Been a really long time since my last post.

With many things happen in our country and the netizens criticism towards the politicians. I can say, there are nothing new nor surprise.

This is a human behavior… Unity forms by having the same target, the same objective and definitely very much different personal agenda (don’t argue this, we all know Human will not do something for another people without consider the gain from the outcome).

Almost all political leaders including the one(s) who now become the most aggressive “Hero” to defense the nation from being collapsed are once behave like the one who you hate right now. The Hero – he was not a leader previously? During his tenure, he did really good job? Have you start to appreciate that he raised the taxes for imported car so you can drive Proton only? Have you start to feel syukur because he was the one who invented ISA and charge many people with it…

Honestly, things aren’t only happen with this generation. It was inherited like a family business. You thought the government is just started to be so corrupted since 5 years ago? If you have a brain, a functional yet rational thinking, you would not be surprised when shit hit the fan.

Is RM42B very big amount? To date, Malaysia GDP is beyond 1 Trillion (MYR) which is equivalent to 1000B.

Now, you tell me, with 42B is less than 5% GDP for Malaysia, can tumble our nation or even default this corrupted country?! I wonder. I really wonder. If you don’t understand, then I give you an example here. Is 6% GST is killing you now? You are still alive meaning 6% is nothing life threatening nor going to put you into a Financial crisis. Same goes to Malaysia, it is not a very big deal, just that the figure itself looks so sky high for poor people like us… Furthermore,  the 42B is not missing, it transformed to asset because the money was spent to purchase it!

You may argue that they purchase higher than market value. Again, that is dirty but still, legal. Buyer and Seller, You sell I buy. Simple as that. I am a smart consumer, so I seldom buy overpriced stuff unless I really want it!

Honestly, if you have a brain, a really working brain. You must think why all these are being released now but not later or earlier? Why everyone has popcorn in their hands and the new “evidences” pop up 1 by 1 just like the movie plot? Think… who is running the show and what they want? To entertain you? No… they don’t care about you, they want to manipulate you do you do something for them! Got me?

You can still do what you think it will help the country. Again, keep swearing the weakening MYR and slow economy doesn’t help at all. Also, keep sharing unverified posts / article in FB is not much better than swearing. Continue to be a haters will born more haters. I want to UBAH, but how?

If you are educated, read between the lines of each reply on every query. You can see the one who look dumb actually has a brain.

Last but not least, perhaps, you can start to donate RM1 to my bank account so you know my name then you can start to curse me because I made most people looks like a stupid by writing this!




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On March 30, 2014, in Chinese, General | Awareness, by Kok mING



在MH370的事件上,我们也许可以看到了一些异曲同工的地方,那就是将事件的进展不断的拖,让焦点一直往错误的方向衍生。 如果这只是马来西亚的问题,我肯定结局的就是不了了之。

可是,世界都在看,无论如何,都不可以让大马的政府就这样带过。我不同意中国的朋友要打压马来西亚的国民,因为一个国航的失误就问罪于全部的马来西亚公民, 这是冲动又不理智的,可能大家对马来西亚的政府在处理这件事故的手法(手段)非常不满。身为马来西亚公民的我,也像你们一样心情与对事件的不满。无奈的,我们做不了什么,太黑暗了,马来西亚人民的声音被灭了。虽然我不认为真相大白了,但是还是要说的是,一架飞机失踪了这么久,做最坏的打算也是一种解脱。



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