Cleveland – June 2013

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Cleveland, a low density city with great lake and tall buildings! The famous Lake Eerie is one of the world largest lake.

I visited Cleveland during June 2013, for a business trip. It is always been a pleasure to go on trip funded by company! It took me 28 hours of total flight time to reach Cleveland. Definitely, this is the new record for me! I doubt this record will ever be renew again…

Long ago, since I was a child, America is a place that I understand it is costly for me to visit alone. Luckily, I got this opportunity, otherwise, it can be a always a dream to visit this country.


Now, I present to you, Cleveland! (Click to view full size image)

This is a FIRST photo I took for Cleveland, nothing besides FIRST shot Smile

I spent the weekend to walk around the city, yes, you read me right. W.A.L.K. Smile

This is the Fountain of Eternal Life.


For those who keep track on the world financial news. You should know the name of Federal Reserve Bank…


Also, Cleveland is famous about its Rock N Roll culture! Yes, Rock N Roll hall of fame is here! I took some photo but sadly it is either over expose or under expose. Some with me inside the photo so let’s skip it! Smile with tongue out

More landmarks to come, which I forgot the name.



By now, you probably will ask me why I say Cleveland is a low density city. Refer to the photo below and you know why… it is a weekend and the city is empty!


Go to United States, you would find a lot of good bargain in branded fashion! For example, Nike, Coach, Ralph Lauren and many more are selling much more cheaper compare to Malaysia! I went to Aurora Premium Outlets for shopping mission. The total damage is…. you guess!

This is a lake within the Aurora Premium Outlet. I was thought that this area would be a shopping mall and as big as ones in Malaysia. Obviously, I was wrong. It didn’t have any high rise building and all brand has its own shop, spacious and comfortable for shoppers!


I have never been into HardRock café in Malaysia. Yes! I am serious!

It looks like my boss know I never afford to visit HardRock café in Malaysia, so he bring me to the one in U.S. for a nice lunch!


Talk about my boss, then I will have to show you the office building which I worked in during my business trip. Another landmark of Cleveland, Tower City!


It is always a place for movie filming, previously, Avengers was here. During my visit, they are filming Captain America II inside the Tower City! So if you see me appear inside the movie, it would not be a surprise Smile with tongue out


Last but not least, I enjoyed American food very much! The waiters and waitresses are much more talkative and friendly compare to the ones in Malaysia. Perhaps this is due to their tipping system which encourage them to talk to the diners Smile

This is the B.E.S.T. pork rib (full slab) I enjoyed in Cleveland, a restaurant name, Rocky River Brewing Co.

This is the recommended dish if you ever visit! Cooper’s Baby Back Ribs, trust me, this is the best!


Lastly, this one advertisement, at first I thought, it is a Chinese Restaurant / Chinese Fast Food advertisement, then I watch carefully, I am totally wrong about it! Smile with tongue out


Ok folks, there are tons of photo taken but to keep this short and simple to read. This is my Cleveland trip! If you are going there, do not hesitate to leave me a message for travel advise Smile

Until the next post, good bye!

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