In case you do not understand Melayu language… I make a little translations for you in order to show my mercy to you!

This SMS stated that I won 11,000 Ringgit Malaysia from MAXIS . Who the hell is MAXIS? … It is a well-known mobile service provider in Malaysia…


Now, you see. This is a very great news for a unemployed, home alone, jobless and Hikikomori (Chinese version) wannabe! RM 11,000. Can pay my house installment for more than 6 months! Can get a brand new VIVA (installment for 2 years) or can buy a lot of KFC already! Wooohooo!!! The god is showing his mercy to me. Thank you very much my god! I really appreciate that!

Wait…. wait… wait!! Why I have to call 006281388573567 in order to contact MAXIS? Shouldn’t be dialing 100 or 103 from my mobile phone will reach MAXIS customer service in a blink of eye? … Ohhh shit! Something fishy… damn smelly fish… I should have notice since this! Why I am soooo stupid?! The reason that I have to call MAXIS with an Indonesia number is because MAXIS establish its new communication center there! So instead of spending millions of Ringgit to advertise this! They are giving cash check to the lucky one (ME / Kok mING) . Holy shit! It sound soooooooo logic and acceptable. I am glad that I am a MAXIS subscriber!


Haha. Ok. I know this is a fraud. Definitely a fraud. All the sentences that I wrote above is just to make you believe that I am stupid so you will take out your money and donate it to me! :-p 

Come on. It is obvious… Why MAXIS will send this kind of message to me? RM 11,000 … Perhaps for MAXIS is like a dust but not a small amount for normal people. Why it will choose to SMS the winner ? Why not telephone or advertise it in the newspaper for more publicity? I would advise you to ignore this kind of message and move on with your life and I continue to be a Hikikomori wannabe…

Last words from me. Never trust any SMS because it is just plain text, evil-minded guys can interpersonal anyone to conduct malicious business. Always remember, this world has no free lunch… if it does exist! Tell Kok mING first, he would taste the first spoon for you!! hahaha!!

That’s all for now. I am going out for a hair cut 😀

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