Getting a new job is like having a new love

On March 15, 2011, in English, My work, by Kok mING

I love my job – this is true every time when I got the new one. If you have never work or change a job, it is not  hard to understand too. It is similar to getting a new love. I never say that I hate my ex, but of course, I couldn’t be too greedy to hoard everything… At a time, I can have only one love, I have the responsibility to ensure no disaster due to my decision.

New love always tends to be better and more tender at first. Same goes to new job, you get to enjoy the better pay, benefit or perks which ever satisfy your endless desires…

As time goes on, you will start to discover more and more negative elements of your new love. It start with comparing your ex and the new love… later time, we will manage to forget about the history with ex(s) and start to compare with others. Let the time ticks further, here comes the turning point… “why do other has better love than mine?!”

The above, it may not represent all men thoughts but at least mine. Luckily I got married to my lovely wife so I have to stay loyal and I never need a change.

Fortunately, I do not need to marry my job(or the employer). So I still have my chance to change… Personally, I do not like change, it takes way too much of my time to get a chance. But, sometimes, we goes into a difficult situation, it is like my love wants to stay single but I want to get married. We keep buying time for ourselves to convince other to listen to us. Although we knows it won’t work out but we still try our very best… After a long time, we start to realize that changing each other may not be good because they will no longer be themselves. Then it is the time, we learn and consider about let go the love. Because the directions split path, we have no choice to leave and start a new relationship which hopefully can be long term yet satisfying. And the cycle keep going until you are old enough to stop it.

To whom, you have the same thought, I am happy to be your friend because we share this common feeling. Leave me a comment, if you are keen to discuss or share your point of view.

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7 Responses to Getting a new job is like having a new love

  1. Chris Shayan says:

    I do always believe that change is happening for good. Besides, I always trying to layer my life into following sections: open mind, open heart, and open will [ref:Theory U]. I think we’ve to connect to the source of presence which we need to ask: who is myself? what is my work? Responding to aforementioned questions needs: seeing, sensing, and letting go. As soon as we did it, then we are facing to: letting come, enacting, and embodying. Finally you can perform.
    Besides, I am recommending you to watch this conf:

  2. Yv Fong says:

    it is more relevant to relate job to $ than love

  3. Chris, I do have same believing too. Change is happening for good.

    Fong, I couldn’t relate it. Any help? hehe

  4. Yv Fong says:

    u r not a good pretender 😀

  5. I am too honest to pretend! 😀

  6. Brian says:

    I literally knew about many of this, but with that in mind, I still believed it had been beneficial. Excellent work!

  7. UFC says:

    Interesting article, what blog platform do you use on your www ?

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