TOTO-PMP-Magnum,What is the next NUMBER!?

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Aha! Perhaps a wrong topic for today. It is because most of my readers are female… Perhaps they do not bet any of the above games 🙂

Anyway, I do not want to blog on how to diet until you leave enough message to me. Haha!! Come on lah… make my blog more lively, ok? Else very soon we will have to say byebye ah… 🙁

Ok… Now back to the business. I am currently working on a program which can gather the past results/drawings of TOTO, PMP(Damacai) and Magnum. The program shall tell you some basic analysis about the data gathered. For example, the occurrence of some combination of 4 digits during past years.

*blink* *Blink* I saw someone eye open wide now 😛 You wanted to know how often the number you are betting draw out in the history of these games? Haha. Comes. Leave your comment! I mean comment, not MSN message! I shall reply you here with the occurrences:D

Below is the sample. He he he


Numbers Occurrences Numbers Occurrences Numbers Occurrences
1347 243 0249 187 1246 164
0237 238 0159 181 0689 161
1247 234 0239 180 3489 161
2479 234 0129 178 4589 161
0178 232 0468 178 2458 160
4789 232 3578 177 1268 160
0147 230 0789 176 2369 160
1458 228 0357 176 1368 159
1789 227 0567 175 0147 158
1578 226 2478 174 0149 157
1349 226 1378 174 0389 157
1248 224 4589 174 1348 157
2457 224 2489 173 0148 157
1459 223 2367 173 1239 156
5789 222 1245 173 2356 156
2789 220 0134 172 0359 155
0589 220 1358 172 1349 155
2358 220 4678 172 1259 155
3467 219 3589 171 0357 155
0268 219 5678 170 0124 153

Some explanations for the above table. Numbers is the 4 digits that you bet, the occurrence is how many times its occur in history of each game 🙂

For example, Magnum 1347 has 243 occurrence . It means in the history of Magnum results/drawings. These 4 digits 1347 has occur 243 times. Not to confuse you, the occurrence of each number do not mean a direct or perfect match. This 1347 maybe 1437 or 7431 or 7314 or 4317 or 3417 when it appear in the history.

To summarize it, the number 1347 has 24 combinations and it occured in the history for 243 times. Understand? hehe Perhaps it is hard to understand but it gets easy if you have the experience of betting :-p haha. If you dont understand, you might watch a Singaporean movie name “Money Not Enough”!


I checked my last 4 digits of my IC number with Magnum history result… Aiyeh! It only appear 12 times(direct/perfect match) from Year 1985 until Year 2007. See… If I bet since year 1985… I will be a beggar now… haha!

I will continue enhance the program, perhaps I will release it out if I see it is a great interests for you guys 😀

Please remember Kok mING never encourage betting or gambling… NEVER!



I have nothing to blog… really… but could not say nothing at all. I just do not know what and how to share with you… Anyway, perhaps I should write something funny to entertain you 🙂 So you will come back often!!

10 things I hate about you, ok? … … which? what? why? I hate you!?  You hate me?!

Don’t be mad, ok? It is all about my past experiences on how girls reject me after some days of dating  shopping? fetching? partying or what-so-ever you can think that a girl can do with you during day time 🙂 . I believe that normal guys will start asking the girl to “acknowledge” the relationship status after some days of dating if nothing worst happen. Perhaps you are too handsome to be rejected else… you must raise this question.

To be frank with you, I noticed that girls do not like guys to ask “Am I your boy friendf?”, “We are couple now?”, “Can I say that you are my girl friend?” and etc… But when I was young, I love to ask these questions because … you know -> Lack of confidence <- . As time goes on, asking this kind of questions is like ending the relationship by myself… Haha! It is because the girls will feel frustrated / annoyed / pressured if guys keep asking…

I never think it is very hard to give a clear and straight-to-the-point answer. Perhaps some girls are just born to be playful… Anyway, I am not going to discuss with you on how girl’s thinking about guys. I want to share with you is the 10 lamest reasons for a girls to reject a boy after some datings! Remember the key phrase… “after some datings”


10 lamest reasons for a girl to reject a boy

1. I know you are nice and suitable to me but I still cannot forget about my ex…

2. You are such a nice guy but I am not a good girl for you…

3. You looks so cute but I am looking for someone that is macho, tall and handsome as Nicholas Tse or F4 or Takeshi Kaneshiro or Tom Cruise!

