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Have you ever stumped at a point where you ask yourself “To further study or not”? I believe most people did. Yes, including me. 

First of all, for what makes you think about this question? You should ask yourself, what is your ultimate goal or aim for further study.

Some people will answer for money, higher working position, better future, qualifications, knowledge and “they don’t know”.

Ok. Real story…

A few of my junior colleagues asked me this question before. They seek my advice on whether or not to further study like taking a few technology certificates, acquire the Master degree or some other money-sucking courses.

My answer to them is “Yes, go ahead if you are aiming for the knowledge. But please think twice if you are going after other aims.”

It is very simple question but people just do not know about themselves. Let me say something realistic to you.


Study for better salary package – Idiot! Have you ever see a company promote or increase your pay due to the study that fund by yourself? Hell No. I have not found any company is rewarding like that. If you do, by all means, please tell me only! LoL.

Study for higher job title/position –  Ok. I do agree that if you are a fresh graduates or someone don’t have a degree. A degree seems like the lowest qualification for the entry level job in the global market now. If you don’t have one, you are losing a great advantage no matter how many years of experience you have. However, the story may turn-around if you are looking for a senior position. When it comes to senior, it means experiences, to be precise that is practical experiences, this is something that do not show inside your certificate… I does not mean only old folks can sit on top of the organization chart but practical experiences is the keyword here.

Study for better future – Well, you tell me what future you want? How to classify a better future? Most important, are you sure that little piece of paper can guarantee you a better future? No way. Get real! Don’t dream!!

Study for qualification – Yeah, qualifications do give you certain among of respect and recognition. But please be sure that you are going for a right qualification rather than end up being another MCP (Microsoft Certified Payer) or other terms that you know…

Study for knowledge – YES! Please do! If the knowledge is what you wanted to acquire, please go for it. I encourage you to study for the sake of knowledge.


You can find an interesting article here.


Personally, I don’t feel like study anymore. I am not saying that I refused to study for more knowledge. But I do have another point of view where I choose to “learn”. So what’s the different between study and learn? Yes. I see the difference but I doubt you can define it. I am learning everyday but I am not studying anymore…

I found that the Malaysia education style is totally incorrect! They teach you how to study like a student but they failed to guide you on how to learn… That is why you see most people never learn! Yeah, it is not entirely your fault but you have the responsibilities to correct it. So you won’t be another pig! Same story goes to some 1st class degree graduates unable to perform well at work simply because not all of the solutions can be found in text books or Google. We need to learn then apply it into what we are doing.

Often, people shouting they have no chance to learn for example the lecturer sucks, the computer(study material) too lousy, the employer not giving chances, work too busy and etc. Folks, please stop giving yourself any reason for not learning well. Please open up your eyes, your ears and your mind. To learn, you must open the path by yourself! You can’t wait for something to clear your front path and lead you all the way!! You must make the first move before hoping for others help.

Seriously, I don’t really know how many people will understand the points of this blog but I do hope that I manage to open up a few brilliant minds. I hopes!


Happy learning~


上个星期天,一家人到了Wisma Selangor Dredging里的大同酒家,试试那里的点心自助餐。说就好听啦。。。点心自助餐,真的就是那么“一点心”的自助餐。点心自助餐里的点心的部分真的少得可怜 (只有那么的一辆点心车, 还是限时推出的)。。。 连我也没有拍到照片。。。 真的有点被骗的感觉。RM30一个人头,好贵啊!还好,这次我“有备而吃”的,就是RM150的赠卷!!

Last Sunday,my family went to the TaiTong Restaurant located in Wisma Selangor Dredging building, just to try out the Dim Sum Buffet! It sounds so nice… a Dim Sum Bugger, its really “LITTLE HEART” (a.k.a. Dim Sum) buffet! In this so called Dim Sum buffet, the Dim Sum selections is damn little (only 1 Dim Sum trolley, furthermore you need to wait for its ” Dim Sum release”)… I did not manage to take that “macho” trolley… I felt like I am being cheated. It cost me RM30/headcount, very beli expensive with this “much” of food offered. Luckily, I did not go with empty hands, I have RM 150 voucher with me! Yeah! Voucher rocks!



I don’t understand, why they still put those cheapskate fried rice, fried noodles, curry chicken and TeowChew porridge? All I want is DIM SUM only!!! All of you, the Malaysia Restaurant Owners, please conduct your business with more conscience, ok? Dim Sum buffet did not focus on DIM SUM. I really do not understand… with this many customers, still worry about net-loss??




这两张照片就是整个自助餐的主要食物。。。 还有一辆点心车和一些甜品。。。 太不堪入目了,所以没有拍。我拍了也叫我自己尴尬。。。

These two photos is the main dishes for the whole buffet… still got a Dim Sum trolley and a table of desserts… but it is too shameful to see, so I did not take any photo for you because I will be ashamed of that if I ever take one…



I uses the Cow power and Tiger energy to take these much of Dim Sum… It really contains blood and sweat ahhhhhhhhh!!




