Catfish effect

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I found this term while watching TV series. The term catfish effect is referring to the effect that a strong competitor has in causing the weak to better themselves.

Why is it call catfish effect? The story below is from wikipedia.

In Norway, live sardines are several times more expensive than frozen ones, and are valued for better texture and flavor. It was said that only one ship could bring live sardine home, and the shipmaster kept his method a secret. After he died, people found that there was one catfish in the tank. The catfish keeps swimming, and the sardines try to avoid this predator. This increased level of activity keeps the sardines active instead of becoming sedentary.

This give me a thought. Did I own a catfish or there are any catfish left for me? The questions have no answer. Neither it is doubts. The catfish effect has described that you need a stronger existence to make yourself better. It is not saying you need to depends on others in order to create your better self. I would say it is what you can see and use as a purpose of life.

I have seen many sardine around me. Some with catfish on their back while some have not. Do we need an object or another person to help us or be our catfish? The answer is yes and no. Yes, because all people need a purpose or life fulfilling objectives to keep moving forward. In the other hand, human still gets to life without a purpose or objective. There will be differences between both.

Looking back to myself, being categorized as a strong achiver with great persistence. My catfish is always on my back and never rest. It grows bigger while I trying to get away from it. The catfish doesn’t want to eat me, instead it perhaps growing me bigger so I can be the catfish for others.

There are so many things or events can happen in life. One can chose to move forward, other can choose to stay put. The catfish effect is the thing which make people move forward. I do have a very big goal which visualize as a very huge catfish.

The moments I failed, I felt like I consume by the catfish. The few moments I succeeded , I felt the catfish is toasted by me. Nevertheless, there are never short of catfish in life. It is the matter of how many fishes are on your back at a time.

I always have one. The one and only one. When I reach my milestone , another catfish will arrive, bigger and stronger.

That is how life meant to be. You keep moving forward with a purpose.

May your catfish be with you always!


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