Dopod 595 selling @ RM 999

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Wow!!! 3G Smart-Phone on promotion now!!! Don’t ever let this chance away if you missed the Dopod 577W promotion!!! Quickly go get a unit of it!

But… let me tell you. It is basically same as my Dopod 577W but without wifi… more ROM and some enhancements.

You refer here for more details!



Photo @ Sungai Besar

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Its show time!

Some Sunset view!



The hotel I stay for night… with other 3 muscular guys…



Wild life!!! but its dead… but those barbarians don’t let them Rest In Peace… 🙁





I know, you know… we all know that I disappeared for a day.

I understand that you miss me so much but I could not help that because the Mangrove @ Sungai Besar needs me! Remember the Sungai Besar ??

Actually not the mangrove, but something related to the it. My boss, Dato’ T.K.M.,  yes! Another TKM! not ktm or mtk/mkt/tmk ok? Let’s get back to the topic.

We have a function … err…. press conference… errr… party…. errrr… holiday? errrr….. I don’t know how to “address” it.

It make up of different news agency / press agency, including RTM (Malaysian TV channel), Astro AEC and others media which I do not really know… I apologise for not remembering it if you are part of them and accidentially found my page…

Ok! Now, I know you are wondering, why this I.T. One-Leg-Kick appear @ Sungai Besar and what is all about the Mangrove!?

I don’t want to explain until you leave a message haha!

I went there… not because of I.T. related matter… errrrr but well… I actually do some I.T. tasks there for example copy photo and vidoe from digital camera and viewcam… help to “click” on presentation… setting up the I.T. equipments for conference …

That’s only minor tasks! Major task is to use the Nikon DSLR cemara to shot down everyone faces… haha… that’s something hard, right? Taken a lot of photo but mostly not interesting… unless you love mangrove and wild life…

Second mission is to be a P.R. haha … ok … P.R. not G.R.O. or gigolo… at least I will not sell my lovely body with the current salary 😛 . We have 5 people… needs to make sure every one is happy… Standing at the hotel front door welcoming the guests, lead them to their room while raining and etc (what you think P.R. will do then multiply it by 200, that the figures you can measure my role as P.R. over there!)

errrr errrrr I am not sure whether I can say it or not but I don’t care! Third mission… is to be a MANGROVE SPECIALIST! haha answer things when people ask… you know… I am the I.T. One-Leg-Kick, how on earth I know Mangrove? ahah…

One disappointment… I still unable to eat any crabs @ the restaurants 🙁 All those reporters got but I dont have 🙁 wuuuu~~~~






Long story short say… at the end, I am still nothing better than a One-Leg-Kick


Douchebag Spotted

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Story start with a external water proof cable piping installation…

Some months ago, we moved into our new premise for smaller space working environment. So you know… everything gotta be move including every network devices. Everything is fine except a external cable is exposed and make the outer side of the concrete wall look likes having a crack line (because the cable is thin and branches from 2 floor to roof-top…). My boss is unhappy with that so he asked the person-in-charge, QS Team (Ms. M and Mr. O), to “beautify” it!

After 2 months of arrangement, they booked a sky-lift to do the job at last! Then the sub-contractor comes happily and re-cabling that damn ugly thing… We chit-chatted some, laugh some, swore some, sacrastic some and etc… 1.5 hours later, the sub-contractor ask me to verify whether the cable is nice enough now! So I ring up to Ms. M for the verification… ok. She is a low level staff as she always think she is… so she cannot give any confirmation. Fine, I asked she to seek her immediate superior,Mr O, to comes over and see it.

You know… I know… they don’t know, the Mr. O refused to come for the final verification as he is the Post Contract Manager where he gotta process, approve, accept or deny any sub-contractor related issues. Its ok dude, I know everybody is busy with job, so I use very very nice and soft sentences to approach Mr. O to make a 2 minutes walk to our premise. After spending 10 minutes.  He finally cannot stand our long winded but soft-voices sentence! He comes… Now… Note here. It is only 2 minutes walk but he needs us to talk with him for 10 minutes for the “invitation” process. Corporate Culture! Ho!

He arrives and comments on the cabling. He is totally disappointed with it. He mention the piping is unable to fully cover the cable and it may creates stains to the wall in future due to exposure to the sun and rain! He commanded me to talk to the sub-contractor for extra painting and silicon pump to make the pipe looks nicer and solid. Ahem… ahem… for fuck sake the sub-contractor rejected my request before I am able to say the full sentences. Mr. O is besides me, the sub-contractor is 50 meters aways. So I suggest Mr. O and the sub-contractor to meet up each other and discuss a win-win solution.


