HAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH  <– This is my first reaction after I read the last sentence of this job advertisement… :xd:

I was lurking in Jobstreet.com after a dotA session with 3 insanely made human. :faint:

This vacancy catches my attention. At first, I thought Mid Valley is hiring. Opps! After reading it again, Mind Valley it is! It really grabbed my eyes for reading it. It is definitely not a boring advertisement, I would vote it if Jobstreet.com launch the best job advertisement competition.

What makes me blog this?  Definitely not the last sentence of this advertisement! Trust me! It is not!! okay?

I browse into their website, http://www.mindvalley.com/. Hell! I see funny stuffs like inspiring sentences and how they values professionals. Of course, they are tough in people selection, I think! :glass:

Anyway, I do not have what it takes to click the “Apply” button for this advertisement. :smoker:

Yah… I don’t simply apply jobs but I am not choosy, ok?! Please don’t start the “Kok mING is very choosy about jobs” war with me… I am saving your life because I can kill you in seconds just with my speech! Thank you very much!

It attracted me. As a job seeker, I would love to see others getting a job like this too. So, let’s spread this for them a bit!


Happy Job Seeking!!

Advertised: 23-7-07 | Closing Date: 21-8-07.


Database Engineer for American Startup Developing New Web Technologies
(Kuala Lumpur – KL Sentral)


We don’t care if you already have a job, have made your first million or happen to be several time zones out of KL – if you’re the type of database engineer that truly considers yourself brilliant and one-of-a-kind — drop whatever else you’re doing, read this job description and send us a resume.

Do You…

Consider SQL your “second-language”?

Get so addicted to a programming project that you went 2 days without sleeping?

Get complaints from your family that you spend way too much time on the Internet?

Let relational databases get in the way of real-life relationships?

Consider your indices and ER diagrams artistic works that merit framing?

Stay up late at night trying to mentally reverse engineer the Databases for Facebook or Flickr?

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above – we’d love to meet you.

Why MindValley?

We’re an American company that moved to KL 2 years ago and have become known for our unique job culture, high profitability, hot products and our ability to attract the best brightest minds from around the world to come work for us.

At MindValley we invent and spin-off cool, new web applications. We pride ourselves in being a self-funded, Edison-style laboratory fueled by bright minds. Our creativity and business style allows us to attract talented people from around the world. Our company is 30% Malaysian, 20% American and the rest includes people from Finland, Belgium, Estonia, Poland, UK, Canada and other countries.

We’re a small team with some pretty big goals and even bigger ambitions..


At our lab you’ll be responsible for working on our latest suite of Web 2.0 applications including SocialRank and BlinkList. We’re experimenting with inventing entirely new applications and re-inventing old products into shiny new cutting edge tools.

Our weapons of choice are PHP, MySQL and Ajax and we apply a lot of code re-use and best practices from the Web 2.0 community.

The ideal candidate will have strong ER-modeling, database design, object oriented analysis and object oriented programming skills. Strong experience on MySQL and solid PHP and Java programming skills.

Everything else can be learned.

Skills Preferred – If you have these you are a great match.

XHTML, XML, Web Design, Advanced Database Design, Advanced SQL Knowledge, Object Oriented Javascript

Optional Skills – these will improve your odds of being accepted.

UI Design, Perl, Python, Knowledge of Google and Amazon.com APIs, Advanced CSS Skills, Knowledge of Testing Methodology, Framework Development and Improvement

Are You a Match for MindValley?

The ideal candidate has a combination of these five personality traits:

1. Intense Drive and Ambition.

2. High Creativity and the Mind of an Inventor.

3. A Desire to Change the World by Creating Products That Will Better the Lives of Millions

4. Strong Skills in Database Design

5. Intense Drive to Learn New Skills

You gain bonus points if any of the following describes you:

1. You’ve written your own internet or desktop apps and shared this on the Web with the General Public.

2. You have made money through your website, through selling your own internet apps or through your own IT related consulting business.

3. You constantly check out new internet startups, mashups, and blogs to learn about the latest web and database engineering tools and hacks.

4. You were considered one of the brightest kids in High School/University.

5. You speak fluent English.

6. You look at websites and think “this sucks, their DB design is horrible, I could re-design this to make it much faster and far more scalable”.

