BBQ Chicken Mee)。每份套餐都有附送茶水,TomYam汤和爱死吉林(ice cream 啦)。 TomYam汤不是冬蔭公(因为TOMYAM。。。 没有 “GONG / KUNG / 功” 的) , 红红的很好喝哦,  喝了绝对不陰公。。。不喝才陰公因为你在浪费食物啊!!!



泰式烧鸡面 (Thai BBQ Chicken Mee) 。嘻嘻,面条是绿色的。  续蓝饭后就是绿面!! 呵呵, 多么的多姿多彩! 这碟绿面只有烧鸡好吃。。。 绿面本身没有味道, 就连调味料也没有哦。 吃的时候要将他们提供的泰式辣椒酱加进去才有泰国的味道!! 哈哈!!! 烧鸡的味道比起她隔壁的Chicken Rice Shop更好味。。。(oppss… 我没有吃过Chicken Rice Shop 的鸡饭。。。) 反正泰式烧鸡就是比普通的烧鸡好吃! 明白了吗? 看看照片吧!


凤梨炒饭Pineapple Fried Rice)味道还不错, 有炒饭的火候和味道!! 有很多店都是随便把饭炒热就给你吃的。。。 起码这家店不是为把饭炒热而炒饭的。 哈哈!! 很深奥的看法吧? 难怪我啦。。。 我吃炒饭多过你吃盐。



呵呵吃饱了就随便走走, 因为我要买小雨伞(缩骨伞)。 世事往往就是这样的, 到你要用的时候就是没有减价或Promotion的。。。 算了, 下雨就淋雨吧! 天生天养的我是不会买贵伞的!! 哈哈哈 说穿了。。。我就是孤寒  哇哈哈哈。。。 这次又给我发现了多拉A梦!!! 哈哈。想把它带回家。。。 但是还是那句。。。 还是钱不够用的。 多拉A梦你等我啊!!


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