Just had my second farewell lunch with colleagues at Yuzu Japanese Restaurant in KLCC. It was a satisfying lunch. Yeah! When you get to enjoy good food without spending your own money. That’s double satisfying! Thank you Andy and Shin Shin! :xd:

The restaurant is serving good quality japanese food. You must be shouting that I am crazy for still eating japanese food after the power plant explosion… …

I have no comment on the environment or interior design for Yuzu.

I’d give very high score for the food served! Although the price tag is a little higher than the usual but it worth the pay!

I ordered a Unagi Gozen set woth Rm48 and look at it. It worth the price, at least it stuffed me well! :hahaha:

The Unagi serves on top of hot stone with sizzling sounds when it arrive in front of it! It definitely sounds very tasty! One thing to note that the fresh wasabi taste sweet!

While I am had unagi, Andy and Shin Shin order saba fish set lunch. It taste good too.


I will bring my wife and visit this restaurant for the unagi~

Here with the details of the restaurant.

Restaurant: Yuzu Japanese Restaurant
Address: Suria KLCC, Ramlee Mall, 4th Floor.
Tel: 603-2161 4176
Fax: 603-2161 4169
Business Hours: 11.30 am to 10.00 pm


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    Thanks Moises.

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