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First of all, I would like to say thank you to my family, my friends and YOU! Yes! Its you!

This -> topic <- receive a good response from you guys. Although nobody leave a comment on it but now I am here to blog about the RESUME which you wanted me to share it… … Anyway, let’s start the show!

Resume also known as a curriculum vitae (CV), is a document containing a summary or listing of relevant job experience and education, usually for the purpose of obtaining an interview when seeking employment.

So what is the big deal? Aren’t we all know about it? Wait… … Are you sure you know everything about resume? From A-Z, inside out? Have you really put in your effort to compile a master-piece of resume? Can your resume describe yourself not only experience and education but personality and capability? A good resume will definitely put you up the top of the interview queue!

Let’s put aside the design, format, font, spacing, and title of the resume. We focus on how to write!

First thing to do for resume is to eliminate all negative sentences! It may be related to your former employer, your colleague or yourself… … Any negative sentences in your resume will lead the reader to “derive” your personality, your work ethic, your moral value and your professionalism! 

Yes! I know, everything or everywhere has its bad sides. You are only telling the truth why need to be worry?!  Let me remind you, the reader/employer has totally NO interests to read your bad experiences with your former employment. They only needed to know what they advertised with their vacancy advertisement. So, writing negative things inside a resume is an absolute spoiler! Again, stepping down other people will never prove you are any better than them.

Okay. Let me show you what I’ve got in my mind to turn the negative voice away but still able to express myself.

Negative sentences… Kok mING voices!
I fired my boss because he cheats me. He treats other better than me. I tender my resignation because I would like to seek for a fair and better environment. 
The manager don’t know how to manage the team. He give me no opportunity! The reason for me to leave the current work place because I am looking for a more challenging job and higher degree of team collaboration.
I am the One-Leg-Kick. I do more work than the others but I get the lowest increment and bonus! So I quit! I am looking for a better offer that can fully utilize my skills and abilities!

* You can challenge me to convert other negative sentences. I am all open for it!


Perhaps, you noticed my second point on how to write a resume. That is the wording! Use the right word to explain or express yourself! This is a must! To write a good resume, you do not need the bombastic level of English but make sure you have a rich vocabulary. Most often, better wordings can attract the reader more than everything! Always use stronger words to support your points! Now, the question rise again… How to determine the “strength” of a word?! Can you measure that? Okay… I admit I am bad because I cannot give you the answer on how to measure the “strength” of a word but I believe you can see it below.

Weak sentences. Kok mING strong and confident words!
I sell medicine and talk with the customer. I am fully responsible on the customer communication and interaction. Other than that, I am fully in-charge of the medicine sales activities too. 
I handle this project. I speak to the outsider, my boss and my team mate. This is the independent project that I fully involved and participated into it. I am the main communication window for both internal and external parties.
I help the new comers to do their work correctly. I am the trainer for the new comers and responsible to coach them into a right direction.


These should be enough to make a more presentable resume. I hope I give you some ideas to compile an easy-to-understand but comprehensive resume!

Of course, it has more to discuss further but I leave it for you to explore it!


Happy resume writing!


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3 Responses to How to write a resume

  1. klesk says:

    i hope no one takes ur advise on how to write their resume or else they gonna fail badly..

  2. Kok mING says:

    I do not understand your feedback. 🙂

    I am sharing my humble view.

    If you have better idea. Please share it. 😀

    I am open for critisms with suggestions only. Thank you.

  3. dragonQ says:

    u r great

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