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Yeah! While everyone guessing on why I did not online at night or how Kok mING manage to live without computer at night…

I started the new job! In a multi-national company… I met a lot of new friends! Yes! Finally The_One hikky manage to get some friends!

Long story short say! (I will tell you more stuffs about the job later)

Second working day, we have a group dinner at California Pizza KItchen, KLCC. Yeah! As you can see from the photo, we are huge group! The waitress is so happy to see us walking into the restaurant! Big business, uh?

We have a lot of fun over there! Especially some chit chat sessions to know each other better! I am not the only new one over there. But… I am the newest one… They are friendly, some are very talkative and playful as well. It is a nice group of people. Let me say this before your request, please do not ask me to introduce the girls to you. LoL. Single but not available … okay?

Derive from the title, you must be expecting a food blog.

Yes! This is about food but I do not have a camera to shot the nice food… I tell you, the foods are delicious, definitely taste more better than the photo!


Taken a lot of photos, but I just pick the photo with me inside it… You know why, don’t ask please.



**** To you. Yes! Its you! Stop laughing! ****

Sooner or later, my colleagues will know this blog because they have my MSN contact. This blog has a mirror in Live Spaces… so once I post this thing. MSN contact will get updated and a star will display besides my name, then with some clicks, they shall see their faces online. LoL. Http:// will be the actual blog address.

If you really found this, leave a comment so I knows who get this first! Heh heh.

**** End ****

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