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Unlike Pattaya, Krabi is smaller and much more quiet town. Having said that, this is the attraction for tourist to stay. I liked the way on how this place is located. It is nearer to Malaysia. The flight took us around 45 minutes to reach there from Kuala Lumpur! Awesome speed!

We were there during off peak season. The streets are not too crowded. It is a good time to visit Krabi during off peak season, it is because you can fully enjoy the environment. During my trip, I do not find many Asians travel to this place, on the other hand, I do see a lot of western countries tourists, this can be seen from the street… strange…

This trip is so relax and I enjoy it very much. There is nothing to do in Krabi, the town has not much to visit either… We were brought to the town for a half day tour and lunch too. The duck noodle is very delicious! Better than any duck noodles that I tasted in Malaysia!! :goodjob:


After a visit to the town, we check-in our hotel. The room is not bad. This is a 4 stars hotel which is comfortable to stay in. The first day ended with a windy beach view dinner.

Herewith some photos taken within the hotel. I liked the flare because I risk my eyes to take it! LoL :xd:




The second day, it is a full day trip for island hopping. Four islands to go! The price for Island Hopping trip varies from the type of boat you pick. If you picked those old Long Tail Boat, it roughly cost you RM20 / person to go on board… I am one with lots of wealth and very scary to die, so I take speedboat! LoL, you must be thinking I have a private ferry over there? heh heh heh, too early to dream…

While waiting for the speedboat to be ready, the tour guide make a sand dog for us to spend our pathetic waiting time… LoL

The last one is another good view I taken during this trip, lakeside feel~~



This is one small island that I taken its photo which I am in the speedboat with 200KMH reading… Amazingly, it did not turn out blur.


After some hours from snorkeling and hopping! We reached to the MAYA BAY!! The sand is so soft and white! The beach is soooooooo beautiful (there is not enough o to describe the charm of it). This is where The Beach was filmed! The beach is now fully crowded by human… hence making the photoshooting almost impossible for me…


But never under estimate the power of the charming surroundings. Again, I manage to find a spot without people but a boat! Set! The boat is my model now! :hahaha:



Our last destination for Island Hopping is Phi Phi Island, a high commercialized island with a lot of shops and tourists. We had a buffet lunch over there… nothing great but was tasty too!



The third day, of course, we booked for KAYAK (canoeing – in English?)! A must try activity in Krabi.

We took the 7KM challenge – half day tour. Of course, Malaysia boleh! Although we are the last one to reach the end point… All mat-salleh can kayak faster than us… I am slow because I took photography, ok? :shy: 


Ok… the third day dinner, looking into our wallet, we have plenty of $ left and there are no beggers take all those money. So we decided to spend it on food! Had a very full dinner with 4 main dishes and 1 salad! :full:

Krabi’s food is very tasty, for a Malaysian. I tried food in Pattaya, Phuket and Bangkok. I found Krabi’s food matches my taste perfectly. The price is not expensive either – around KL pricing. Ehhh… this is a travel post, so I don’t want to post more food photo… (shhhhhh not because of I am busy eating and forgot to take photo…)


Anyway, the fourth day, I took this photo in the airports while waiting for the flight. See~ even the airport feels empty relax ! :hahaha:



I enjoyed the entire trip very much. Also, it raise my urge for retirement again…




Photos were taken with and direct from my 450D except the seafood. Most people doesn’t believe that Canon can have this kind of coloring, most claims I heavily photoshop these photos… Anyway, for ones who know me, I am not the one who like to waste time in editing photo… Stop saying I own a better gears now too… All photos were shoot with 18-55 kit lens too… Go figure out how I can do this rather than saying impossible to do it with Canon 😛


Japanese Buffet @ SAISAKI

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我又去吃自助餐了。 6月尾,才刚刚在Xenri D’ Garden Terrace 吃了一餐丰富的。。。 又有机会再大饱口福! :hahaha:

这次是公司请的免费午餐~ 不吃白不吃!:shy:



我还记得大约10年前, 我有光顾过Saisaki。印象还不差。 现在还有35%折扣啊!很值得了!

里面的装潢还可以,食物的种类和 SHOGUN 差不多。毕竟是同一个老板的店。。。 :sigh:



为了照片的效果, 这就是我精心的把刺身和寿司漂亮的摆放。  还可以吧?呵呵~~~





除了刺身,我还吃了很多天妇罗, 应该有20吃炸虾吧。。。真的是值会票价了!虽然这是公司请的免费午餐!哈哈!! :xd:


有35% 的折扣,你如果是大胃王,就去吃个够吧!肯定你会很满足的~ :full:

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