Movie Wednesday? Cheaper ticket price? I asked a lot of people in my MSN on whether or not they know about this -> cheaper ticket price on Wednesday… It is soooooo sad because none of them knows it is only RM6 / ticket @ Wednesday for TGV cinemas! :coldsweat: Opps… sorry, perhaps they are too rich to know. After all, I am the only poor bastard living inside a cage who needs discount! :cryrun:

Ok… during my ticket price search! I bumped into a Transformers contest! Free contest and I don’t know what it will gives to the winner. Of course, I joined! :xd:

It is a crossword puzzle or something like that… I don’t know what it call anyway, paisehhhhhh :shy:

Immediately, I give my friend Google a call! :bingo: Of course seeking for his help! He is sooooo reliable and never fail me! :38moe: So, I got the answer with me! If you intended to join the contest. Be sure that you refer to the answers below. I throw no guarantee on these answers. 😎 Use it at your own risk!


1. The Autobots and the Decepticons, the two races of robotic aliens have waged a war against the universe.

2. What stands between the evil Decepticons and ultimate power is a clue held by Sam Witwicky .

3. Sam and his friend Mikaela end in a tug of war between the Autobots and Decepticons.

4. Shia LaBeouf plays the role of Sam Witwicky in Transformers.

5. The autobot which guards Sam Witwicky is Bumblebee .

6. Michael Bay is the Director of Transformers.

7. The Transformers combo set which is sold at TGV Cinemas is priced at RM10.90.


Happy Contesting!


One Response to TGV Transformers Contest

  1. Kok mING says:

    I almost miss the show…
    I went to purchase the movie tickets. I queue, I wait, I move and I stand in front of the ticket counter. The malay lady told me… 4 tickets left! How many you want?

    Almost 2 weeks this Transformers roaming in Malaysia… and now still selling hot??!!

    Holy shit! Since when Kepong Jusco Cinema is so "laku" ?! Who the hella says cinema business drop because of Pirated VCD/DVD?!

    Ok lah. I got the tickets. Heh heh heh!

    Here I come, Transformers!!

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