4. You know? You are the best guy I met. But I am not ready to have a serious relationship but I don’t want you to feel bad. Can you continue to take care on me until I am ready?

5. We don’t have the “click”/”flip”/”tick”/or what-so-ever you like to use for connecting the relationship between us.

6. I treated you like my brother, we cant fall in love on each other, you understand?

7. I wish I can be with you but I am currently having a relationship or loving someone without his knowledge… or my ex still after me!

8. I know you too much already so we cant be lover…

9. You born in year 1979…

10. You are FAT


Haha. I have more but the most notable are listed above… If you have more reasons, please leave a comment to share with us! 😀



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今天,去染发了。。。 哈哈!你不要说了。。。 我知道你想说:“失业了, 还有多余的钱用来染发,不错哦~” 

这次的染发是免费的!! 哇哈哈哈哈!! 你一定有想说:“Kok mING, 就是这样的si beh 好命,常常碰到免费的kang tao” 。

呵呵~~ 不是我不想和你分享。。。 可是,你们又有多少位可以在办公时间出来染发?又有哪个一秒钟上下几百万的朋友可以抽到时间来接受这些免费的东西呢? 虽然世界上有很多免费的东西。。。 但是你也要有心去接受才可以的。。。 更何况我是去当“tester”的。。。

呵呵。 要谢谢我的好朋友,Cass, 和帮我染发的Jane了。 毕竟是免费的。。。 所以要卖卖广告啦。。。  😀

头发是棕色的。。。 但是不知道为什么看起来像棕红色。。。 可能是灯光的关系吧! 我还是一样的好看吧?


其实在很早之前我就想把这篇blog 写出来了。无奈的是我非常地懒惰。 哈哈!!看会以前的照片, 真的觉得自己的改变。。。 从里到外的改变。

  28 年前的某一天。。。 我来到了这个美丽的世界。 呵呵!我的眼睛从出生开始就是大大的啊!!
 40KG 哇!! 这个胖小子好好笑容哦  :-p
 60KG 时光飞逝。。。 转眼间, 这个胖小孩已近长大了。。。
  68KG 哈哈!! 18岁, 考SPM时。。。 我自己看了也不会觉得是我。。。 哈哈! 


哇!!! 这张经典了啦!! 
WANTED!!! DEAD OR ALIVE !!! 十足杀人犯。。。

还记得那时候超向往谈恋爱的。。。 可悲啊!

不自量力也要有个限度啊。。。 没有女生要看我啦。。。 :~(


21岁,生日!成为大人了哦。。。 哈哈!!越来越胖了。。。

那时候的名言是。。。 吃的是福!!

最胖的体重是85KG。。。 可惜没有拍到照片!!

悲哀的是。。。没有女人缘啊~~ 名副其实的“女见愁” 。。。


哦。。。。 22岁。。。 开始瘦了。。。 发奋减肥啊!!

 没有女孩要胖胖的男友吧?用了半年的时间, 从85KG 减到58KG!!


一直都要减肥。。。 就是没有推动力。。。



College Diploma 毕业了。 虽然瘦了身体但是脸还是圆圆的 😀

这是第一份工作。。。 在办公室里用webcam snap的。

 有点像基佬? 哈哈!!


哇哈哈哈哈! 你相信脱胎换骨? 有丑小鸭变天鹅的真人传说吗?

我不敢说我是, 可是你可以看见我的改变!我的蜕变!!又肥仔变靓仔!!!

