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Last week, the company had organized a trip to Port Dickson for the sake of team building. Yes! Team building.

When we talk about Port Dickson, it must be related to beach and seaside camp fire BBQ! Unfortunately, the resort did not have a beach… furthermore, we don’t have a BBQ session too… quite disappointed. But what to complaint? It don’t cost a cent! Haha!



This is the food that the resort provided. Definitely not tasty but no choice…


The camera crew… I would love to have cheer-leader team rather than this… Haha!

See me? Go kart only! Take it easy! (It is actually harder to control than you can imagine…)  



The next morning, we went to the Blue Lagoon beach. The beach is just ugly. Rubbish everywhere…



The first photo, I would love to take the flare but I failed… It is actually very tiring to do so and I scare that will spoil my camera len so I did not try until success. The second photo failed too… I wanted to take down the photo with the feeling of “good weather” and “nice coconut tree”… ehhh you know what I want to say. Haha!



Yeah! Seafood lunch before we happily end the trip. The coconut is not picked from the tree, ok? hehe. Did you see C.R.A.B ? Oh well, it did not taste as good as it looks…



That’s it for the trip. I taken a lot of photo but mostly with some human faces inside. It is not nice to publish here so I skip it.


鱼粥 @ Petaling Street

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在上个周末,公司组团到波德生度假了。 目的是为了培养团结的精神。出发前,我们到了茨厰街的一家粥档吃早餐。同事介绍时说生鱼粥是必试佳肴。所以二话不说的就点了生鱼粥。端上来的时候,真的有惊喜哦!鱼肉真的是生的!!哈哈!



RM4.50 一碗。档子的地点就在茨厰街“清补凉”茶档的正对面。


Last weekend, the current company that I am working in, organized a Port Dickson trip. The purpose of the trip is about team building. Yeah! Team building…

Before we depart to P.D. We went to eat porridge breakfast at Petaling Street. My colleague recommends us to try out the “Shang Yu” / raw fish porridge, so without thinking twice, I picked the recommended dishes!

I got a little surprise when the porridge served on the table. It is really comes with RAW fish! Haha!  

To eat this, you have to put the raw fish meat/slices into the hot porridge and let the porridge heat to cook the fish. This is a very special porridge that I had ever tried. :xd:

The fish meat devour inside your mouth like a melting chocolate, eat with the hot and smooth porridge, it makes up a good combination! (The fish meat must be cooked. It is because it taste really raw if you take it without throwing it into the porridge…)

RM4.50 one big bowl. The location of this stall is opposite the Petaling Street “Qing Bo Leong” herbal tea stall! (Direct translation rocks!!)



Check this out!


After watching this entertaining video. Suddenly, I think I found something. Something that seems to be hidden but shinny like a diamond…

The Malaysia Information Minister speaks like that… behave worst than any other… furthermore it is clearly shown that his EQ is only 5 years old or he is a monkey!

You know why we always have outdated and false information/news/headlines ? With this kind of mofo controlling the Information Department… Can you imagine that he can do a good work?

Democracy? Yes! The party who selected this person to be a minister is really some democrats with their own style… How can he hold such an important seat while he can’t comprehend himself with an International language?

Fair election?! My a$$! Even this mofo can become a minister, how to spell F.A.I.R.?

Please go back to school and keep doing your own eRection, please!


Bersih Rally or Bersih Really?

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I am proud to be a Malaysian. I would invite God and Satan to take Malaysia citizenship if they exists in somewhere near me.

Thanks to the local news media and the government hardcore censorship, majority of Malaysians do not know about the Bersih Rally. Yes! I am one of it … even though someone invite me via email… ehhh I thought it was a spam so I did not pay much attention.

So what is Bersih Rally? It is an Corruption Free and Fair Election protest. Well, as least this is what I heard. Correct me if I am wrong. Check out the video before you enjoy my writing.




Ok. Don’t waste time. Let’s be straight forward. I do not understand why you need to protest something that you can’t undone it. You start to protest after 50 years of country independent or so called “democracy”(in a monopoly way) ? Or you start to support a Fair Election after being a homosexual better man? Come on! We all know that nothing is clean. Clean do not exist in Malaysia.

By submitting a memorandum, you believe things will change? I admit that at least you did you best! Well done Malaysian! Question again… Do you think by submitting it to AGUNG (the king) will really help? Ask yourself, you know the answer a lot more better than me. In my mind, AGUNG is the person who gives you 1 day holiday when he go to heaven! Yeah! All people love old AGUNG for that… (I know you always shouting “I Love you but please ***”). I dare not to write the *** for you because anything can happen on Malaysian especially blogger.  

