While I were organizing some photos for a new Japanese food blog. JobsDB.com daily job alert arrives into my mailbox. I checked some, discovered that is a Sales Manager post… I clicked into in and found this Waterboss Job Advertisement.


I am speechless when I see it… It stated in BOLD, Fresh graduates/Entry level applicants are encouraged to apply. ” . After I regain my conscious, I yelled “Kanasai” loudly in my brainless mind!

Elllooooo! Come on folks! Since when a manager or senior level of position is applicable by the fresh graduated and entry level of applicants? Please tell me this is a joke not a job!

Judging from the advertisement, definitely this company has a not-so-bright HR or they do give “chances” to every people who needs a job!

A Job Portal such as JobsDB.com, I urge you to re-consider about posting this kind of shit for the sake of money! You are putting the job market into a crisis. Not to forget, you totally trashed your reputation as a competitor to JobStreet.com. Spamming the market with this kind of advertisement is not going anywhere good. Certain level of quality measurement should be in place while posting jobs! Sooner or later, I can see some scam organizations looking for fresh graduates to be CEO of some companies!

The market is not good and the Job portal polluted it even worst!

To be honest, JobsDB.com is never be my choice of looking for jobs. As know, it has just confirmed that my decision is right! The job advertisements posted there are too sucks to read!


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