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On December 8, 2006, in General, by Kok mING

I love my country but I am not a patriotic people. I will run-away if any shit happens. I am very neutral yet typical type of Malaysian. I do not like those politicians but I do agree that they are needed for “balancing” the country. I do not feel proud to be a Malaysian simply because I have nothing to be proud…  You want me to feel proud that the Government spending millions of dollars just for the astroNUTS to eat ROTI CANAI and TEH TARIK on the spaceship? They can hang the Malaysia Flag behind their back and wear RED underwear outside will give better effect to ADVERTISE Malaysia to the world… Both TEH TARIK and my idea are stupid enough to let people keep laughing at you during their lunch hour talks. I feel pain to pay tax because you spend my tax money for 2 pieces of ROTI and 2 glasses of TEH TARIK!

Malaysia Management Style is very funny in the way that they never try to correct their mistake but keep repeating it + invents new mistakes during the repetitive process. Wow! I must say this is continuous “improvement”.


Some months ago, Government announced that this year, 2006, will not increase any TOLL fees. Yeah! A good news, but I am such a smart-ass. I can foresee that at 01-01-2007, they will increase the TOLL rate! Haha. Remember that you read it here first if you see any rate adjustment later …


Malaysia is one of the big exporters for Petroleum. Yeah! Petroleum!! Fuck it because they increase the petrol price for 3 times a year. When the world market increases the price, then they put the burden to the citizen! But when the price drops, they do not lower the local petrol price but keep that EXTRA profit into THEIR pocket for FUTURE DEVELOPMENT. I love it! I love you, Malaysia! You just need a reason to take my money of from my pocket only!! You are the licensed robber!!! Why those petrol-station owners cannot suffer lost?? They give you coffee money monthly????  Why must we suffer lost??? If you really care about the citizen, please do some damn things or at least to impose new Labor Law that each and every employer must increase employees’ salary when such situation happens!


Let’s talk about Internet. Traffic SHAPING!!!

Quote 1. from Newpapers

Malaysian Cyber Security Centre (MCSC) and local telcos have been directed to crack down on online pornography….


Quoted 2. from my memory (I read it somewhere … it is official from TMNET spokeperson)

it was 20% of our users use 90% of our bandwidth for P2P downloads. Next up, 90% of P2P downloads are found to be pornography, so we have to filter and block all P2P traffic to curb online porn


I have nothing to reply for Quote 1, Government or Local Authority does not need my approval to impose any new laws. Likewise, I don’t give a damn to their bullshit too. As long as, they never accuse me with that!


Quote 2 is ridiculous. If your TOTAL bandwidth can be 90% utilized by 20% of the users that mean you are not providing the service as advertised!! See… You offer 1mpbs unlimited online time package. So you have to be prepared that we will utilize the connection as much as we can! You, TM Net still dare to say 90% of bandwidth is utilized by 20% of users. On the other hand, another 80% of users are “sharing” the left-over 10% of bandwidth!!! Now, you know why you get slow connection!!! It is because you are one of the 80%, I am SOOOOOOooooOOOOOOOoooooo sure of it! I must stress that, TM Net or the ISP should not blame the users because they are using what they are paying for! The ISP should be responsible on bandwidth issue instead of throttling the speed! When they limit the speed, they should rebate to us because it really affect our Internet experiences. Simple calculation, I can download 50GB/Month before the traffic shaping. Now I can only download 1GB/Month, 1/50 * 100% = 2%. Then my package worth RM77. I should pay Rm77 *2% = RM1.54 because I really enjoy the 2% only… Anyway. If you support my calculation or my ideas above. Please give a call to 1300889515, for lodging a slow connection report. I did it but only I cannot do anything on this.


Come on! If the Internet is being used in such way, you have to educate the users! Tell them what porn is and what sex is! Cover up and restricted everything will increase their curiosity to explore further!!! You fools never learn!!!


We have many many more issues like the police-women ask a China tourist to strip off their clothes and someone recorded it for the sake of sharing….

Some Malaysians kill some foreigner but still living happily…

Policemen accuse news reporters being too sexy so people are allow to put a pin-hole camera to capture those sexy screens…

Government wants to filter bloggers’ websites…


Ok… I am not really against the M.M.S. but I wanted to share my thought with you.


If petrol price raise up, I will stop driving as much as I can…

If Tolls increase the rate, I will use the alternative routes…

If the Internet Traffic Shaping still going on, I will not use P2P but setup FTP server for traditional “file-sharing”

If I cannot download any porn… I still can buy VCD … so what? Nothing can stop these cycles… It is the matter you gotta live with it or leave.



Again, if you are going to leave a comment to tell me to fuck off because I whine for nothing… You are not welcome to leave a comment without supportive ideas towards this post. Simply because “Life may be a bitch but that’s my bitch! Only I can fuck her!!” ok?

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