Kajang 沙嗲 @ Home

On January 28, 2007, in Life style, Life style | Food, by Kok mING

提起Kajang这个名字, 马来西亚人民都会想起SATAY (沙嗲) 。沙爹很多地方都有, 可能名字不同, 但是味道应该还是一样的好吃吧!

在马来西亚,沙爹可以说是很普遍的小食。。。 以体积来看是小食, 以价格/体积来判断可能比点心贵。 算了吧。 吃了再算!

今天爸妈到kajang,所以顺道打包了一些回来! 现在也有了鱼肉沙爹了!

鱼肉沙爹和鸡肉沙爹是 RM0.60 一串, 羊肉沙爹是 RM0.90 一串。现在的kajang沙爹缩水了, 以前的很大串啊! 唉, 这就是闻名之后的影响吧!

味道还不错,但是肉烤得太熟了, 很硬又难嚼, 很失水准啊! 我都对老板千叮万咛千叮萬嘱了。。。 叫他不要让外劳烤沙爹了!

你今晚想吃沙爹了吗? 打电话约我吧!:-D







Started from 2 to 3 years ago, YTL community keep sending junk to me… opps not junk but their corporate news or advertisement or what-so-ever you want to call that. More-ever it did not give you any link to cancel the so-call “subscription” to this… I believe they have my email address because I submitted my resume for a job application under their organization some years ago… but it is unforgivable for doing this to the innocent ME!

Now, can I sue YTL for some millions of Ringgit Malaysia for “mentally harrassing” me for past 2 to 3 years? …Ok. I think my CEO will support me to fund a lawyer for this legal matter. But please put this aside because some millions of Ringgit Malaysia means nothing to me. Let it be!

Sorry for bragging something nonsense above. I couldn’t control myself at the early morning with the scent of Chinese New Year!

YTL is now offering WiSpot Wireless Broadband Internet Connection @ StarHill for YTL Platinum Plus member! … but then… if you are going to StarHill… you aren’t shopping but surfing? For god sake… why they are so stupid to use this WiSpot Wireless Broadband Internet Connection to promote the Platinum Plus Membership. I am confused. Their marketting department must be fainted by the Chinese New Year mood already? Furthermore, 1 hour WiSpot Wireless Broadband Internet Connection FREE Trial for the Platinum Plus Membership (stated in the email). It means subsequent hours will charge accordingly? … hahah perhaps WiSpot Wireless Broadband Internet Connection is one of the YTL subsidiary?

Next issue, the email “invite” me to upgrade my membership! WOW! How on earth they manage to know I am soon to be rich enough to be a Platinum Plus member while I am having no membership but junk email subscription? haha. This is simply funny because I dont have the online account login name and password for the membership upgrade process. So I could not share it with you here.

Let’s check the junk email!


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