How to identify scam

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Recently, many connections from my social circles had approached me and telling me some really awesome money making plans in this case, and Summico. These come to me more than thrice for this week. It triggers my nerves to write something here.

Common sense #1
There are no free lunch in this world. When people talk to you about a good plan and want to bring you to make money together. I tell you, right away, I mean right away, UNFRIEND them. A real and good friend, won’t talk you to a good plan and ask you to throw money to it while he enjoys/shares your success. Instead, the friend will give you the hard cold cash and tell you to use that money to do something which you always wanted to do. Ok? At the moment people coming to you and need you to folk out your hard earn money for a “good” plan. That’s sounds pretty funny for me. I do not know about you. I will always reply “Can I join and pay nothing? You loan me the initial modal, when I earn enough, I pay you back right away. You are my upline, sure you know me earn how much, I won’t run you la, Good friend”. Ok ah?

Common sense #2
Even you are not an Internet Savvy, it is still very easy to hit google.comand search for the Founders name. Both ponzi scheme I listed above, running by very successful and reputable person(s) —- Self claimed —- . You should not always believe on what people say. You best shot is to Google with your finger. If you type their name in google and the search didn’t return their names with their biography. Then check, whether any news about their successes. Lastly, go wikipedia and do a search on their name. If all the above returns nothing, I would not trust all story tellers who wanted you to join the good plan. Simply because, I do not believe that is such a big fortune drop till my door step and it brought by my “good” friend with a small “processing” fees. Always do your homework and do not blindly trust anyone. It is because perhaps your good friend is a victim too.

Common sense #3
Investment is refer to invest in an asset or item acquired with the goal of generating income or appreciation. In an economic sense, an investment is the purchase of goods that are not consumed today but are used in the future to create wealth. Therefore, you should know your investment subject so you know why it worth the investment. MIA491 is fx investment, do you understand Forex or Commodities trading? You know what is Long and Short? Spread? Summico is blockchain, so do you know about cryptocurrency? Do you have a crypto wallet? You know how and what specification of the ICO for your investment? If you know nothing about your investment, probably, you are not investing. You are HOPING, wishing that the money you “invest” on the subject, can bring you wealth. I never encourage this type of mentality. It is more harmful than good, it is like spending $ into something you will never used by you hope the value increase in future. How much you know about the sustainability and reliability of this subject?

Common sense #4
Do not do anything which risking more than you can take. No explanations needed. Just don’t commit on what you couldn’t afford. No one got rich by a big risk appetite without the expertise in the area of success.

Scam, is easy to identify. But to take people back from the trap, it is tough because they are trapped with limited vision. I hope the above helps someone but we will never short of scam victim.



Catfish effect

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I found this term while watching TV series. The term catfish effect is referring to the effect that a strong competitor has in causing the weak to better themselves.

Why is it call catfish effect? The story below is from wikipedia.

In Norway, live sardines are several times more expensive than frozen ones, and are valued for better texture and flavor. It was said that only one ship could bring live sardine home, and the shipmaster kept his method a secret. After he died, people found that there was one catfish in the tank. The catfish keeps swimming, and the sardines try to avoid this predator. This increased level of activity keeps the sardines active instead of becoming sedentary.

This give me a thought. Did I own a catfish or there are any catfish left for me? The questions have no answer. Neither it is doubts. The catfish effect has described that you need a stronger existence to make yourself better. It is not saying you need to depends on others in order to create your better self. I would say it is what you can see and use as a purpose of life.

I have seen many sardine around me. Some with catfish on their back while some have not. Do we need an object or another person to help us or be our catfish? The answer is yes and no. Yes, because all people need a purpose or life fulfilling objectives to keep moving forward. In the other hand, human still gets to life without a purpose or objective. There will be differences between both.

Looking back to myself, being categorized as a strong achiver with great persistence. My catfish is always on my back and never rest. It grows bigger while I trying to get away from it. The catfish doesn’t want to eat me, instead it perhaps growing me bigger so I can be the catfish for others.

