Been a really long time since my last post.

With many things happen in our country and the netizens criticism towards the politicians. I can say, there are nothing new nor surprise.

This is a human behavior… Unity forms by having the same target, the same objective and definitely very much different personal agenda (don’t argue this, we all know Human will not do something for another people without consider the gain from the outcome).

Almost all political leaders including the one(s) who now become the most aggressive “Hero” to defense the nation from being collapsed are once behave like the one who you hate right now. The Hero – he was not a leader previously? During his tenure, he did really good job? Have you start to appreciate that he raised the taxes for imported car so you can drive Proton only? Have you start to feel syukur because he was the one who invented ISA and charge many people with it…

Honestly, things aren’t only happen with this generation. It was inherited like a family business. You thought the government is just started to be so corrupted since 5 years ago? If you have a brain, a functional yet rational thinking, you would not be surprised when shit hit the fan.

Is RM42B very big amount? To date, Malaysia GDP is beyond 1 Trillion (MYR) which is equivalent to 1000B.

Now, you tell me, with 42B is less than 5% GDP for Malaysia, can tumble our nation or even default this corrupted country?! I wonder. I really wonder. If you don’t understand, then I give you an example here. Is 6% GST is killing you now? You are still alive meaning 6% is nothing life threatening nor going to put you into a Financial crisis. Same goes to Malaysia, it is not a very big deal, just that the figure itself looks so sky high for poor people like us… Furthermore,  the 42B is not missing, it transformed to asset because the money was spent to purchase it!

You may argue that they purchase higher than market value. Again, that is dirty but still, legal. Buyer and Seller, You sell I buy. Simple as that. I am a smart consumer, so I seldom buy overpriced stuff unless I really want it!

Honestly, if you have a brain, a really working brain. You must think why all these are being released now but not later or earlier? Why everyone has popcorn in their hands and the new “evidences” pop up 1 by 1 just like the movie plot? Think… who is running the show and what they want? To entertain you? No… they don’t care about you, they want to manipulate you do you do something for them! Got me?

You can still do what you think it will help the country. Again, keep swearing the weakening MYR and slow economy doesn’t help at all. Also, keep sharing unverified posts / article in FB is not much better than swearing. Continue to be a haters will born more haters. I want to UBAH, but how?

If you are educated, read between the lines of each reply on every query. You can see the one who look dumb actually has a brain.

Last but not least, perhaps, you can start to donate RM1 to my bank account so you know my name then you can start to curse me because I made most people looks like a stupid by writing this!




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During today’s tea break session, I was in a restaurant enjoying my food. There are a group of youngsters complaining the rising cost of living, saying house expensive, car (foreign) is not affordable and etc.

If I know them, I would have join the discussion. Not to support them but to tell them about all these problems exist for a long long time. It isn’t new with GST, nothing new with economy downturn. Life been always difficult to live, be my generation, your generation, ancestors or whoever seeing this in future.

My first job is a system administrator, earning 1600 when I start. Recession came and cut pay which I forgot how many %, that is pain but better than jobless. After a pay cut, company still doing bad and finally bankrupt and closed shop. Then I join the force of unemployment. Back then, I didn’t own a car, no house, no saving and still living with family.

Everyone has there own financial crisis. It isn’t the disaster, after a ten year or more. You will come to an understanding that all these actually will never resolve. You will never have enough money to spend and will never lack of luxury desire.

It is funny to have people envy my lifestyle. I been through rough times too. There are many moments where life almost got me to the end. If anyone tell you about “problem which can solved by money then it is not a problem “, please go fuck them hard and ask them to pay all your bills.

Money problem is real and it is extremely pressure to live a money-not-enough life.

You need more money, you gotta do the right things. Not sitting in a pricey mamak to complain about life. Use these free time to improve yourself, do some part time job or freelance.

Blaming everything to society or the government gets nothing resolve. After all, we know the problem is we didn’t make enough effort to make a change.

You want a good and easy life. You must have your way to earn it. None tell me how to do it. Poor dad and rich dad didn’t tell me too.

The moment you understand that all problems are started by you and you have the way to solve it. That will be the moment when you will understand  how to live the life you want.

Thank you for all people who never encourage me and never seem agreeable to me. Without your useless criticism and  disagreement. I would not be able to prove my way is right. Appreciate who supported me during my ups and downs, it is all because of you never give up in believing me, so I have the strength to persist until today.

