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Thanks to those discount and coupon websites, my wife bought a 50% discount coupon to enjoy a lunch at social@KL (for our anniversary). This restaurant offers tasty food and friendly services. Although the price is above the average spending… After enjoying a lunch over there, I decided to blog about it because of the environment, services and food justify the value.

It is located at G Tower, a very nice building too.

By looking into the interior and the items display on the shelf. I can tell this is a Italian restaurant. From the menu, the variety of food is not much compare to the others. Interestingly, it offers wide range of wine! Great place for wine lovers, huh? 😀


I am not much into wine and alcohol… but please see the “wine-yard” :xd:

Let’s start with our order! First to come it the Social Ice Tea served with homemade sorbet. I choose mango flavor. It taste summer! Really nice drink. Must try!


GreenIt is a refreshing drink with a little bit of sweet and sourness. It open up your appetite for the day.

Yeah! Kid meal for my lovely kids!

We ordered Cod Fish and Salmon pasta.

Look into the food presentation, I would say it score 4 out of 5 stars.

The taste of the Cod Fish is superb, I take a small chunk of cod fish with truffle cream with mash potato and eat… surprise that these flavor goes really well altogether! 4.5 starts, I give! The portion can be bigger so it can feed a big guy like me! :hohoho:

The salmon paste was nicely done but it has no outstanding point or taste that I could really describe here but overall, it is a well done dish!


I almost forgot to tell you, if you bring kids to this restaurant, the friendly waiters/waitress will supply paper and color pencils for your children to spend their own time! At least this is something different from the others which they thinks about family! I like this idea.

I show you my son for ending this post! Open-mouthed smile

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