不是体重而已。。。 连皮肤也变得好了!


  这个是去年用webcam 在公司snap的。。。 像成功人士吗?呵呵~~


我将我的瘦身经历写出来, 并不是想炫耀。我是想让每个人都知道, 人人都可以英俊美丽的。 我没有用半分钱就减肥成功了。。。

要发光发亮全在于你的决心!!无疑的是, 决心是要时间酝酿的但是要坚持!! 没有坚持,永远都不会成功!!

有很多人会说,这餐吃多点,明天吃少点啦。。。 我敢保证这样的人一定减肥失败的。因为他们不够毅力!! 摆脱不了食欲的呼唤。

我可以和你说。。。 现在的我,也非常有女人缘了。。。 可是我并不觉得这是什么值得宣扬的事情。。。

人人都在注重外表。。。 其实外在美是为了内在美而存在的。。。 以貌取人是肤浅的。。。

我曾经肤浅过。。。 也因为肥胖而被取笑,没有自信。 可是肥胖不是一个让你放弃自己的原因!

瘦身成功的收获是什么? 不用多想的是, 100% 的自信心! 有了勇气面对很多人, 不是因为不再肥胖。。。

是因为在整个过程里, 我发现了, 其实一切都是自己的心魔作祟!往往你越注重别人对你的看法, 你就越会迷失自己。



Long time ago, I would like to blog about this… unfortunately I am a total lazy bastard 😛 haha! Looking into the past photo… I realised the changes… from inside out!



28 years ago. A fine day! I come to this beautiful world. Hehe. My eyes is big since I am born! 

 40KG Wah!! This little fatty has great smilling 😛

Time goes fast… Blink of eye, this fatty is growing up!


Haha! 18 years old, photo during SPM, I look at it also cannot believe he is me…

  Photo taken during Post-SPM gathering!

WOW!!! This is classic!!


I still remember at that time, hope to have a lover but sadly… none willing to response 🙁

haha… really speechless now 😛


21 years old! BDAY!! Becoming an adult! Yay!! haha getting fatter… Eat too much 😛

The heaviest weight is 85 KG but no photo taken… aih… can’t show you …


22 years old! Getting slimmer!! Want to be SLIMMMMMMMMM! not STEAM, ok? 😛

No girls like fatty boy friend… so I spend half year to loss weight from 85KG to 58KG.

I did this NOT because of girl… I just want to be more attractive hahah At the end.. still girls! 

Wanted to loss weight but just has no motivation until this age… realise that nothing can be changed if we do not make the first move by ourself!!  

College Diploma graduation. Although body is slimmer but the face still leaving me some baby fat 😀

Taken with webcam during my first job… inside office!

looks like a gay? Hell No! I am not!!


Wuahahahah! You believe miracle?

I don’t mean to be proud but you can see my changes… it happens! It just happens! Man! can you feel it?

  This is snapped last year with web cam too… looks like a successful business man? haha!


I wrote this blog, it not to be advertise my success story. I would like to let my readers know that every one can be handsome and pretty. I did not spend even a single cent to achieve my weight loss target…

To become handsome or beauty. It is depends on yourself. If you believe you can do it then you can! If you think you can, you can! Let me remind you, besides thinking, you will need ACTION to compliment it!! ok?!

Never ever lost yourself. Must set your aim and maintain it. You can loss weight and gain weight in very short time. To maintain the weight is definitely a hardest thing to do…

Now, I own the attraction that I wanted… but this is not something to be proud with… Everyone is just too emphasize on the outlook appearance. They never realise that the outlook appearance is existed to compliment the inner beauty of each person….

I had been one of them before. I got laugh and tease by others due to my fatty looking and lost confidence… but that is not the reason for you to give up yourself! ok?!

I would like to share with you. The most valuable gain during the weight loss process and period is… 100% of confidence!! 

