Live Messenger 8.1 Beta

On December 28, 2006, in General, by Kok mING

Hm… I am the real risk-taker. Seriously! I am!

Two days ago, I saw MSN messenger chat window(bottom part) display a link to try Live Messenger 8.1 BETA. Without a second thought, I downloaded and installed it… and uninstall it 10 minutes later… haha

First of all. It is a BETA version… means it is not a stable release. You must use at your own risk… Obviously, I can’t take that “risk”…

This version caused constant freezes… like every 2-3 minutes, my system will be not responsive for 5 seconds and then back to normal… It is not a big deal but definitely annoying…

It has nothing notable in this BETA version too… except they change the layout for some features only… make it more user friendly… Anyway, it is not worth the effort to test it unless you are the real risk-taker as I am!

I am  boring now… perhaps I will start compiling something related to the christmas! oppss… I still owe you the trip to Hong Kong day 2 and day 3… …

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