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歌词里写了,“只要看着我们头发变白,余生就不会苍白”。 真的让我听了觉得很多人的方向都错了,其实物质的满足和追求都是多余的。人到老了,陪伴你的不是你事业和金钱, 而是陪你变老的她。

像错过了一辈子我才学会了爱。 这一句歌词,如果没有一定的人生经验,应该不会有共鸣。 学友的歌声和这么简单的歌词, 随着歌曲的旋律,听着听着就对自己错过的时间,没珍惜的人,有种说不出的悔意。

时间是不劳而获的,也是一逝不返的。要好好珍惜与你爱的人相处的时光。不论伴侣还是家人,都和时间一样, 错过了就后悔莫及。



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Equality! Fair! Clean and Transparent!

These are the words we used to shout when we are facing with inequality and unfair. Many people understand the meaning of these words but each individual can comprehend it in their own context.

How to define fair? Is it when you are not getting what you “thought” you deserves but you don’t, so it is unfair?

How to define inequality? Is it when you are being treated differently compare to others, so it is inequality?

Country politic is always the subject for inequality and unfair. For example, in Malaysia, the Bumiputra are granted with a lot of benefits and advantages in education, business, financial support and other opportunities to help them to stay competitive. For those who didn’t enjoy the benefits / perks, they protest for equality and fairness. It is all about because you don’t get it then it is unfair and so you have the right to protest against it?

In a corporate world, this happen in much more frequent scenarios accompany by favouritism. Have you ever doubt any decision on promotion by the boss? Have you compare and question on one’s compensation with yours? Why do some people has better table than yours? Why their chairs has arm-rest while yours don’t?

Any reasons for why you aren’t getting the same treatment as your peer? Why there are differentiation since we are all employees of the same organization?

There are no perfect answer for every question. The root cause is you are incapable to get what you deserves! Be it the citizen benefits of your country is granting  or the compensation that your company is offering!

You have every rights to protest, shout and seek for the answer. To rectify it according to your way or not, that is up to the authority, not you! Get real and be very aware of inequality exists, unfair is a norm. All you need to do is to be the part of the group who receiving the goodies! Or you change the authority, simple as that, depending whichever easier to achieve.

I would like to share this meme with you.

It is not about fairness, it is about your ability to get what you deserves!

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Few weeks ago, I bumped into this MLM. A friend of mine wanted to travel and interested to join, so he asked me to tag along.

I am a big fan of MLM with the condition unless I am place on the top of the hierarchy, otherwise I condemn everything of it! Put aside the business model and the opportunity it offers for you to earn lots of side income or potentially quit your job and focus to enable more people enjoy their Dream Trips.

This post, I am going to share with you, as a consumer, you should not sign up for this. Everyone should have no reason to sign up for this unless you want make a fortune from it while seeing others losing theirs.

Let’s get the real stuff discuss now!

1. As most marketing people would do is to over-emphasize on keyword! The World Ventures representation/agent/business partner/whatever-whoever will keep on telling you that you can enjoy free trips as a member. But they never tell you how many free trips available! Most important, the FREE you are listening from them isn’t equivalent of what we comprehend.

FREE as in you get the accommodation for free if you manage to find a cheap rate in else where compare to their website offering and you prove it to them. If proven valid, then they will refund your credit and booking fees. This sounds right but still why should I prove anything while you are advertising FREE trip! Perhaps, I don’t understand the definition of free…

The most terrifying point is… going for a trip, the transportation usually is the big chunk of travel expenses. That transportation cost if on YOU, yes, its you, so, do you still think they can offer FREE trip? Dream on!

2. They claim they have more than millions of members worldwide, so they are strong and they are a billion-dollar company. In this way, I must tell you the ugly truth. By paying a couple hundred US dollars to them, you will have to fight for the booking with millions member around the world! Yes, that is the case, you thought they will open a trip just for you? Dream on!

With millions of member, their available trips which offers on their member’s website is less than 100 trips, and each trips take 20 people usually. So, total is like 2,000 out of 1,000,000 members will enjoy it… OK, I could be wrong so let’s put is 10,000 member will be able to enjoy it. Then what about the rest of the 90,000 members? The very sad reality is, first come first serve. You sign up for this membership, and you have to follow the rules. I am sad for you!

3. You cannot select the travel date! It just sucks which you have make sure you get the flight ticket for that particular date. With not-so-good-luck, you may get expensive flight for a good date, so that is kind of offset the cheap trip you get… Think twice!