Although the dishes below did not well-display, but these are the more delicious food among all available!



Fried radish cake, crispy skin, soft and chewy fillings, full of radish scent, this really makes me feel that the most ordinary things is the most delicious food!



The fresh Shrimp dumplings and SharkFin dumplings, taste good and makes you want to eat more!



The next is Char Siew! Yes! This Char Siew is really not bad, although it is not as tasty are the Char Siew I ate before, but the BBQ stick style of serving, 1 time 1 stick, satisfying your desire till the max!!




要吃就看地图。但是我不鼓励啦。 因为是很贵吃的。。。

If you want to eat then refer to the map. I don’t encourage you to eat this because it is too pricey considering the food served…



Finally, Andot has come out a customized version of WM6 ROM for HTC Tornado Device. Yes! My Dopod 577W is HTC Tornado Device. I grabbed a copy but holyshit! I do not know how to flush it into my Dopod 577W because it is not an executable format… A big tragedy to me because I have to spend another few hours to Google about how to flush the ROM.

I must tell you that this world is very fair! There is no free-lunch in this world. I spend almost 3 hours in Google and type not less than 100 search keywords but I get nothing! Finally, I give up on search for a total reference but to learn how to flush my Dopod 577W on how to use the utilities! After an hour, I succeeded. It took me a lot of courage and very high risk to do that. It seems the Lucky Goddess is always smiling at me, so I get it done in 1 round. LoL. I am damn proud of myself!


Now I am going to teach you How To Flush Microsoft Windows Mobile 6 into DOPOD 577W or HTC Tornado Device. Please allow me to make a few declarations here.

1. All the tools that I am using in this guide comes with no warranty or guarantee, use it at your own risk.

2. The Windows Mobiles ROM that I used is an unofficial release from this PRO! So… use it at your own risk!

3. Please don’t come to me if you fail.

4. Read the whole article before you take any action! Ensure you understand and know how to do it right!


Download the tools and ROM below if you want to flush your device based on my guide.

1. Tools  (Download it and extract into a folder, you will need to use it soon!)

2. Andot’s Windows Mobile 6 for Tornado Perfect English Edition Released!


There are 11 steps involved

Step 1 – Preparation

Step 2 – Application Unlock

Step 3 – SuperCID – install on phone

Step 4 – SuperCID – Patching the ROM

Step 5 – Disable USB Connection

Step 6 – Access the Bootloader

Step 7 – Format BINFS via TeraTermPro

Step 8 – Enable USB Connection

Step 9 – Running the GSM update

Step 10 – Running the OS update

Step 11 – Installing input method (optional)


Step 1 – Preparation

Please get all the tools and ROM ready. Kindly install Mircosoft Active Sync 4.5 or above. Connect your device via USB.

** Make sure you are using a HTC Tornado device, it is also known as Dopod 577W, Qtek 8300, Qtek 8310, Imate SP5, I-mate SP5m and Orange SPV C600. Ensure that your battery is charged up to at least 50%.


Step 2 – Application Unlock

Now, look into the folder with you extracted the Tools. Open the SDA_ApplicationUnlock.exe and click Remove Lock button. The purpose this is to ensure that you can install any unsigned 3rd party application (which is the tool needed to SuperCID in the next step) . If your device is already application unlock, you can skip this step. But it is no harm to do it again…



Step 3 – SuperCID – install on phone

If your device is patched with SuperCID, you can skip this step and proceed to Step 4, if you have no idea what is SuperCID, you can do it again. First, locate the SPV Services inside the tools folder. This is the software to do  SuperCID. Extract it to a folder, let’s say on a desktop. You will see three files in it. , TyphoonNBFTools.dll and SPV-services.exe. Copy to any location on your smartphone and install it.



Step 4 – SuperCID – Patching the ROM

Now run SPVServices.exe which is located same folder with the, you should see this. RAPI Init was successful means that your ROM is ready to be patched with 16 bytes of data in order to allow it to be flushed with any ROM, by clicking on Set CID, your warranty is void. Stop here if you don’t want to lose your warranty.



Step 5 – Disable USB Connection

Turn off your phone, detach the USB cable, and disable Microsoft Active Sync USB connection.

Open Microsoft Active Sync, click File -> Connection Settings -> Uncheck the allow USB connection




Step 6 – Access to the bootloader. During the phone is turned off, hold the camera button and attach the USB cable. Wait until a 3 colour screen appears, that is your bootloader screen.



Step 7 – Format BINFS via TeraTermPro

Now, please run the TeraTermPro inside the tools folder. Please select the USB port as connection type.


