It is always a debate where it comes to career. I tends to have different points of view compare to others. Friends of mine often categorize me as job hopper, an employee without loyalty to a company.

Been like two years, I have not change my job. Still, the crown of job hopper, an unexpected honor from my friends has not wear off at all. Instead, most are starting to predict or speculate when I will have a switch. Almost into the extend to start a poll/bet on the forecast! If so, I’d like to be the dealer of this bet! Smile

Frankly, I am a traditional Chinese. I believe in “what you reap is what you sow”. Likewise, I trust work hard comes with equivalent rewards. You are selling your skills, your services and your professionalism to the company / employer. The contract is not seal with your soul, so you do not need to give your body to the company / employer.

Love your job is to love what you are doing. Go to find job which satisfy you in both satisfaction and financially. Do not love your company because it is a business, it run with very solid business rational where human being treated as replaceable “resources”.

You may also consider to like your boss, still, very subjective. It is only to do it when your boss / immediate superior has at least met your expectation and gain your trust. To further elaborate this, I would like to tell you a story.

There is a Tiger and a Deer living in jungle protected from the outside world. Tiger was a Grade 1 protected animal while Deer is Grade 2 protected. One day, Tiger wants to eat Deer.

Deer: Hey, I am an protected, grade 2 animal. It is prohibited and illegal to eat me!
Tiger: Oh no… you are Grade 2… but sorry, I am Grade 1 and I am starving. It is logical for me to eat you and stay alive.

By looking into the above story, I hope you understand things in a real brutal business world. It isn’t about how you contribute to the company. It is about how important you are, in this case, the story above use Grade to highlight the importance of animal.

I know many of you may tell how well your company is and what they are offering to you. I am glad it happen on you. For those aren’t lucky as the fortunate one(s), start asking yourself, “Are you doing what you like to do?” / “Is it a job that I could do better else where?” / “With the same job and effort, will I get better rewards in other company?”

If you have the answers, you probably good to differentiate loving your job is not equal loving the company.

Set your goals, looks for a fulfilling job which can achieve your goals. Finding a good company isn’t always a must. Sometimes, a below average company can give you a rewarding career too!

Leaving a company isn’t because the company no longer satisfy your endless desires, it is because you need to keep on doing what you love to and be rewarded equally.

Until here, I hope I stressed enough that love your job, not the company. Remember, between you and company, there is the job linked both entity together. If the job no longer being able to hold up well. It is time to fix it.

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Risk and Reward

On April 5, 2014, in English, General | Discussion, General | Ideas, My work, by Kok mING

Often, people trying to avoid risks by giving up rewards. Think wise, by giving up rewards, it doesn’t eliminate the risk entirely. Likewise, rewards are always come with risks. How many times you want to give up?

If one doesn’t take risk, he/she can no longer grab any opportunities. He/she is waiting for opportunity to deliver reward to his/her doorstep which that almost close to zero possibilities and would need lots of luck.

There are many ways to minimize risk or manage it correctly, possibly it turn into another force of support / help to gain your more rewards. Things that contain no risk, isn’t an opportunity. Even you drink water, there are slightly risk for you to choke dead. So, risk are every where, sometimes, we ignore it because everyone is doing the same, that create an illusion that the risk is no longer exists when too many success events happened. For example, we can always say, the possibility of choke dead by drinking water is close to zero but it is never zero.

I am a risk taker and always will be!

Many people ask, why am I take risk since I’ve owned stability by doing what I am are good at. Reason is simple, I want a rewarding life. Not something can be comprehend enough by words but in term of satisfaction (could be sense of accomplishment or monetary compensation).

I do investment and trading the financial markets. Some said, I am a gambling addict by putting too much effort and money into something that I never good at. Frankly, I may have “donated” a lot into the market, that is the risks I’ve anticipated before I decide to go into this field. I tried to manage my risks, I failed. I admit failure, I keep on trying. Simply because, I believe the rewards are not far away. One does not have the view of future and focus on the short term result, is difficult to understand some rewards are earn by both time and effort you spent into it. Unlike you think you have done this and that, fulfilling this and that, then you will claim the rewards. I do not have skills nor the resources to run a multi-millions company. So I invested into multi-million company as a investor and I trade opportunities. That is how I getting closer and closer to my goals, of course, there are many paths to own a multi-millions company, different people different choices.

Another realistic example, I am being crowned with “Job Hopping King” title amongst friends. I couldn’t recall on how often I switch, why I change job, is it Money? Career Advancement? Role? Relationship? I believe there are mixed reasons behind. Having said that, on every changes, I am being rewarded better. Be it Money, Career Advancement, Role or Relationship. So, changes happen for good and that is proven by historical results of mine! Many asked me, “Given more opportunities going your way, are you willing to risk your current career and make a switch?”. Frankly, I do not have answer for nothing concrete and without the real opportunity. I don’t take risk blindly. I have to access the risks of change, rewards of making a change, after that, I can tell you an answer.

The risk and reward ratio is different for everyone. Once you found yours golden ratio, you will find yourself better in decision making too!

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