Farewell #3 – Sen Tsuru

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Farewell post again. Japanese food again! It seems like never ending? You must be wondering how many time I quit my job in order to get these farewell lunches and dinner…

This time, we landed into Sen Tsuru in Kota Damansara. Japanese restaurant offer “eat all you can” package. There are more than 70 dishes and it only prepare upon your order! :xd:


IMG_9937.png IMG_9952.png IMG_9943.png IMG_9957.png


You can order unlimited dishes throughout the dinner period. The food are delicious and fresh!

We had like 20 servings of sashimi. Even though we keep ordering but the waiter never delay our order.

IMG_9976.png IMG_9966.png

IMG_9968.png IMG_9963.png


And you can see… my lovely colleagues let me to have all left over dishes. How good! :hahaha:

IMG_9969.png IMG_9992.png


It was a fun and satisfying dinner. The environment is nice, food are tasty and staffs are friendly.

If you love Japanese food, you must pay this a visit. The buffet cost RM44.99 ++ !


B-G 01, Block B, Jalan Persiaran Surian Palm Spring@Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor MY

+(6)03-7801 5562


Just had my second farewell lunch with colleagues at Yuzu Japanese Restaurant in KLCC. It was a satisfying lunch. Yeah! When you get to enjoy good food without spending your own money. That’s double satisfying! Thank you Andy and Shin Shin! :xd:

The restaurant is serving good quality japanese food. You must be shouting that I am crazy for still eating japanese food after the power plant explosion… …

I have no comment on the environment or interior design for Yuzu.

I’d give very high score for the food served! Although the price tag is a little higher than the usual but it worth the pay!

I ordered a Unagi Gozen set woth Rm48 and look at it. It worth the price, at least it stuffed me well! :hahaha:

The Unagi serves on top of hot stone with sizzling sounds when it arrive in front of it! It definitely sounds very tasty! One thing to note that the fresh wasabi taste sweet!

While I am had unagi, Andy and Shin Shin order saba fish set lunch. It taste good too.


I will bring my wife and visit this restaurant for the unagi~

Here with the details of the restaurant.

Restaurant: Yuzu Japanese Restaurant
Address: Suria KLCC, Ramlee Mall, 4th Floor.
Tel: 603-2161 4176
Fax: 603-2161 4169
Business Hours: 11.30 am to 10.00 pm


Getting a new job is like having a new love

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I love my job – this is true every time when I got the new one. If you have never work or change a job, it is not  hard to understand too. It is similar to getting a new love. I never say that I hate my ex, but of course, I couldn’t be too greedy to hoard everything… At a time, I can have only one love, I have the responsibility to ensure no disaster due to my decision.

New love always tends to be better and more tender at first. Same goes to new job, you get to enjoy the better pay, benefit or perks which ever satisfy your endless desires…

As time goes on, you will start to discover more and more negative elements of your new love. It start with comparing your ex and the new love… later time, we will manage to forget about the history with ex(s) and start to compare with others. Let the time ticks further, here comes the turning point… “why do other has better love than mine?!”

The above, it may not represent all men thoughts but at least mine. Luckily I got married to my lovely wife so I have to stay loyal and I never need a change.

Fortunately, I do not need to marry my job(or the employer). So I still have my chance to change… Personally, I do not like change, it takes way too much of my time to get a chance. But, sometimes, we goes into a difficult situation, it is like my love wants to stay single but I want to get married. We keep buying time for ourselves to convince other to listen to us. Although we knows it won’t work out but we still try our very best… After a long time, we start to realize that changing each other may not be good because they will no longer be themselves. Then it is the time, we learn and consider about let go the love. Because the directions split path, we have no choice to leave and start a new relationship which hopefully can be long term yet satisfying. And the cycle keep going until you are old enough to stop it.

To whom, you have the same thought, I am happy to be your friend because we share this common feeling. Leave me a comment, if you are keen to discuss or share your point of view.

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Site updates.

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Finally, my blog is back to business!

This blog was forcefully shut down by my previous webhost due to DDOS attack… and I don’t understand why they have to put the blames to my blog. I am not the one who launch the attack and innocent… Furthermore, as a customer, I offered my expertise to help them but they still choose to kick me out from their server. Brilliant – I like it!

After some searching and comparison, I landed in Regs.net. This webhost is 75% cheaper than my previous host. Although I selected the lowest package (RM20/year) but the admin/support is still very fast in responding my email. He deserves a credit here! Since the hosting cost dropped drastically, financially, the life time of this blog is extended triple!!! Smile

I’ve joined the WordPress community too… If you noticed, previously I was running on dasBlog – an ASP.NET blog engine. Since Linux hosting is cheaper and WordPress is so much more mature engine, so I switched. The conversion took like 1 hours to complete, I saved my posts and your comments during the conversion too!

Generally, I’ve got the blog up and running with nice theme, ads unit and Google Analytics.

Leave me a comment if you find anything missing or incorrect.

That’s all for now.


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