I gain my confidence not because I am good looking now. It is because I notice that previously I have no confidence because I am too emphasize on outlook appearance… I fooled by myself…

I spent my time to look into my inner-self. I reached my destiny! and what’s about you?



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以上是我的好兄弟的毕业照。。。 我当他是弟弟一般的。 他比我小1.5岁, 可是他和我是中学的同班同学(应该有15年的交情了)。。。 今年他凭着奖学金的支持下,在东京大学毕业了!哈哈!! 作为兄弟的也觉得光彩啊! 😀

我想说的不是“比较”,而是命运与机会的际遇和交错。 我们都是从一样的地方出来。 受一样的教育, 被灌输一样的知识。。。

他曾经是UTM的毕业生。现在更是东大毕业生。 前途无限啊!

我在学院毕业, 拥有几张技术文凭, 现在更是社会大学的失业生。 前途茫茫啊!

哈哈哈! 我并不是在埋怨人生。。。 我要说的是, 每个人都会因为自己的抉择而得到相等的回报。

现在,我刚刚完成了Http:// 的基础。 没有任何的收入, 失业将近1个月,没有面试的电话,不停的发求职信。。。 我不会觉得难过啦。。。 反而是我的朋友们都在替我的生活担心。 谢谢你们了。 你们也不需要常常问我如何过日子啊。 要就送钱给我更为实际啊! 哈哈!! 开玩笑啦。。。 我只是要告诉你们我是OK的。

就像我的东大出来的兄弟, 他也是为了在日本生活而拼命的干活啊! 大家都是一样的。。。 所以我也没有浪费时间,开始搞网站了。 我是觉得有利可图啦。。。 可能你们都认为壮阳的药物都是不切实际的。。。 可是它的市场还是很大的。。。

我不算是商人但是我有自觉。。。 要在最短的时间赚最多的钱,就一定要有头脑和机会! 我的命运不算好。。。 起起跌跌的, 动荡不安。。。 可是机会就是出现了。。。 我另外一个兄弟, 在当行销员, 什么都卖, 就是想要一个“以一对多”管道来开拓生意网。 我们有共同的目的,就是在30岁前退休。。。 哈哈!可能有点不切实际了吧!但是人就是因为有梦想而成功的!! 凡事都要尝试,如果连试都不试就放弃了。你也不要说没有人肯给你机会啦。

我们各取所需, 更何况我们不会斤斤计较的。 所以我觉得这样的兄弟搭档是可以维持的。可能人力资源的问题会出现,但是眼前的也只有继续的拼下去了。。。 要努力的为将来铺路。所以,我说啊。。。 梦想往往都是很遥远的, 但是没有梦想。。。 你可以干什么呢? 世上没有白吃的午餐,我得到了一个机会, 也要为这个机会而付出才会有收获的!! (更何况我没有出任何的资金来投资。。。)

最后, 请你为我的梦想做个见证吧! 


Hey folks! Nice to have you/me back here! I am busy for these few days… busy to kick-off something.

First… I would like to tell you that about the New Microsoft Expression Web (a tool which replace M$ FrontPage) . It is not bad! Totally not bad but compare to Dreamweaver… it is still a very competative edge between them. I will leave it for you to study that 🙂

Hell lot of things that I am working on… editting photo, making flash, develop website, checking paypal and bank card… a lot… Haha. But I have got no pay for it… No worry… nothing pays you at the starting point! If you found something that pays on the first day of doing it, please, please, please, tell me A.S.A.P. ? Nasi lemak on me, ok?!

