Will you join us back in future?

On March 8, 2007, in My work, by Kok mING

Ok… I met some colleagues. They asked me the same question…

Will you join us back in future?

My answer is no. Definitely a big NO NO. I would not do that because as I can tender my position now. It means I has nothing to hope or dream with this career. Even though, I decline this situation but I do open for partnership or joint venture with them. I do not want to work without authority and my own voices! I always believes that I can issue better command compare to them!

You may wonder why I am so confident to give a negative feedback to this question.

Simply because, if I do re-join the company with the same position again. Then, why I have to resign at the first place? It is time-wasting if I retake the same damn job and task. Why should I leave if I wanted to re-join in future? Totally out of the question to ask for re-join.

I don’t even think about counter-offer. Yes, I love money but please spare me a little self-respect. Simply because money cannot buy my career. I would not cheap-sell my career or “time”!

I join with a keen mind and I will leave with a keen mind too! No more no less.


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