Few weeks ago, I bumped into this MLM. A friend of mine wanted to travel and interested to join, so he asked me to tag along.

I am a big fan of MLM with the condition unless I am place on the top of the hierarchy, otherwise I condemn everything of it! Put aside the business model and the opportunity it offers for you to earn lots of side income or potentially quit your job and focus to enable more people enjoy their Dream Trips.

This post, I am going to share with you, as a consumer, you should not sign up for this. Everyone should have no reason to sign up for this unless you want make a fortune from it while seeing others losing theirs.

Let’s get the real stuff discuss now!

1. As most marketing people would do is to over-emphasize on keyword! The World Ventures representation/agent/business partner/whatever-whoever will keep on telling you that you can enjoy free trips as a member. But they never tell you how many free trips available! Most important, the FREE you are listening from them isn’t equivalent of what we comprehend.

FREE as in you get the accommodation for free if you manage to find a cheap rate in else where compare to their website offering and you prove it to them. If proven valid, then they will refund your credit and booking fees. This sounds right but still why should I prove anything while you are advertising FREE trip! Perhaps, I don’t understand the definition of free…

The most terrifying point is… going for a trip, the transportation usually is the big chunk of travel expenses. That transportation cost if on YOU, yes, its you, so, do you still think they can offer FREE trip? Dream on!

2. They claim they have more than millions of members worldwide, so they are strong and they are a billion-dollar company. In this way, I must tell you the ugly truth. By paying a couple hundred US dollars to them, you will have to fight for the booking with millions member around the world! Yes, that is the case, you thought they will open a trip just for you? Dream on!

With millions of member, their available trips which offers on their member’s website is less than 100 trips, and each trips take 20 people usually. So, total is like 2,000 out of 1,000,000 members will enjoy it… OK, I could be wrong so let’s put is 10,000 member will be able to enjoy it. Then what about the rest of the 90,000 members? The very sad reality is, first come first serve. You sign up for this membership, and you have to follow the rules. I am sad for you!

3. You cannot select the travel date! It just sucks which you have make sure you get the flight ticket for that particular date. With not-so-good-luck, you may get expensive flight for a good date, so that is kind of offset the cheap trip you get… Think twice!

4. Your available credit will be renew each year. RENEW = Burn! / Reset! = Gone! . Let’s say if you didn’t manage to go for a trip or never manage to successfully do any booking with World Ventures, you are screwed. Your money is going into some charity activities where the boss will spend your hard earn money by organizing some society programs to further strengthen company image! With much gratitude, I represent the people-in-need thank you for your contribution! If so, you might as well donate it yourself, do not need to let World Ventures spend your money on charity-publicity! You fool!

5. Lastly, but not least important. NOT all trips allow you to use all credits to pay off. Most trips require you to top up certain amount of dollar + credits. So, to spend your yearly credit, you might as well have to prepare to spend a couple hundred more for the trips! See, if I didn’t tell you this, you would think one trip to spend all credit and you are breakeven, right?

Frankly, people shouldn’t believe on things which are too good to be true. Simply because they run a business, their intention is to make profit! To create a Dream Trip for you, it is just a trick for them to ensure you are willingly surrender your savings to them! Don’t fall for it!


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