Yay! This is a very peaceful day 🙂

Everything goes smoothly, boss didn’t throw in barbarian request. Purchasing did not moan for more XXXX.

It seems everything is quite ok even without 2 people in the MIS now. It is ok! We are getting in more people 😀

After a half month holiday break, I feel RE-fresh! I feel good and enegytic (even though I am sleepless last night).

At the moment, this starting point again!

I just need to clear my mind, focus on the aim and do it with full strenght.

Yes. I feel released because I do not need to care about any bad comment from others anymore! I do not need to worry that these bad comments will spoil my increment or next year bonus!! I simply feel so free to do things! No burden!! I believe I can fly too!!! I am back to someone that I used to be.

Anyway, burden/pressure is always something to push you moving forward so you can improve yourself in order to get over it. A long lasting pressure/burden may cause your mental damage IF you don’t know where to leave it! Yes. I mean LEAVE it behind but not to give up. You gotta move forward by ignoring those obstacles and only come back to it when you have the solution for it.

That’s all for now. I gotta take a nap now… (sleepy…)

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