Things that you bring into the toilet

On August 23, 2007, in English, General, Nonsense, by Kok mING

70s, people bring in toilet paper to wipe their dirty ass.

80s, people bring in magazines or books to read. (for a longer session… to shit all out) 

90s, people bring in mobile phone because they can’t live without communication…

Today, people bring in PSP into the toilet… :sweat:

Yes! PSP! Am I sure? Yes! I cut my head if that is not a PSP! :picknose:

Opps… Actually, I did not see it because he is shitting… I am so sure that he is playing football games on his PSP! Did I hear he yell GOAL inside the toilet?! No, he didn’t but his PSP did! :xd:

Come on! You can “focus” to play PSP games while you are sitting on top of the toilet bowl and doing your best to shit? Haha. I don’t really know how to explain this feeling to you. Perhaps I am old-fashioned folks who cannot do more than 1 things at a time…

Perhaps in future, we will see people bring in laptops for MSN and cam-whoring while they are shitting… :yes:

So, can you tell me what is the thing that you will bring into the toilet? :or:

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