Hey folks! I am back from a dinner with almost-empty stomach. I had a appetizer, main course, desserts and coffee but still hungry!

Yeah! Fine dining rocks! :xd:

Thanks to the company willing to sponsor us for an annual department dinner. This year, we went to 7atenine located at Ascott Kuala Lumpur.

First of all, the interior impressed me a lot. The lighting and environment is much more better than other restaurants. Perhaps that is why we are paying more for the food. :faint:







Let’s zoom into the food! My blog is definitely focus on food! Unlike other bloggers who like to post self-eating-portrait. :hahaha:

This is the appetizer, 789 salad. It comes with some mixed vege… oh well, that’s why it is a salad. It has some cheese and four pieces of smoked salmon!

The taste is great. Fresh and light. Excellent for appetizer. :goodjob:



After the appetizer, I had my main course which is seabass! Hm… not the whole fish… just a tiny little piece. :wuuu: Honestly, when it appear in front of me, I am screaming in my mind “Oh my god!”. What a big piece of fish… Regardless the portion, the taste is still great. The fish was nicely cooked. Crispy outside and juicy inside! However, I could not say it is perfect because it failed to fulfill the basic requirement of food which is to satisfy my empty stomach. Too bad! :sigh:




This is another main course which my colleague ordered. I tasted it. The fish is better. :hahaha:




Desserts was single scope ice-cream on top of some puddings. Not really like it because the ice-cream tasted sour. :autism:

But the coffee taste good. Strong scent but smooth.



This is a lychee cocktail which does not taste that good too…



Overall, tasty food for hungry people. Not encourage you to go even if you are filthy rich. Your money deserves better values. :ohoho1:

My first fine dining experience end here. Thanks for reading. Come back soon~




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