There are so many things or events can happen in life. One can chose to move forward, other can choose to stay put. The catfish effect is the thing which make people move forward. I do have a very big goal which visualize as a very huge catfish.

The moments I failed, I felt like I consume by the catfish. The few moments I succeeded , I felt the catfish is toasted by me. Nevertheless, there are never short of catfish in life. It is the matter of how many fishes are on your back at a time.

I always have one. The one and only one. When I reach my milestone , another catfish will arrive, bigger and stronger.

That is how life meant to be. You keep moving forward with a purpose.

May your catfish be with you always!











各位父母,或是将要成为父母的你。在还没铸成大错之前,想想何谓好的教育,何为家教,不要麻木的Google, 不要盲从废文,也不要耍智障(因为你们是孩子的榜样啊)!




You must have been hearing some financial experts saying MYR will hit 5 against USD. That is probably true but WHEN? All these so called experts, do nothing but to tell you regarding the opinion on what they wanted you to believe instead of giving you the overall picture.
Frankly speaking, the chance for MYR to go up and down is fairly equal. Why people keep focus on depreciation? Simple reason, FEAR! We are human, we fear losses, we are not train to digest and understand the economy …
No economy class today but I will use some examples to tell you.
First, let’s refer to the chart (history) for year 2016. The year started with the previous closing price of 4.29, then during the year (May 2016) hit the lowest at 3.84. From there, it rocket to 4.48. What a run!
Wait a second, let’s see the facts here. Don’t just focus on the highest and lowest… they are just numbers. We are human, we must understand what the history(chart) telling us. MYR strengthen for 5 months during 2016, hit the lowest, then for 7 months it goes to 4.48. So, in statistic wise, we are seeing quite even play here. 5 months of appreciation follow by 7 months of depreciation. Different magnitude, as you can see.
Again, year 2015 closed with 4.29, year 2016 closed with 4.48 how much is it? 0.19 difference. So, is it really that bad? Or we are just blind folded by the “High” covered by Fear.
I hope the above give you a sense of the past year performance. At least, you know what happened and the impact. Set your focal point on the right things, not only the high and low.
*Real meat here, read further*
I cannot forecast the future accurately. Same thing, I will give you a few scenarios (cover everything) so you won’t panic and cheap sell your MYR.
Scenario 1
If USDMYR break above 4.8, we may see it advance to 6.0 at least in year 2017 or early 2018 depending on the timing it break above. (This has not happen, 4.8 is still a small steps away but not yet…)
Scenario 2
If USDMYR cannot break above 4.8, it will use the closing price of year 2016 to be the foundation of year 2016 with plus minus of 15% range.
Scenario 3
If USDMYR appreciate to 3.8, we may see more appreciation to 3.5 or 3.6.
The last scenario (3) sounds illogic right? Why you will feel illogic? You don’t believe MYR will appreciate? Or you think scenario 1 will happen?
In fact, scenario 1 is far more ridiculous scenario compare to scenario 3. From 4.48 to 6, it need depreciation of 1.52. From 4.48 to 3.5, it only need an appreciation of 0.98! But No One challenge me before on how MYR6 vs 1USD can be derived… Somewhat, people are doubtful on how can MYR appreciate back to 3.5.
Like I said earlier, the chances of up and down is about the same. It is a fair game. The fundamental of the country matters!
Foreign investors been selling our currency, our stock market, cashing out their investments and park money else where… Including you who doing investment in foreign country.
We are yet to see the light, but I can tell you. Foreign investors will be back to Malaysia. When there is nothing to sell, they will start to buy again. When? I am seeing they will return on 2017, exactly when, I don’t know. I do not have their numbers to call, neither of them call me too 🙁
Scenario 2 is applying now, the plus minus 15% range. My opinion is scenario 3 can happen. MYR6 vs 1USD may come but not 2017. We will witness a recovery in currency this year BUT how long MYR will stay appreciated compare to year 2016 closing price, that I cannot tell or I really don’t know.
Pray for no-shit-happen in year 2017, a simple panic will depreciate MYR further. Yes, we are in this extremely fragile state! Undeniable!
Where to invest?
Answer will be similar to last year, since I am a story teller with consistency! The simplest answer(s) I can give you without months of lectures are.
1. Keep your money in USD.
2. Buy property or land.
No gold, no silver, just don’t do or trade something which you can lose.
You can find out my old post on the same topic last year…
Again, I am nobody, do not base on my view to trade any financial instruments. One thing is so true that I must also say to you. “If KM is so good, he no need to tokok blow water with you la. Why he dont quietly earn all the money and go vacations!”
Trust no one but yourself in any investment!
Be safe, be good and be generous in spending! Malaysia needs your support!
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A lot of people been asking me regarding forex investment offered by bank.