4. Your available credit will be renew each year. RENEW = Burn! / Reset! = Gone! . Let’s say if you didn’t manage to go for a trip or never manage to successfully do any booking with World Ventures, you are screwed. Your money is going into some charity activities where the boss will spend your hard earn money by organizing some society programs to further strengthen company image! With much gratitude, I represent the people-in-need thank you for your contribution! If so, you might as well donate it yourself, do not need to let World Ventures spend your money on charity-publicity! You fool!

5. Lastly, but not least important. NOT all trips allow you to use all credits to pay off. Most trips require you to top up certain amount of dollar + credits. So, to spend your yearly credit, you might as well have to prepare to spend a couple hundred more for the trips! See, if I didn’t tell you this, you would think one trip to spend all credit and you are breakeven, right?

Frankly, people shouldn’t believe on things which are too good to be true. Simply because they run a business, their intention is to make profit! To create a Dream Trip for you, it is just a trick for them to ensure you are willingly surrender your savings to them! Don’t fall for it!


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It is always a debate where it comes to career. I tends to have different points of view compare to others. Friends of mine often categorize me as job hopper, an employee without loyalty to a company.

Been like two years, I have not change my job. Still, the crown of job hopper, an unexpected honor from my friends has not wear off at all. Instead, most are starting to predict or speculate when I will have a switch. Almost into the extend to start a poll/bet on the forecast! If so, I’d like to be the dealer of this bet! Smile

Frankly, I am a traditional Chinese. I believe in “what you reap is what you sow”. Likewise, I trust work hard comes with equivalent rewards. You are selling your skills, your services and your professionalism to the company / employer. The contract is not seal with your soul, so you do not need to give your body to the company / employer.

Love your job is to love what you are doing. Go to find job which satisfy you in both satisfaction and financially. Do not love your company because it is a business, it run with very solid business rational where human being treated as replaceable “resources”.

You may also consider to like your boss, still, very subjective. It is only to do it when your boss / immediate superior has at least met your expectation and gain your trust. To further elaborate this, I would like to tell you a story.

There is a Tiger and a Deer living in jungle protected from the outside world. Tiger was a Grade 1 protected animal while Deer is Grade 2 protected. One day, Tiger wants to eat Deer.

Deer: Hey, I am an protected, grade 2 animal. It is prohibited and illegal to eat me!
Tiger: Oh no… you are Grade 2… but sorry, I am Grade 1 and I am starving. It is logical for me to eat you and stay alive.

By looking into the above story, I hope you understand things in a real brutal business world. It isn’t about how you contribute to the company. It is about how important you are, in this case, the story above use Grade to highlight the importance of animal.

I know many of you may tell how well your company is and what they are offering to you. I am glad it happen on you. For those aren’t lucky as the fortunate one(s), start asking yourself, “Are you doing what you like to do?” / “Is it a job that I could do better else where?” / “With the same job and effort, will I get better rewards in other company?”

If you have the answers, you probably good to differentiate loving your job is not equal loving the company.

Set your goals, looks for a fulfilling job which can achieve your goals. Finding a good company isn’t always a must. Sometimes, a below average company can give you a rewarding career too!

Leaving a company isn’t because the company no longer satisfy your endless desires, it is because you need to keep on doing what you love to and be rewarded equally.

Until here, I hope I stressed enough that love your job, not the company. Remember, between you and company, there is the job linked both entity together. If the job no longer being able to hold up well. It is time to fix it.

You may also read up this interesting post, Getting a new job is like having a new love.



Risk and Reward

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Often, people trying to avoid risks by giving up rewards. Think wise, by giving up rewards, it doesn’t eliminate the risk entirely. Likewise, rewards are always come with risks. How many times you want to give up?

If one doesn’t take risk, he/she can no longer grab any opportunities. He/she is waiting for opportunity to deliver reward to his/her doorstep which that almost close to zero possibilities and would need lots of luck.

There are many ways to minimize risk or manage it correctly, possibly it turn into another force of support / help to gain your more rewards. Things that contain no risk, isn’t an opportunity. Even you drink water, there are slightly risk for you to choke dead. So, risk are every where, sometimes, we ignore it because everyone is doing the same, that create an illusion that the risk is no longer exists when too many success events happened. For example, we can always say, the possibility of choke dead by drinking water is close to zero but it is never zero.