Type ‘info 2’ without the quotes. Then, hit Enter, this is what you will see a screen like this. Notice the HTCSuperCID on the output display.


Now, you are all set to go!

Type ‘format BINFS’ without the quotes. It is case sensitive, you must key-in the alphabet accordingly. Please type format BINFS and not format only because with Format only will erase your IPL and SPL which is your bootloader … (if you did that… you are in deep shit!)

The HTCSuperCID means your device is SuperCID and it can be flushed with any ROM, even though its not meant or could destroy your device. If you do not see HTCSuperCID, it means that you did not SuperCID properly, repeat Step 4. Once it is done, type ‘ResetDevice’



Step 8 – Enable USB Connection

Now you are ready to flash your device. Please enable Microsoft ActiveSync USB connection, refer to Step 5.


Step 9 – Running the GSM update

Now locate the WM6GSMUpdate inside the Tools folder. Please run RomUpgradeUtility, you should see this screen.


Click “I understand . . .” and then click Next, then click  “I completed the steps. . .”. Hit Next and it will verify your information.

After that click Update and watch as the meter moves on your device and your screen.

Do not attempt do anything silly now because your IPL, SPL and Radio are being patched now. Anything unexpected(for example power loss, USB cable detached, and etc) which happen could render your device useless. This process will be fast enough, around 2 minutes. Once it is done, it will reboot by itself and you will be returned to the bootloader screen.


Step 10 – Running the OS update

While you are in the bootloader screen, extract Andot’s V6 Perfect English Edition Windows Mobile 6 for HTC Tornado  and the rest is pretty similar to the Step 9. Run ROMUpgradeUtility which in inside the Windows Mobile  6.0 ROM folder, you will see the same RUU screen, do the same thing and upgrade. But this time ,you are installing Windows Mobile 6. This process takes time, around 10 minutes will pause for some times at 99%, just be patient. Once you are done, your device will reboot once again but this time, your device will be loading Windows Mobile 6!




Welcome to the new world of Microsoft Windows Mobile 6!!!


Step 11 – Installing input method (optional)

The Windows Mobile 6.0 that you just installed do not have the T9 English input method. You can find it under the Tools folder and install it by yourself.


Leave your message if you have any question.


Happy Upgrading~!



Site upgrade

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Ho Ho Ho!

I installed the latest dasBlog engine, v2.0.7226.0.

If you notice anything strange. Please do tell me.




话说一个月前的中秋节,我和香港的网友聊起了月饼。她说家里没有人喜欢吃月饼,但是偏偏就有人送给她。呵呵~~~ 😀

我就顺口的叫她把月饼寄给我啦!:gimme: 因为上次我到香港都没有吃到。。。有买回来,但是基于某些原因,没有吃咯。。。:cry:


当我看到包裹的时候,我还真的不知道里面的是月饼。。。 那个。。。那个还算是盒子吗?

他妈的Pos Office, 六号收到我的包裹,十八号才到我的家?臭鸡蛋!我家这么远吗?:you:

最厉害的Kastam Malaysia, 海关!把我的包裹拆开了,再积压,然后还敢敢的随随便便的包起来!!WOI, 鸡蛋糕!!!就算在里面找不到钱,你也要把邮包照顾好啊!你想想,如果你的女儿遭到海关的检查,衣服被扯破了,然后用胶纸“缝”上。你爽吗?:hit1:





看看月饼吧!美心月饼在香港是很出名的哦!:ohoho1:  。。。 月饼不是四方形的吗?哈哈!你们看到的的却是月饼(还是双黄的),而且还是从香港空运过来的哦!

味道和马来西亚的一样。。。 可能是气温变化的关系,月饼看起来是油油的。:sigh: 但是没有关系啦。有心就很好了。谢谢你哦!



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上次的唱片销量不佳,因为政府程序耗时,反而让真正的盗版有机可乘! :yawn:



Namewee 黄明志《我爱我的国家Negarakuku》之新歌+精选




NameWee is back with his Negarakuku! Stay tuned for this Christmas! This is the only Christmas album that you all need to purchase! :xd:

Namewee 黄明志《我爱我的国家Negarakuku》之新歌+精选



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本来想写一篇文章的, 但是看到了自己的桌子像垃圾场一样。。。:faint:

立刻的动手收拾收拾, 男人真的就是那么的邋遢吗? :shy:  没有法子啦。。。工作忙!生活逼人啊!! :help:



收拾之后,什么灵感都不见了。。。 拿起了相机,随便的找些物体来拍。。。我的猫猫做了模特儿。呵呵!



On October 12, 2007, in English, General, My work, by Kok mING

For ages, from single cell to monkey, monkey to human. Human claims the most civilized creatures spot in the world chart.

