Lesson on The Martian

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I liked this movie. Not because of Matt Damon successfully plant potatoes on Mars. It makes me smile a lot, I know this isn’t a comedy.

Still, I smiled. For all the scenes that the Nasa wants to build the rescue spaceship quicker and try to shorten the time by “thinking out of the box”.

The spaceship construction team was asked to NOT do quality assurance (Testing) for the spaceship built because the boss didn’t see any spaceship gone wrong before so he thinks that was unnecessary to test!

I laughed and that point of time, I felt the pain in reality too. Many times, in my work, I been asked to skip “Testing” due to budget or time constraint. Of course, I don’t have a choice to say no due to “boss is always right!” . Well, put in this way, you can’t convince anyone until something happen. This is the reality. People like to learn it the hard way.

In the movie, the spaceship was not tested and launched… then it dissembled itself in the middle of the sky.

In reality, an software or system crash on the first day of launch. The boss definitely not going to be sacked. Instead, he turn his back to engineer and ask “why you no do Testing? Get me the QA, I need full report and updates every hour until this is fix!”. An incident like this might raise the awareness of importance of Quality Assurance, but time will wash it away. Repeat itself.

We must remember that most successes are built on the proven steps with necessary processes and procedures together with involvement of many parties to compliment each other. The moment you believe something / someone isn’t necessary, think twice, because some roles are meant to be there and not to contribute until something happen, so often their value / existence are being ignored.

I always remind myself, necessity is always important. But not all important thing/person is necessary.  🙂

Got it?



On January 22, 2016, in English, General, General | Discussion, My work, by Kok mING

Been sometimes I rant about stuff like this.

Often people ask “Can I trust you?”. Anyone who will ask this question to another person, they do not trust people, still they want to verify/testify their thought with answer from the other person.

Many occasions, I been told by many people who say “Please trust me”, “Give me your trust”, “You can put your trust on me”. I don’t understand why trust can be given or granted. It is not a thing, how can I give it to you?

I want to share a scenario with you. I hope this will bring more thoughts into this topic.

ManA: Can we implement solution ABC with some algorithm (programming code) from your people ( xx and yy)? I promise and you have my words this will work out fine. You can trust me.

ManB: Ok. Let’s move forward with your suggestion. I will get the algorithm from them and send it to you.

ManA: No, you must get them send directly to me and CC you. That is better and not influence by you.

ManB: […. moment of silence] Ok. As you wish.

So, in the above scenario, has ManA looking for ManB for a favor and seek ManB’s trust? Is it necessary if this is something benefitial for all and do no harm?

Has ManB seek or verify further with the request? Did ManB need to say “I trust you” to prove the existence of trust?

ManA requested the information to be send over directly to him. Although he specify carbon copy to ManB. Do you find where is the trust now?

Just a simple scenario with a few sentences, we can identify Trust isn’t a thing. It is the most expensive value for human interaction. It takes years to build, a sentence/an action/ a few seconds to lose it.

Forgetting is easy, forgiving is noble, but to trust the same people again, that is a lesson we must learn.

Hope you enjoy the reading without food photo! 🙂




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