I am a risk taker and always will be!

Many people ask, why am I take risk since I’ve owned stability by doing what I am are good at. Reason is simple, I want a rewarding life. Not something can be comprehend enough by words but in term of satisfaction (could be sense of accomplishment or monetary compensation).

I do investment and trading the financial markets. Some said, I am a gambling addict by putting too much effort and money into something that I never good at. Frankly, I may have “donated” a lot into the market, that is the risks I’ve anticipated before I decide to go into this field. I tried to manage my risks, I failed. I admit failure, I keep on trying. Simply because, I believe the rewards are not far away. One does not have the view of future and focus on the short term result, is difficult to understand some rewards are earn by both time and effort you spent into it. Unlike you think you have done this and that, fulfilling this and that, then you will claim the rewards. I do not have skills nor the resources to run a multi-millions company. So I invested into multi-million company as a investor and I trade opportunities. That is how I getting closer and closer to my goals, of course, there are many paths to own a multi-millions company, different people different choices.

Another realistic example, I am being crowned with “Job Hopping King” title amongst friends. I couldn’t recall on how often I switch, why I change job, is it Money? Career Advancement? Role? Relationship? I believe there are mixed reasons behind. Having said that, on every changes, I am being rewarded better. Be it Money, Career Advancement, Role or Relationship. So, changes happen for good and that is proven by historical results of mine! Many asked me, “Given more opportunities going your way, are you willing to risk your current career and make a switch?”. Frankly, I do not have answer for nothing concrete and without the real opportunity. I don’t take risk blindly. I have to access the risks of change, rewards of making a change, after that, I can tell you an answer.

The risk and reward ratio is different for everyone. Once you found yours golden ratio, you will find yourself better in decision making too!

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在MH370的事件上,我们也许可以看到了一些异曲同工的地方,那就是将事件的进展不断的拖,让焦点一直往错误的方向衍生。 如果这只是马来西亚的问题,我肯定结局的就是不了了之。

可是,世界都在看,无论如何,都不可以让大马的政府就这样带过。我不同意中国的朋友要打压马来西亚的国民,因为一个国航的失误就问罪于全部的马来西亚公民, 这是冲动又不理智的,可能大家对马来西亚的政府在处理这件事故的手法(手段)非常不满。身为马来西亚公民的我,也像你们一样心情与对事件的不满。无奈的,我们做不了什么,太黑暗了,马来西亚人民的声音被灭了。虽然我不认为真相大白了,但是还是要说的是,一架飞机失踪了这么久,做最坏的打算也是一种解脱。



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很久以前,一位好朋友告诉我。 可以用念力来实现你的愿望。


他说只要每天临睡前,用10分钟来想你的愿望,日子久了就会实现了。当初我是半信半疑的。。。 十几年后的现在,回想起来,觉得还是有效!







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Human communicate via different languages, people with good speaking skill tends to in the spotlight.

In today’s topic, I would like to highlight on another skill which is Listening. Communication is 2-way, needless to say, it requires more than one people to start any communication.

A complete communication cycle involve transmit (speak) and receive (listen) . Complete doesn’t mean effective, also an effective communication is not always time-bound, it is depends on how both party interpret and understand the messages.

Most people say speaking skill is very important where it helps to initiate any verbal communication. I agree, in return, I must stress the listening skill is equally important too.

How many times, you’ve met with people who keep saying (instructing) you to do things but refused or failed to accept your feedback? They have good listening capability but they do not want to hear or listen from you. This can be due to many reasons such as social status, corporate ranking, personality, age differences and others. At such, these people often unable to have a very good or smooth relationship with others. Likewise, they are probably not suitable to be a team player.

Listening skill is a gift, you have to equip with a open heart to be able to listen the true voices. Many great leaders are successful because they listen and react accordingly. Many bad leaders failed because they refuse to listen but to keep their direction to the dead end. If Obama didn’t listen the needs of American, do you think he will be able to be the first black president of U.S.A. ?

Frankly, you do not need to react to everything you listen. This is part of the listening skill, some times, it requires more than listening skill to start an action. Well, that would be another topic on how to interpret and understand messages.

Last but no least, I listen to you and I never demand you listen to me. The biggest value of communication is to make one(s) understand the message regardless the language competency of both parties.

I hope you enjoy the reading and discover that being quiet and listen could be the important part of communication.

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