Now, please stop reading if you do not want to see me to show my very good Mal-lish 18+ sentences…


Mr. O straight away says “I don’t want to talk to him, what for I talk to him?!”. WA KAN NIN NA BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU, If you as a senior management is acting like an ass. Do you expect your whole team not to be an ass to the others? You expect ME as the I.T. One-Leg-Kick to paint the pipe for you? You expect the sub-contractor will agree on the out-of-scope requests? Of course, these comments are only appear in my mind. I have no guts to shout it out because I still need the damn job to feed myself! Corporate Culture! Ho!hO!

Mr. O says his second sentence “I don’t know you guys, you have to decide it and do it. The boss will not be happy on this”. Wa wa wa WA KAN KAN KAN KAN KAN NIN NA BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU again and again… Since you know the boss will be unhappy on this work why don’t you voice out your suggestion and help to improve it rather than pushing the burden away but take the compliment credit later? Corporate Culture! Ho!hO!HO!

I am glad the sub-contractor, Mr. L, is kind and helpful enough to walk that 50 meters distance and meet up with Mr. O. Then they have some pushing or “tai-chi” session for some minutes! I just walk aways and go make a immediate call to verified my responsibilities on this task, in order to keep myself safe and steady!

After the phone call, don’t know what they talk. They just agree to leave it as it is! MMMMMAAAAAAHHHHHHAAAAAIIIIIIII you wasted my anger  energy… at the end still come out with no solution on the things that you are disappointed. Fuck it! Why shall I care? You see a problem but you did not attempt to fix it. That’s the style of being a person like you. I really feel ashame… not being shame of im-complete tasks but attitude… totally zero % on responsibilities shown!

I wanted to write here not because of I need a anger management channel. It is just happened to be that I have no-one at home is interested to listen to this…


1. Ask for help when shit happens.

2. Do not volunteer to clean up his very own shit.

3. Ignore the superior advice.

4. Never feedback the actual sitaution clearly.

5. Failed to achieve the targetted result of an urgent task.

6. Go to perform other ir-relevant tasks after saying no time to do the other assigned tasks.

7. Failed to prioritize the given tasks.

8. Unable to complete the assigned job and never feel guilty at all.

9. Posses very own mind-set but failed to impress the superior with results.

10. Unable to see what he/she did wrong.


Maybe some “ways” is overlapping each other but you know what I mean, right?

I do not want to write the full story now. Leave A comment. I will tell you how easy to fail your superiors in 6 hours by applying the 10 ways above!


At the end, I am nothing better than the others

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#### I am not whining ####

#### Read at your own risk ####

#### I warned you ####

After I receive the news of the bonus pay-out for this year.

First in my thought… At the end, I am nothing better than the others

We seek H.R. explanation on the how to judge the rate.  After I know the answer.

First in my thought… The better work you done, the less visible you are

So what you expect me and my team to do? Play games during office hours? Messing around with other department? Write a memo like standard 6 student? Be the after-lunch topic of each department? …I can’t comment much.

I am disappointed by the “value” tag that the company “tagged” on us. (value… I do not MEAN money but… >> VALUE <<)

I must say, the pay-out rate is definitely better than other companies but just my salary is low enough to cry out loud here… it cannot flood my bank account but it is enough for me.

Now, if you think I am to demanding then you are definitely wrong. I deserves it for the hardwork I had done! I am deserves it for being an under-dog for a year! I deserves it for wake up 6:30am and reach home 7:30pm everyday! I deserves it because I am the Ultimate One-Leg-kick!


Yes! Its true!! Its real!!! You are definitely not dreaming now!!!!

Air Asia issues email for member to have 1 day member pre-booking on those free seats!

ok ok… Seeing is believing! Check the screen capture here! 😀



Now you believe? haha. Don’t ask  me where I am heading to… because… because… the Air Asia server is too busy to handle my booking… I am not sure it is booked or not… and the website say do not repeat the booking because it might create double entry/booking = double charges into credit card… sad huh? But I am so optimistic! I BELIEVE I CAN FLY!!

Dudes, get your lazy ass moving now! Book your flight now!! Now 3veryone Can Fly®©™


RHB Bank Phished ?!