Government keep saying this won’t be a peaceful rally. Yes, I totally agreed with the government. By looking at the chemical shooting gun and the club-crushing police. It is so truth that is not a peaceful rally! Don’t you agree? Now the government is laughing because they warned you already… but you still go out to “abused” yourself… After all, your effort is really remarkable though… I am serious. I respect all participants! Salute!

Bersih is a Malay word which mean Clean.

Bersih Rally can make the election Bersih Really? I seriously doubt it. Inspecting those phantom voters, “mis-calculations” and etc known issues. I seriously doubt we are on the right track of Bersih Rally. You guys impressed me with your first step but what next?

I don’t wish to comment more on the Bersih Rally because thousands of blogger did that already. I want to give my highest respect for all the participants of Bersih Rally. You know it is not easy but you still went there! You are the future on Malaysia! (I will send you to space! but wait~~… this is kidding only lah)

I don’t want a fair election! I want a true democratic election! Please vote to whom that can guarantee you a better future.

I will cast my vote to the party or person who can do these:

1. Make Malay really same as other races! I want it FAIR now! For the sake of BALANCE!

2. Kick Samivellu out or sub all the government projects into my bank account!

3. Enforce all employers (public, private, non-profit organization and etc) to adjust the salary package when petrol, rice, flour, raw material, living necessities and etc raise price!

4. Stop all stupid actions like space-traveler, water leaking buildings, multi-billions dollars project canceled with nothing done but money paid and etc. 

5. Respect the citizen as part of the country!


A lot more to say but I leave it to




Happy Bersih Rallying!


Le Classic

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今天星期六,早上五点多就别公司的人吵醒了。明明是五天制的,但是我好像连续几个周末都被打搅了。。。而且还是七早八早的。 唉~~~~~

Today is Saturday, awaken by office phone calls at 5 A.M. It is clearly stated 5-days work, but it is continuously a few weekends that my weekend got disturbed… furthermore the timing is damn early… Haih~~~


言归正传,最近真的很多食店在Kepong开档了。 Le Classic 是其中一间。Le Classic 的装修简单,用了很多植物来美化但是摆设就差强人意了。。。 食物种类不算少,有套餐,很适合我。哈哈!

Back to the story, Recently, a lot of restaurants opens in Kepong. Le Classic happens to be one of them. The interior design is simple, uses a lot of plants to decorate it but the display impact is kind of below the par…  The variety of foods still ok, got set lunch, suitable for me. Haha! 




Ordered Japanese Style Chicken Rice and Curry Fish Slices Rice.




Japanese Style Chicken Rice taste  not too special but not bad either, it is like most of the others Japanese BBQ cooked Chicken lo… It is remarkable that this restaurant serve this with fried rice instead of normal steam rice. At least it worth the price!



咖哩鱼片饭的味道是老少咸宜的。不会辣但是还是非常送饭的。还是那一句啦。 饭太少了!!! 哈哈! 咖哩鱼片的咖哩就真的让我满意的。还有哦,你看看那个“碗”,像不像乞丐用来讨钱的工具啊??

Curry Fish Slices Rice tastes good for all. It is not spicy but still very good to consume it with steam rice. But still the same old sentence, “The rice is too little!!!” Haha! The portion of curry really satisfy me, can you see that bowl? Looks like the beggar’s bowl?



这就是“熊猫”先生了。。。 眼袋比眼睛还要大了。谁可以救我啊???

This is the almighty Mr. Panda… The eye pack is bigger than the eyes. Who can help me ah???


下雨天,没有拍到店门的正面。要吃就看GoogleMap吧。一个套餐 RM 9.90。


Its a rainy day, cannot take a clear front shop view. If you want to pay a visit, please refer to the GoogleMap. Set lunch at RM 9.90 each.

I give 5 points out of 10. (You see this is so boring and non-descriptive, it means really nothing special about this restaurant la.)



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你是否是那种要加薪又不敢开口的人?还是在没有说出口的时候就对自己说不可能发生了? 如果连说的勇气也没有,你最好别说追求什么梦想了。因为你连争取自己利益的勇气也没有!我知道如果被拒绝了,可能会被老板列入黑名单,但是你不说就可以永远的安全吗?想想吧。。。


首先,你要了解的是职场的法则。在每一个商业组织里,都存在着一个不变的法则。那就是穷则变,变则通。不变就ByeBye。 看是很简单,但是里面包含的却是比天还高,比海更深的智慧。


在职场里,每一件事都从好的本质出发, 用坏的心机对策, 使出不损人的手段, 再赢得漂亮的结果!!








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