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Hey folks! I am back with the food——blog again.

Few weeks ago(during March 2010), a Swedish guest brought us to Gaucho Grill for some western food! Yeah, the guest paid for the food :hahaha: It sounds illogic right? But that’s how thing happen…

At least, I know this is a pricey restaurant. For myself, I dare not to go there if I want to have a value meal.

The restaurant is serving Argentina food, as you can see from the dishes with Argentina flag. Must be a very patriotic owner! :goodjob:

The interior of the restaurant itself is not very attractive, I find it is too dark or perhaps it just not my type of design :shy:



This can be the most expensive nachos that i had ever tried. RM20/set … We ordered two sets as appetizer.

The notable part is the cheese and dressing, it makes the nachos more tasty!



My colleagues order the medium rare rib-eye. It price at RM65 or RM68… I did not taste it so I could not tell you more about it. But from the bloody plate after the meal, I can tell you that was really medium rare!! :hahaha:


This is my order grill lamb! Price at RM75!! Yeah… you see it right! RM75! What a pricey lamb…

The meat was well done, not tough to chew. The taste has nothing special … or perhaps… this is not my type of food. LoL.



This restaurant is located @ Chulan Square. Opposite of the Pavilion. If you have some extra money, why not try it?! After all, not much authentic Argentina food that you can find in KL.


After the meal, we went up to Ampang Look Out Point for another round of drinks and some photo. At least we bring the guest to have a KL night view as the return of pricey dinner. Again, he paid for the drinks too… :ohoho1:


** Photos were taken with Ixus 75 because I were too lazy to tag along my 450D. Forgive my shaky hands, really too long never hold the small machine… 😛

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