1. Ask for help when shit happens.

2. Do not volunteer to clean up his very own shit.

3. Ignore the superior advice.

4. Never feedback the actual sitaution clearly.

5. Failed to achieve the targetted result of an urgent task.

6. Go to perform other ir-relevant tasks after saying no time to do the other assigned tasks.

7. Failed to prioritize the given tasks.

8. Unable to complete the assigned job and never feel guilty at all.

9. Posses very own mind-set but failed to impress the superior with results.

10. Unable to see what he/she did wrong.


Maybe some “ways” is overlapping each other but you know what I mean, right?

I do not want to write the full story now. Leave A comment. I will tell you how easy to fail your superiors in 6 hours by applying the 10 ways above!


At the end, I am nothing better than the others

On January 11, 2007, in My work, by Kok mING

#### I am not whining ####

#### Read at your own risk ####

#### I warned you ####

After I receive the news of the bonus pay-out for this year.

First in my thought… At the end, I am nothing better than the others

We seek H.R. explanation on the how to judge the rate.  After I know the answer.

First in my thought… The better work you done, the less visible you are

So what you expect me and my team to do? Play games during office hours? Messing around with other department? Write a memo like standard 6 student? Be the after-lunch topic of each department? …I can’t comment much.

I am disappointed by the “value” tag that the company “tagged” on us. (value… I do not MEAN money but… >> VALUE <<)

I must say, the pay-out rate is definitely better than other companies but just my salary is low enough to cry out loud here… it cannot flood my bank account but it is enough for me.

Now, if you think I am to demanding then you are definitely wrong. I deserves it for the hardwork I had done! I am deserves it for being an under-dog for a year! I deserves it for wake up 6:30am and reach home 7:30pm everyday! I deserves it because I am the Ultimate One-Leg-kick!

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