Recently I receive quite a lot of compliments on my photo shooting skills too! Yeah! When you are jobless, you will be good in everything besides JOB HUNTING! So… in order to improve your photo shooting skill, you must be jobless first! That’s THE_ONE pre-requisite! I’m not kidding!! Because all PROs is not having a permanent job! 😛

Ehhhh now… I don’t know whether or not to tell you something about the website that I am doing… It will possibly spoil my handsome image! haha. Yes! H.A.N.D.S.O.M.E. heh heh.  “That” website will be promoting some kind of medicines or herbs or tools to help you to improve your sexual intercourse experiences. Oh! Oh! Did I spoil my “Mr. Handsome Good Man” reputation?! If yes… please don’t be prejudice against me. I am not a Holy Man but a normal mankind which requires food to survive too… Let me show you something about the things that I done. If you are interested to be an agent or a buyer of these products. Feel free to contact me. As usual, Kok mING will give you the very best + friendly price!!


Looks like those spam ads? Any comment for improvements? I am a Flash newbie… please provide your criticism with suggestion. 😀

I will try to install Adsense and NuffNang into my blog… ehhh Just to make my blog looks more MATERIALISTIC COMMERCIAL… hahahah don’t be mad if you find crazy ads popping up here and there. Ok?

One last thing 🙂 I updated my blog engine to newer version… if any problem arise during your visit… please write a mail or leave a comment. Thank you.



I had done quite a lot of research on how to receive your PayPal fund as a Malaysia (boleh?!) citizen! If you do a wild + fierce google search on How to Withdraw PayPal Fund as Malaysian . In this way, the ultimate destination is to BUY an EBOOK … dude! why should I buy any EBOOK before you show me the real money? As a smart consumer business owner, it simply does not make sense of paying real money to get the withdrawal “method” , right?!

According to Hongkiat’s blog , he manage to use _A_ method to withdraw! A method without charging you anything. BUT you do needs to pay for using the tools stated within the method! Okay! This sound better! I pay for what I owned/used!

Now here we start! To start this whole money making process!!

1. You need to obtain a VMI card (some kind of Credit Card) with certain fees… Well. Compare to your millions dollars businesses, it simply nothing_at_all!

2. After you have the card (most likely in 1-2weeks times), You must activate you VMI Bank Account online!

3. After activation! You are done! Now goes to your PayPal account and setup this within the Withdrawing Bank Account section! Remember PayPal charges processing fees for each transfer…~ Credits to HongKiat!

  • Bank Name: Southwest Bank
  • Account Type: Checking
  • Routing Number: 111900756
  • Account Number: (8) + (Last 9 digits of your card number)
  • Re-enter Account Number: (8) + (Last 9 digits of your card number)

    4. Start withdrawing PayPal funds to VMI Bank Account then wait for the transfer between PayPal and VMI Bank!  Always remember… when deal with banks. They always charge TRANSACTION FEES! VMI Bank is the same kind… below is the rate! Remember to include this charges if you want your customer to bare it! Credits to HongKiat again!!

    Transaction Charges

    • Funds Deposit 2.00
    • ATM Withdrawal – US 1.80
    • ATM Withdrawal – International 5.00
    • ATM Balance Inquiry/Denied Inquiry – US 0.50
    • ATM Balance Inquiry/Denied Inquiry – International 0.50
    • Card to Card Transfer 2.00
    • Card to Bank Account Transfer 2.00
    • Bank Account to Card Transfer 2.00
    • Monthly Account Service Fee 2.70
    • Card to Check 4.95

    5. I know… you will do this… SPAM CHECKING VMI Bank Account Balance Online for every minutes! By click refresh refresh and refresh. Haha! Ok… do it until you are satisfied… But it is not good for the Bank server because of the Internet Bandwidth Load…

    6. Once the payment arrive. DON’T wait any longer. Straight away goes to your nearest ATM machine and WITHDRAW everything inside the VMI Bank Account with the VMI Card! Trust me! There is no bank is 100% more trustable than your own hands / wallets 🙂 You know what I mean.

    7. Viola! You are DONE! Even though you cannot withdraw the PayPal fund like the Singaporean. But hell! with some works and some fees! We, Malaysian, able to withdraw money too. Now, all you need to do it to make something profitable and sell!

