A lot of people been asking me regarding forex investment offered by bank.

So, I believe some people has no financial background. They need advises on what to invest, where and when. This post, let me chip in some ideas for you. First thing first, this is not a post to encourage you to do any forex or financial investment. It is very risky when you do not know what you are venturing into. That is why I write this for educational purposes.

Some history, before the end of year 2015, I been telling 2 possible scenarios to people.
1. If USDMYR break above 4.8, we may see it advance to 6.0 at least in year 2016.
2. If USDMYR cannot break above 4.8, it will use the closing price of year 2015 to be the foundation of year 2016 with plus minus of 15% range.

So, with good leadership. Our MYR manage to stay below 4.8 and close the year 2015 with 4.3. Scenario 2 is apply for now. Which it will trade within a range of plus minus 15% from 4.3, that is around 3.65 – 4.96. Do not take this range as very solid or sure-answer if you are going to trade any financial instruments. I could be wrong and I am just another nobody.

Where to invest?
A lot of people asking me the same questions. This has many answer. The simplest answer(s) I can give you without months of lectures are.
1. Buy a foreign currency that is as weak as MYR and offer better fundamental economy, politics and confidence compare to Malaysia for example Australian dollar.
2. Keep your money in USD.
3. Buy property or land.

Oh yes, why I never mention precious metals like Gold and Silver and etc… Frankly, these are commodities. It requires attention to trade it. You can’t hold it forever because the price up and down frequently. Currencies fluctuate too, but in a more logical way and pace. If you are looking an asset class that guarantee appreciation over a long run. Please go for option 3.

Be it any investments, you must know what you are investing into. Option 3, buy property or land is safe but if you bought the wrong location or over value deal… then you are probably screwed. It happen to anything and everything in life which involve Buy and Sell, be a smart buyer/consumer, ok?

When to invest?
As long as you found an opportunity, you go for it! Right? 🙂
People tell me Gold is a good buy, it is moving up from 1100 to 1300 now. Many analysts forecast it will hit 1500 by year end! So, many of my friends bought some golds. Friends, sorry to say, the opportunity WAS there and no more. If you ask me, should you be buying gold now? Not, since it has already advances. I will wait for the opportunity and the price I want, NOT the price some Analyst or financial planner convince you. Did you see the differences on knowing what you are buying rather than listen to experts?

Should I change my MYR to USD now or later? Like I say, if you see an opportunity to do it. Then you go for it. There is no definite answer on when but there is supply and demand. Whenever you feel is right to let go MYR and get in some USD or AUD or SGD, go for it. Like buying a redwine, some see it is overprice, some say it will appreciate over the years. About the same for any investments, it is about your knowledge and willingness to trade on it.

The real question is… why MYR keep depreciating against USD or SGD? Hey people! That’s you!!! It is all what you have done. Not the government. You opt to get other’s countries currency rather than holding our MYR. You invest oversea instead of Malaysia. So, you are one of the people who helped to lower the value of MYR. Get it right, since you do not want MYR, who will want it? Of course, the cheaper you offer, the more buyers will surface. So, as long as you keep thinking to offload your MYR quicker at cheaper price, we will never see a good future. Also, I cannot say BNM (Bank Negara Malaysia) did a good job in defending our MYR but again, the responsibility is shared. You did what you think beneficial to yourself. The earlier group enjoy the fruits, the later group suffer the pain. Some gain some lose. Rules of the game.

That’s all for now. Leave a comment if this interest you or ask any questions.

**And yes, I purposely don’t answer should you be involve in the forex program offer by the legal financial entity. Seriously, re-read the last part of my post. First to strengthen the MYR then only I will look to investment else where.


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Almost 18 years ago, during an usual mamak blow water session with buddy. He told me about a practice on using the power of thought to achieve goals. He mentioned to spend 10 minutes a day (before bed time) to think about things or goals you want to achieve. Repeat until it happen. This is also very similar like sending your prayers to God or asking things from universe.

I was not serious about it, again, what’s harm it can do if I spend 10 minutes a day to think about goals and achievements which I looking forward? I have set a very high salary target (it was Damn high for 18 years ago but now it is barely enough to feed a family) and second goal is to have a family before 30 years old.

As time goes on, I got my family before 30 and exactly with a daughter and a son. Also, I have hit the salary target too.

Now, you may ask… Is it so magical and these happened just by 10 minutes thinking of it per day? Folks, the answer is no. It is a big fucking NO! I have never see people get anything by just thinking of it. Go try to prove this wrong then we can discuss again.

I started the thought procedure for a year then I realized… I don’t do something, I will gain nothing. If I don’t get a job, how do I get paid and hit the salary target? If I don’t have a girl friend, how do I get the family?

Fortunately, it didnt take me any longer to realise that every thought has to be back up by actions for realization.

The power of thought is very real. I have to tell you to believe it. I know I am confusing you but check it again. Everything start with a thought, then you must follow by actions. Result can be bad and you might fail. So what? Never try never know. A failure doesn’t mean the end of world. Have you not heard “failure is the mother of success!”. ( Please don’t ask me what is the father….)

The thought procedure is good. Actually, that allow you to set the expectations of future. To further the thought process, with 10minutes each day, you can plan and visualize it on how you want it to happen tomorrow. When an opportunity comes, you’ve got your plan and you are prepared. You will stand a higher chance of success, right?

Along the years, I have improvised the procedure to include a self reflection. To reflect on what I can do better tomorrow. I do not aim big, only want to improve one small little thing per day. Even my goals havent achieve, I will be better each day.

Some said, this is too positive and optimistic. So, if you think the same. You tell me what make you so negative and passive? It isn’t about you can or cannot do it. It is all about you Want to do it or not.

Life is short, spending too much time thinking without action is a waste of time. Doing too many actions without thinking is inefficient and ineffective.

Set your expectations, plan your moves, execute according to plan, change when necessary, retry with improvised actions if it doesn’t work out, repeat until success. You meet the end at the moment you give up.

I have my clear goals. My actions might not make sense to you right now. When I unlock the achievement(s) then you will change your mind on things. Eating laksa will spoil my diet plan, so will it be the end of my journey to get fitter? No way, I am going to do it the way I want and when that happens then that is the moment you understand everything is possible until it proven wrong.

[peg-image src=”https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-uKNffYx8oLI/V4CWbVgXc3I/AAAAAAAAGs4/o1F0Gty55g47wAqDssf_t8o3F5cJZ4AUQCHM/s144-o/IMG_0308.JPG” href=”https://picasaweb.google.com/110756297357580786349/MISC2016#6305204874692227954″ caption=”” type=”image” alt=”IMG_0308.JPG” image_size=”3024×4032″ ]

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