Hey folks! I’m back with the PC FAIR Booth Babes. After some months of waiting and its back! (Get some flashback here.)

This PC Fair is awesome! A lot of photographers, bloggers and  amateur a.k.a. me are there to enjoy the PC Fair atmosphere!

I have to say, this round, more lovable pretty+hot babes. You must go if you haven’t!

Let’s not waste our life.

Show time!! :xd:

Right before the first entrance, 2 sweet Lenovo girls smiling to us. This is from OKI with Japanese costume. I liked the girl on the left hand side. Big eyes sweet smile. They are from P! WiMAX.


Wow! This can be a wall paper! Simply gorgeous and lovely! Good job from Panasonic Lumix Booth! Ohhhh… Samsung Mobile…  Why not face to my camera… 😥 Okay… Nurses from Kaspersky. They are everywhere. Haha!


This is Sony Vaio. As usual, good pick on booth babe! They looks great! She is from Acer. Nice smiling. Acer again~~ Liked the girl on left hand side too. Haha! What’s wrong with me? All left…


She is from HP. Looks corporate? Very friendly babe from BenQ. Haha! I liked this pose. Acer’s booth babes are everywhere too!


She is from MyCNX.com (online game company). Looks Hot! Wow! We are just in time to catch all! :hahaha: Wuahahaha! Feeling lucky today? :goodjob:


HTC babes! Looks cool. Perhaps too tired? HTC Babes too! They are with great smiles! Gigabyte.


Angel?! From PC.COM.(They are running great promotion!) Nice post! Sony Camera booth. Haha. To take her photo, rounded the booth twice… Buddy want to take her photo~


Wuahahaha! Right before we left, they show up! Of course, without second thought, I ran up on stage for photo. :xd: The girl is very very good looking! Microsoft! Looks mature but OK!


Nurses gang! Hahah. Just for your laughter! WTF?! Reach there around 11:30AM. Already “people mountain people sea!”


To be frank, I walked 3 hours inside KLCC. But worth it! I enjoy it and bought some cheap stuffs too! If you were there, I do hope you have the same or greater experience than me!

That’s all for now.

Happy commenting!

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