7. You love challenging authority, are not afraid to question your boss and look down on average programmers.

8. You hate traditional workplaces and wonder why Malaysian companies can’t treat their employees the way Google or Yahoo does.

We don’t care about your field of study, grades, age or work experience as long as you’re a brilliant coder, hyper creative and a team player.

You must speak English – fluently. No other languages needed.

Your Perks

If you make our team, we’ll provide you a high-end laptop you can take home, a dedicated server, all the sugary, caffeinated beverages you need, a docking bay for your iPod and a beautiful office. You’ll work in a Silicon Valley style environment with amazing people from around the world, and help us build the next great Internet business. And that’s not to mention the free food, dinners in 6-star hotels, paid-for Island retreats, parties at Luna Bar and the other fun events that MindValley regularly organizes for its crew.

We’ll also pay you competitively plus grant you stock options.

This is the job database engineers dream about.

Upgrade Your Life and Join MindValley.

Need More Reasons to Quit Your Current Job and Work for Us?

Here’s Top 10 Reasons to Be Part of MindValley.

1. Freedom: We understand that brilliant people hate rules and shackles and desire the freedom to do their work, in their way. We let you create your own work hours as long as they are fine with your team mates.

2. Thinking BIG!: We’re not aiming to create an email software, we’re aiming to create the biggest revolution in email since Gmail. We’re not content with creating blogging tools, we aim to create the World’s first “intelligent” blog. When we build an e-commerce site, we aim to put it in the top 1% of sites for performance rates. We aim to be as influential in improving people’s lives through technology as Yahoo, Google or Apple. We love Big, Scary, Audacious Goals. Many people say we’re nuts. We consider this a compliment.

3. Profitability: We’re fully profitable, and continue to see our profits grow by at least 100% year-to-year.

4. Great People: We hire only the best. For a typical position we shift through 100 resumes and interview at least 10 people. Make it in, and you’ll be working with some of the best minds in the business. We understand that “A” people attract “A” people.

5. Treats: We treat our employees well. This includes occasional concert tickets, Starbucks coffee, dinners and drinks and parties. In the last quarter we’ve tossed company parties in Luna Bar, taken our whole team to first Tioman then Redang and rewarded employees with trips to Bali. Our founders have worked at Microsoft and eBay and believe in the Silicon Valley model of treating Great People (see #4) in Great Ways.

6. Creativity: We let you spend 15% of your time each week working on your own projects or inventions. If your project is successful, we’ll help you launch it. We’ve modeled this after Google and 3M’s style of nurturing creativity within the organization.

7. Stability: We’ve never taken a drop of investment and so have no investors to pull the plug on us. Our business also spans multiple industries such as internet marketing, product development, publishing and coding. This protects us from short term market trends in any one industry.

8. Fun: We put the “Fun” in “Business Fundamentals”. Don’t get us wrong – we’re a disciplined, well-oiled engine of growth. But we believe that business should be fun and people should look forward to going to work each day.

9. Idealism: 100% of our employees have spent significant time volunteering or working for non-profits. We started this business to change the world. As a result, we will devote our time and attention to causes that may not
bring in short term profits, but may result in positive social change.

10. Entrepreneurship: We understand that great people dream of starting their own companies. We help you attain this dream. We provide training and mentorship to help you grow. We do not require any employees to sign a bonding
contract (we find this practice ridiculous). Simply, put, you’re free to learn from us and then move on when you’re ready and start your own business – with our blessings. We respect entrepreneurship.

How to Apply

To apply, submit your resume and cover letter via JobStreet.com.

To improve your odds of being accepted, answer the following in your cover letter.

1. Why do you think MindValley is a Good Match for You.

2. Why do you consider yourself a Brilliant Web Developer and Database Engineer? (don’t be modest now).

Qualified candidates will be contacted for interviews.

We look forward to receiving applications from qualified Candidates.

Vishen M Lakhiani

Co-Founder and Director

PS – if you find this ad funny, interesting or unusual, please help us spread the word by posting this on your blog or website and emailing your friends about this position. We’ll love you to bits and you just might help someone find a dream job.


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