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On December 26, 2006, in General, Site, by Kok mING

Hm.. Hm… I don’t know whether or not to be happy… There are some internet searches to my blog each day. Yes! It means I got other “strange” readers which are not like you… 😛 ahaha

Something funny to share with you… I treat it funny rather than sad, ok? Some funny search keywords…

Search Keyword No. 1


Oh my GOD! How this people know my KOK is big ? but a bad things is… he want it into a small ass…. *^^%$^%$%#$##@ I told you in my profile… I am very straight! No gay… I burned BrokeBack Mountain last summer! That’s why you see a lot of haze covering your country for months!


Search Keyword No. 2

cicakman bt file (

Aiyeh… Although I recommend this movie to you, Malaysian, but it does not mean that I will provide free movie to you. Furthermore, I do not know where to buy that VCD while the cinema is still showing now? haha. Stop searching for CICAKMAN BT FILE! Go support your own country-made film!!


Search Keyword No. 3

Pin Hole Camera (


Ok… I know you need a Pin Hole Camera very much… I know you need it for very HOLY purpose… I know you won’t abuse it! But I am sad to inform you… I still  sourcing for a supplier to supply me with this kind of product and you gotta know that in Malaysia, only “certain” type of Pin Hole Camera are allowed to be sold to public… If you are keen to have one. Ebay is a faster and better way, you fool!


Still a lot of search keywords but they are not funny enough to be listed here… 🙂 I will keep you laughing. Check here constantly!

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