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On March 6, 2011, in English, General, Site, Site | Announcement, by Kok mING

Finally, my blog is back to business!

This blog was forcefully shut down by my previous webhost due to DDOS attack… and I don’t understand why they have to put the blames to my blog. I am not the one who launch the attack and innocent… Furthermore, as a customer, I offered my expertise to help them but they still choose to kick me out from their server. Brilliant – I like it!

After some searching and comparison, I landed in This webhost is 75% cheaper than my previous host. Although I selected the lowest package (RM20/year) but the admin/support is still very fast in responding my email. He deserves a credit here! Since the hosting cost dropped drastically, financially, the life time of this blog is extended triple!!! Smile

I’ve joined the WordPress community too… If you noticed, previously I was running on dasBlog – an ASP.NET blog engine. Since Linux hosting is cheaper and WordPress is so much more mature engine, so I switched. The conversion took like 1 hours to complete, I saved my posts and your comments during the conversion too!

Generally, I’ve got the blog up and running with nice theme, ads unit and Google Analytics.

Leave me a comment if you find anything missing or incorrect.

That’s all for now.


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