So, I believe some people has no financial background. They need advises on what to invest, where and when. This post, let me chip in some ideas for you. First thing first, this is not a post to encourage you to do any forex or financial investment. It is very risky when you do not know what you are venturing into. That is why I write this for educational purposes.

Some history, before the end of year 2015, I been telling 2 possible scenarios to people.
1. If USDMYR break above 4.8, we may see it advance to 6.0 at least in year 2016.
2. If USDMYR cannot break above 4.8, it will use the closing price of year 2015 to be the foundation of year 2016 with plus minus of 15% range.

So, with good leadership. Our MYR manage to stay below 4.8 and close the year 2015 with 4.3. Scenario 2 is apply for now. Which it will trade within a range of plus minus 15% from 4.3, that is around 3.65 – 4.96. Do not take this range as very solid or sure-answer if you are going to trade any financial instruments. I could be wrong and I am just another nobody.

Where to invest?
A lot of people asking me the same questions. This has many answer. The simplest answer(s) I can give you without months of lectures are.
1. Buy a foreign currency that is as weak as MYR and offer better fundamental economy, politics and confidence compare to Malaysia for example Australian dollar.
2. Keep your money in USD.
3. Buy property or land.

Oh yes, why I never mention precious metals like Gold and Silver and etc… Frankly, these are commodities. It requires attention to trade it. You can’t hold it forever because the price up and down frequently. Currencies fluctuate too, but in a more logical way and pace. If you are looking an asset class that guarantee appreciation over a long run. Please go for option 3.

Be it any investments, you must know what you are investing into. Option 3, buy property or land is safe but if you bought the wrong location or over value deal… then you are probably screwed. It happen to anything and everything in life which involve Buy and Sell, be a smart buyer/consumer, ok?

When to invest?
As long as you found an opportunity, you go for it! Right? 🙂
People tell me Gold is a good buy, it is moving up from 1100 to 1300 now. Many analysts forecast it will hit 1500 by year end! So, many of my friends bought some golds. Friends, sorry to say, the opportunity WAS there and no more. If you ask me, should you be buying gold now? Not, since it has already advances. I will wait for the opportunity and the price I want, NOT the price some Analyst or financial planner convince you. Did you see the differences on knowing what you are buying rather than listen to experts?

Should I change my MYR to USD now or later? Like I say, if you see an opportunity to do it. Then you go for it. There is no definite answer on when but there is supply and demand. Whenever you feel is right to let go MYR and get in some USD or AUD or SGD, go for it. Like buying a redwine, some see it is overprice, some say it will appreciate over the years. About the same for any investments, it is about your knowledge and willingness to trade on it.

The real question is… why MYR keep depreciating against USD or SGD? Hey people! That’s you!!! It is all what you have done. Not the government. You opt to get other’s countries currency rather than holding our MYR. You invest oversea instead of Malaysia. So, you are one of the people who helped to lower the value of MYR. Get it right, since you do not want MYR, who will want it? Of course, the cheaper you offer, the more buyers will surface. So, as long as you keep thinking to offload your MYR quicker at cheaper price, we will never see a good future. Also, I cannot say BNM (Bank Negara Malaysia) did a good job in defending our MYR but again, the responsibility is shared. You did what you think beneficial to yourself. The earlier group enjoy the fruits, the later group suffer the pain. Some gain some lose. Rules of the game.

