Equality! Fair! Clean and Transparent!

These are the words we used to shout when we are facing with inequality and unfair. Many people understand the meaning of these words but each individual can comprehend it in their own context.

How to define fair? Is it when you are not getting what you “thought” you deserves but you don’t, so it is unfair?

How to define inequality? Is it when you are being treated differently compare to others, so it is inequality?

Country politic is always the subject for inequality and unfair. For example, in Malaysia, the Bumiputra are granted with a lot of benefits and advantages in education, business, financial support and other opportunities to help them to stay competitive. For those who didn’t enjoy the benefits / perks, they protest for equality and fairness. It is all about because you don’t get it then it is unfair and so you have the right to protest against it?

In a corporate world, this happen in much more frequent scenarios accompany by favouritism. Have you ever doubt any decision on promotion by the boss? Have you compare and question on one’s compensation with yours? Why do some people has better table than yours? Why their chairs has arm-rest while yours don’t?

Any reasons for why you aren’t getting the same treatment as your peer? Why there are differentiation since we are all employees of the same organization?

There are no perfect answer for every question. The root cause is you are incapable to get what you deserves! Be it the citizen benefits of your country is granting  or the compensation that your company is offering!

You have every rights to protest, shout and seek for the answer. To rectify it according to your way or not, that is up to the authority, not you! Get real and be very aware of inequality exists, unfair is a norm. All you need to do is to be the part of the group who receiving the goodies! Or you change the authority, simple as that, depending whichever easier to achieve.

I would like to share this meme with you.

It is not about fairness, it is about your ability to get what you deserves!

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