    8. Not to forget… if you find this useful or want to test the VMI card! Please, please press the PAYPAL Donate button with the most bottom left pane! Your contribution will helps you proves the VMI card is working. Haha! Thank you!




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    很多人都对我的日常生活很关心。 谢谢你们了。。。 如果可以的话,请用行动来表示就更好了。 哈哈!!

    现在的日子轻松多了。。。 每天睡到自然醒。 大约中午11-12点多吧! 然后吃早午餐。。。 边吃边看电视。。。 然后就到房间开音乐, 开始做家务。。。

    下午三点多。。。 就是现在! 下午茶时间到。。。 到厨房看看有什么就快要过期的食物。 有发现就立刻处理吃掉!就像今天, 没有什么收获(毕竟天天都在吃, 哪会有那么多过期食物?)。。。 所以烤了几块面包和泡了一壶咖啡(IPOH WHITE KOPI)来当下午茶!

    哈哈!面包被烤得脆脆的。 好有口感啊!! KOPI的味道香浓够味!!! 太棒了! 下午茶万岁!!(最后多出来的那块不是海绵啊! 是吃剩一半的蛋糕!! 哈哈!!!)

    嘻嘻!!吃完了。 Blog 也写完了。 要开始工作了。。。 就是帮忙兄弟更新网页啊!之后应该就是晚餐了。。。 呵呵。。。

    很快的,RYAN会MSN 叫我DOTA了。。。 过后又上床睡觉。。。 哈哈!

    挺休闲的吧? 没有上进心? 不积极找工作? 。。。 我知道啊!但是有些是是急不来的。。。 我也有努力找工作但是也要有回音才可以。。。 哈哈! 我再说下去。。。 有人会开始说我对工作挑剔啦, 要求高啦, 不可以吃苦啦。。。 等等 等等。。。 。。。



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    今天,下午12点多。 我刚刚吃饱, 在看电视。。。 电话响起了。我接了。 一开始就是一段电话录音。。。

    匿名者:[电话录音] 马来亚银行控告你。 你需要在5月21日到最高法院出庭答辩 (以上的句子重复了3次)。 有任何疑问请按9字键。

    {我那么的好奇。。。 我当然会按啦!! 然后电话的另一端有人接了, 从声音来判断, 肯定是一位“中国娃娃”。 我绝对没有鄙视中国女性。 不要乱说哦)

    我: Hallo。 请问我犯了什么事?
    我: 那。。。 最高法院在哪里? (对不起啦。。。 我是大马公民, 但是我还不曾进入最高法院。。。 要确定位置啊!)
    匿名中国娃娃:最高法院在独立广场对面! (哇!! 好厉害啊。。。那么大的法院就只用来审我一个人。。。 我爱死你了!!)
    我:请问你是哪儿打来的? (哈哈。。。 礼貌啊。。。 我不惯欠别人的人情的。。。 要知道地点, 送些礼物感谢她的通知啊!)
    匿名中国娃娃:你又是谁?? (。。。 干嘛突然这样问我? 我会害羞的啦!)
    我:他妈的! 你打电话来问我是谁? 到最高法院看成人电影啊? (对不起。。。 我害羞起来就是这个样子了。。。我一直持续我的炮轰。。。 )
    我:你等着换地方吧! 我们已经掌握到你们的据点!! 。。。。


    我妈妈就在我旁边大笑。 哈哈!

    请不要当笑话来读。。。 请告诉你身边的亲戚朋友, 尤其是年长的。。。 不要被这种匿名电话骗了! 有什么事情,一定要拿到对方的联络再刻实, 然后再打电话到有关的机构查问。。。 我知道很多人都怕麻烦。。。 但是如果因为怕麻烦而被骗了。。。 你就是自讨苦吃了。。。

    如果真的是怕麻烦就索性不要理会。。。 千万不要上当了!

    一定要告诉身边的人啊! 谢谢了!!

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