I like to play games since I was young. I owned a lot of home game consoles including Atali, Super Nintendo, Gameboy, Sega and etc.  I am attached to gaming world since I am young, most likely since age of 5. The first arcade game really kicks me in, isn’t the mighty Donkey Kong. The game which got me addicted to it is Street Fighters II. It is a 2D fighting game by Capcom. It is still clear in my mind how I used to play this game and pwned a lot of people who is elder than me. More-over, it gives me more fun than I can enjoy! :or:

Street Fighters II tells me that Indian’s yoga (Dhalsim) can blow fire out from their mouth… LoL. Sound incredible but it is so funny to see that! :hahaha:

Ah! A very notable image to the world. After playing this game, every one thinks the girls in China must have two “bao” or Chun Li hair-style. They must have huge legs and able to do the I-M-possible skill which is “upside down spinning legs”.  Can you see how that E.Honda (Sumo fatty) hug Chun Li? Incredible skill by the Japanese! Heads down!

Wow! See Blanka!! It can bites you until the blood splitting out like a waterfall! Haha!! Lastly, my favorite character, Ryu, the very attractive skill “rising dragon fist”. Amazingly strong and stylish! Guile, Ken and Zangief who I did not manage to a screen-shot…


Why I blog about this? It is because I missed the good old days… So I go to get an emulator to play it again! It works!! It helps me to turn myself back to a TEEN for 10 minutes after playing it!! LoL. :e:

I hopes you have a nice and unforgettable childhood. If not… please go get a life now. :xd:

Happy gaming!!


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