Do you really think so? Do you trust that the other creatures live besides us has no objection to this? Being the largest population species in the world. We are definitely dominating this earth. Although we are huge in quantity but our mind seems to be constrained by limited nature of life. That’s what form our mindset which is limited by the world’s logic!

Some days ago, David talked about his ex-colleague_closed buddy bad things… Yeah! What we usually talk? That’s other people bad’s stuff. We enjoy laughing at people’s miserable days very much 😀

Story started with his buddy’s subordinate has a Mr. Impossible where he tends to make everything impossible… Even simple or silly thing is still impossible before trying it out! :hit1:

You see? Human mindset is really a matter to this issue that needed to be addressed. I would not say that “If you think you can, you can!” but at least you have to “Try your best before saying can not”. That’s reasonable, right?

How the hell you know that is impossible by “looking/thinking” only? 500 years ago, human never dare to dream about flying on the sky! Now? Everyone can fly with cheap price, furthermore we are going to the outer space too! It is clear that “Dreams are possible but human make it impossible”! Besides Mr. Impossible’s mindset, he has influenced the others to be part of the impossible team too. That’s the havoc! If you can’t do it, please do not stop other people trying it out! Ohhh gosh! I wish David’s ex-colleague_closed buddy can really do something to excel himself. :namor:

Another interesting story comes up when I met my friend yesterday. My friend is a Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of a Mesdaq listed company. He shares his stories with me and we have a good laugh during our drinking session. 

I skip the details because it is same old shit that the Project Manager stay too long inside his comfort-zone and refuse to take any new challenges. That project manager is living at his own utopia. We know that we are not heading that way. We are definitely exploring more unknown zone for the sake of keep growing! 

For myself, I came from an environment where everything is a failure before you successfully completed it. Everything included ahead schedule tasks, cost-effective resources management and etc. Before you set the flag of success, everything is failure. You are liable for everything! No discount! Performance is everything but favoritism excluded all! That’s China-Man style. Pay you 100% of salary but need you to show 200% of performance and 300% of responsibilities! So I trained to be positive, calm and reasonable… because I went through all those ridiculous situations until I finally realize the world is never fair but MINDSET equalized everything. :glass:


Last word from Kok mING. You do not need to have a very brilliant thinking but you must have a positive mindset to always stay competent!


10月6日,Winston结婚了。向人生迈前了一大步!朋友并没请的很多,有请我可能是以前一起赌球吧。。。 哈哈!数一数也赌了3届世界杯了。。。 时间还真过的快啊!

婚宴的地点是在Bukit Damansara, Pusat Sains Negera 对面的东方明珠酒家。 地方还算可以,但是就少了一些气派,可是还是有主人家的热情搭救。 嘻嘻!虽然并没有特地的招待我们,可是还是很高兴啊!替他高兴哦!!见证他的人生大事,感觉还不错。。。 呵呵~~~



那晚,也遇到了10年不见的旧同学(以前的校花)。 她竟然把我忘了,一直说我的声音很熟但是就是记不起。反正也没差,10年里都不曾碰面的人,又何必在这么的一个夜晚而再度想起已经被遗忘的名字呢?就让他随风而去吧~~~

再来的重点就是当晚盛装出击的星航空姐了,佩佩。话说得没错,女大18变,以前就是漂亮的她,学会了打扮,让自己更加的艳丽了。哈哈!说穿了,还是低胸装的火力够猛!热到Ryan也向我拿照片哦!坐在我旁边,已经结婚了的Ah Teck都拼命的说“你拍了空姐没有?”,“快快拍多几张”,“有拍到吗?”。哈哈!我也不好意思地一直拍啊。。。毕竟我不是偷拍狂,只是爱好摄影而已!:e:


谁是佩佩,一目了然吧?其他的都是配角哦~~~ 呵呵!Ryan应该不会再和我MSN了:cry: 没有关系啦!朋友是用来出卖的,哇哈哈哈哈哈!! 说笑的啦,不要当真哦!我和Ryan是很要好的!好到一条内裤两人轮流穿的~~~ :xd: (Ryan肯定要跟我绝交了。。。:sweat:)

啊!来上一上历史课,佩佩是我的中学同班同学(同班5年),有两年坐在我的旁边。。。 哦~~~ David问两年里都没有事发生??呵呵~~ 拜托,13年前的我,还是那个人见人踩的“校草”。试问又何德何能的去妄想啊?有些事不会发生就别去想,有些人等不到就不要再等了。。。她也是不怎么喜欢我的,我总是被讨厌的一方。。。还是老话一句,真是名副其实的“女见愁”啊!!!


还是英雄莫问出处,靓仔别提往事。。。免得节外生枝。 :hahaha:






团体照!哈哈!还是我的样子最年轻吧?:ohoho2: :ohoho3:

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