Today, a friend send a MSN message to me, ask about how to translate Chinese to English.

Without any delay, my “reflex” comes! Fire up my web browse, key in into the address bar! I am expecting a 404 error or Page Not Found response but… …

Viola! It loads the Google Translate BETA! I am so happy that Google always knows what I needs and prepare it before I scream for it! It is really my best friend! Never fail me!! LoL.

Immediately, I test it with a simple sentence. Wow! See?! It is so accurate and it never lie! It translate the Chinese sentence to English sentence correctly! The translation never mess up the meaning of the sentence. Good job, Google! After that, I try with other sentences. As a result, for short and simple sentence, it can translate nicely. For longer or complex sentence, it can’t really perform as good as expected. But it is good enough to do simple translation job! It is online! No need to install anything!! The most important is FREE of charge!!! Can you complaint?

It supports 25 types of translations! You can help Google Translate to improve the future release by “Suggest a better translation”! You can be part of the team too! 🙂 Sounds great?

Last but not least, you can translate a web page with this tool!

Yes! For all readers who don’t know how to read Chinese! You can use this tool to translate my Chinese blog-post into English! From now onwards, you will never miss any of my post! :xd:



Happy Translating!!



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3 Responses to Google Translate

  1. wawa says:

    譯到亂7 8糟。好惡睇@_@
    求佢不如求自己好過!! 哈哈

  2. Kok mING says:

    哈哈。 翻译短句啦。。。 长句当然是不行的。。。-_-"

  3. Military says:

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