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Today… at the early morning. David told me, “hey, RHB Bank got phished!” . First in my thought “Who cares? Not my money!” but a seconds later. My second thought “HOLY SHIT! I still have RM 7.14 in my very private RHB Bank account!!”

Then… I quickly go to check the google and local news website for the news… hm… I could not get any news related to that, so I thought it is only a minor phishing case on David alone. At this point, I switch to my Outlook Express. Oh My GODNESS, I receive at least 20 phishing emails 🙁

Here is it! Have a look…


After that, my anxiety started to hunt me!  You know… RM 7.14 is not a small amount to me! It is equivalent to 1 day of my transportation fee or 2 lunch + 1 soft-drink! I fast fast log in to my RHB Bank online account… hm… bad news. Too long period never login, account went inactive already 🙁

Never mind, the website is so friendly! It has a number to dial for panic support! I called and the customer service is so happy to help me to reactivate my account. Everything goes so smooth unlike TMNET!

Before I say byebye to the customer service. My anxiety forced me to ask her about the phishing email.

After she heard my case, she sound so excited and so serious. Instructed me to delete it immediately and never open or click any link on it~

And she ask me to send a sample for RHB Bank I.T. Departmant to investigate… here… you must wonder… she asked me to delete all phishing emails immediately, but now she is asking me to send a sample to her? Is she trying to test my IQ or she thought I am play play with her? Ok… Since I have more IQ than a computer. Of course I can send a sample to

Oh yeah. I sent. I did my duty as a helpful client 😀 I feel so great after that.

Now, I have to thank you for reading this far. … … This part, I promise you will smile or laugh 😀

After lunch, I check my mail again. Apparently I got an reply from RHB Bank…

See the screen below! 


Those fools! Ask me to send a phishing sample to them but they reject the content… So what is the purpose of asking people to send to you? haha That’s the best security… best practise and no wonder they do not aware of it becuase nothing related to this phishing can reach to their mailbox… Sometimes, when you do something, I really advice you to think twice. Do not act like RHB Bank…

First, ask me to delete but need me to send a sample after that…

Second, ask me to send the sample but reject it…

The sequence is incorrect…

It should be send a sample and delete, receive my email and then only reject others.

The morale of the story! We must know the sequence of every procedure so we will not create any fuckups!



黑椒羊扒 @ Home

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我时常对朋友说我在家是有做饭的, 好像没有人相信。。。 所以这次就拍了照片哦。

2006年的最后一天, 我们在家煮了黑椒羊扒(有沙拉和炒饭哦!)。 看看成品吧!



意大利餐 @ Leo’s

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去年的最后一个星期六, 30-12-2006, 去了Carrefour @ Kepong 里的Leo’s餐厅吃午饭。


我是如何发现这家餐厅的? 哈哈。 就在23-12-2006, 享用完了Bamboo Park的午餐后,我到Carrefour逛逛, 就这样给我看到了这家叫Leo’s的餐厅。 为什么我会进去吃? 当然是因为他有卖特价套餐啦!! 店里还有WIFI! 哈哈 😀

废话少说! 看看图片吧!

点了瓦煲Teriyaki鸡饭和Teriyaki炸鸡扒饭。还有奶茶 [Milk Tea] (。。。 真是抱歉了。。。 这次我忘记了拿收据, 所以食物的名字是凭记忆“幻想”的。。。)

瓦煲Teriyaki鸡饭(RM10.80), 很明显了, 就是有Teriyaki味道的瓦煲鸡饭。 甜甜的口味, 松软的饭粒,香滑的蛋汁, 最适合爱吃软饭的人。。。 哈哈, 就是味道还不错啦! 😀

Teriyaki炸鸡扒饭 (RM12.80), 这更加明显了, 就是炸鸡扒, 饭和Teriyaki酱汁! 甜甜的口味, 充满肉汁的炸鸡和可口的“太阳蛋”。 不错的搭配哦。

以上的套餐,加RM 1 就可以有一杯奶茶 [Milk Tea]了。 不会贵了。

还有GELATO, 就是意大利的爱死吉林 (Ice-cream)啦。 套餐附送的。


我不知道这是不是意大利餐。。。 但是我还是以这个为blog的题目了, 哈哈!

我有烦恼了。。。 这个星期六, 我要吃什么呢?? 你可以介绍吗??

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