I know, you know… we all know that I disappeared for a day.

I understand that you miss me so much but I could not help that because the Mangrove @ Sungai Besar needs me! Remember the Sungai Besar ??

Actually not the mangrove, but something related to the it. My boss, Dato’ T.K.M.,  yes! Another TKM! not ktm or mtk/mkt/tmk ok? Let’s get back to the topic.

We have a function … err…. press conference… errr… party…. errrr… holiday? errrr….. I don’t know how to “address” it.

It make up of different news agency / press agency, including RTM (Malaysian TV channel), Astro AEC and others media which I do not really know… I apologise for not remembering it if you are part of them and accidentially found my page…

Ok! Now, I know you are wondering, why this I.T. One-Leg-Kick appear @ Sungai Besar and what is all about the Mangrove!?

I don’t want to explain until you leave a message haha!

I went there… not because of I.T. related matter… errrrr but well… I actually do some I.T. tasks there for example copy photo and vidoe from digital camera and viewcam… help to “click” on presentation… setting up the I.T. equipments for conference …

That’s only minor tasks! Major task is to use the Nikon DSLR cemara to shot down everyone faces… haha… that’s something hard, right? Taken a lot of photo but mostly not interesting… unless you love mangrove and wild life…

Second mission is to be a P.R. haha … ok … P.R. not G.R.O. or gigolo… at least I will not sell my lovely body with the current salary 😛 . We have 5 people… needs to make sure every one is happy… Standing at the hotel front door welcoming the guests, lead them to their room while raining and etc (what you think P.R. will do then multiply it by 200, that the figures you can measure my role as P.R. over there!)

errrr errrrr I am not sure whether I can say it or not but I don’t care! Third mission… is to be a MANGROVE SPECIALIST! haha answer things when people ask… you know… I am the I.T. One-Leg-Kick, how on earth I know Mangrove? ahah…

One disappointment… I still unable to eat any crabs @ the restaurants 🙁 All those reporters got but I dont have 🙁 wuuuu~~~~






Long story short say… at the end, I am still nothing better than a One-Leg-Kick

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