That’s all for now. Leave a comment if this interest you or ask any questions.

**And yes, I purposely don’t answer should you be involve in the forex program offer by the legal financial entity. Seriously, re-read the last part of my post. First to strengthen the MYR then only I will look to investment else where.


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Almost 18 years ago, during an usual mamak blow water session with buddy. He told me about a practice on using the power of thought to achieve goals. He mentioned to spend 10 minutes a day (before bed time) to think about things or goals you want to achieve. Repeat until it happen. This is also very similar like sending your prayers to God or asking things from universe.

I was not serious about it, again, what’s harm it can do if I spend 10 minutes a day to think about goals and achievements which I looking forward? I have set a very high salary target (it was Damn high for 18 years ago but now it is barely enough to feed a family) and second goal is to have a family before 30 years old.

As time goes on, I got my family before 30 and exactly with a daughter and a son. Also, I have hit the salary target too.

Now, you may ask… Is it so magical and these happened just by 10 minutes thinking of it per day? Folks, the answer is no. It is a big fucking NO! I have never see people get anything by just thinking of it. Go try to prove this wrong then we can discuss again.

I started the thought procedure for a year then I realized… I don’t do something, I will gain nothing. If I don’t get a job, how do I get paid and hit the salary target? If I don’t have a girl friend, how do I get the family?

Fortunately, it didnt take me any longer to realise that every thought has to be back up by actions for realization.

The power of thought is very real. I have to tell you to believe it. I know I am confusing you but check it again. Everything start with a thought, then you must follow by actions. Result can be bad and you might fail. So what? Never try never know. A failure doesn’t mean the end of world. Have you not heard “failure is the mother of success!”. ( Please don’t ask me what is the father….)

The thought procedure is good. Actually, that allow you to set the expectations of future. To further the thought process, with 10minutes each day, you can plan and visualize it on how you want it to happen tomorrow. When an opportunity comes, you’ve got your plan and you are prepared. You will stand a higher chance of success, right?

Along the years, I have improvised the procedure to include a self reflection. To reflect on what I can do better tomorrow. I do not aim big, only want to improve one small little thing per day. Even my goals havent achieve, I will be better each day.

Some said, this is too positive and optimistic. So, if you think the same. You tell me what make you so negative and passive? It isn’t about you can or cannot do it. It is all about you Want to do it or not.

Life is short, spending too much time thinking without action is a waste of time. Doing too many actions without thinking is inefficient and ineffective.

Set your expectations, plan your moves, execute according to plan, change when necessary, retry with improvised actions if it doesn’t work out, repeat until success. You meet the end at the moment you give up.

I have my clear goals. My actions might not make sense to you right now. When I unlock the achievement(s) then you will change your mind on things. Eating laksa will spoil my diet plan, so will it be the end of my journey to get fitter? No way, I am going to do it the way I want and when that happens then that is the moment you understand everything is possible until it proven wrong.

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Lesson on The Martian

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I liked this movie. Not because of Matt Damon successfully plant potatoes on Mars. It makes me smile a lot, I know this isn’t a comedy.

Still, I smiled. For all the scenes that the Nasa wants to build the rescue spaceship quicker and try to shorten the time by “thinking out of the box”.

The spaceship construction team was asked to NOT do quality assurance (Testing) for the spaceship built because the boss didn’t see any spaceship gone wrong before so he thinks that was unnecessary to test!

I laughed and that point of time, I felt the pain in reality too. Many times, in my work, I been asked to skip “Testing” due to budget or time constraint. Of course, I don’t have a choice to say no due to “boss is always right!” . Well, put in this way, you can’t convince anyone until something happen. This is the reality. People like to learn it the hard way.

In the movie, the spaceship was not tested and launched… then it dissembled itself in the middle of the sky.

In reality, an software or system crash on the first day of launch. The boss definitely not going to be sacked. Instead, he turn his back to engineer and ask “why you no do Testing? Get me the QA, I need full report and updates every hour until this is fix!”. An incident like this might raise the awareness of importance of Quality Assurance, but time will wash it away. Repeat itself.

We must remember that most successes are built on the proven steps with necessary processes and procedures together with involvement of many parties to compliment each other. The moment you believe something / someone isn’t necessary, think twice, because some roles are meant to be there and not to contribute until something happen, so often their value / existence are being ignored.

I always remind myself, necessity is always important. But not all important thing/person is necessary.  🙂

Got it?



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Been sometimes I rant about stuff like this.

Often people ask “Can I trust you?”. Anyone who will ask this question to another person, they do not trust people, still they want to verify/testify their thought with answer from the other person.

Many occasions, I been told by many people who say “Please trust me”, “Give me your trust”, “You can put your trust on me”. I don’t understand why trust can be given or granted. It is not a thing, how can I give it to you?

I want to share a scenario with you. I hope this will bring more thoughts into this topic.

ManA: Can we implement solution ABC with some algorithm (programming code) from your people ( xx and yy)? I promise and you have my words this will work out fine. You can trust me.

ManB: Ok. Let’s move forward with your suggestion. I will get the algorithm from them and send it to you.

ManA: No, you must get them send directly to me and CC you. That is better and not influence by you.

ManB: […. moment of silence] Ok. As you wish.

So, in the above scenario, has ManA looking for ManB for a favor and seek ManB’s trust? Is it necessary if this is something benefitial for all and do no harm?

Has ManB seek or verify further with the request? Did ManB need to say “I trust you” to prove the existence of trust?

ManA requested the information to be send over directly to him. Although he specify carbon copy to ManB. Do you find where is the trust now?

Just a simple scenario with a few sentences, we can identify Trust isn’t a thing. It is the most expensive value for human interaction. It takes years to build, a sentence/an action/ a few seconds to lose it.

Forgetting is easy, forgiving is noble, but to trust the same people again, that is a lesson we must learn.

Hope you enjoy the reading without food photo! 🙂




权利 – 地位 – 声音









Many people asked me “why I seldom or hardly post/share more things happen around me as compare to last time.”
The answer is obvious yet it is difficult to tell. It is like a celebrity, your actions are being watched, monitored and attention of the crowd always follow it.

There are many things happening around me which it more colorful than the picture posted, more tastier than the food you liked and more informative compare to the junk feed you read everyday.

Frankly, surrounded by people who care about you is a gift. Sadly, when people turn sick (mentally) , it didn’t take a big crowd to destroy the peace, only 1 is enough and deadly.

Facebook is always a fun place for me to tease and joke with my friends with nonsense or something not serious. Always a place for me to share my view of things happened. As time goes on, people getting serious on Facebook posts, comments, likes, and followers. While I remains the same, taking it not seriously.

Along the years, I noticed some had unfriended me because they dislike my comments when they simply need “like” only. They didn’t want constructive feedback but rather to seek more attentions and the like-minded people to share the posts for more and more attentions…

I noticed people blocked me for reasons that I will not find out… You don’t not need to set me to another group but to unfriend me whenever you want. Simply because setting to other group make it so obvious when our mutual friends see your posts while I am not… That’s stupid Facebook, right?

At times, I get warning for posting thoughts or picture of my work or work place. You know, this is the celebrity life, there are always haters around you. After all, I am still a big fan of Justin Bieber, alright? If you get what I mean… People following you not only to share your happiness nor want to contribute to your life. Simply because they want more chances to bring you down, destroy your reputation and make you in troubles. Even if I make a trip or vacation that can translate to “I am not hardworking or not committed when people need me but I am away”. Just an example, don’t take it  seriously,it has not happen to me, trust me.

Lastly, the world has not change, technology advances, only the people are changing, being controlled by the misleading information or abuse the technology to do malicious stuffs.

If you are to ask me again why my Facebook only contains mostly food and never as fun / enjoyable to read on… My reply is – Please meet me face to face and have a cup of coffee, I promise endless conversations with only joy and fun.

Have fun my friends! May your surrounding grow no haters!

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