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Venice is my first stop in Italy. It also known as the Water City. One of the most beautiful city in the world. This is a must-stop point for you if you are visiting or going to visit Italy.

I stayed in Venice for 2 days 1 night. We departed from Skavsta (Sweden) airport. Upon the arrival to the airport, we took bus by ATVO to Venice . It costs 5 Euro / passenger. It is very reasonable price and the bus is comfortable enough too.

The tourist information center is very near to be bus station. It has a machine which sells Venice’s map. My advise is forget about the map. It will not be enough to guide you because it is a maze inside Venice… If you want to go to the tourists spot… rules of thumb -  Follow The Crowd! Also, the road / floor also has small arrow that point you to the San Marco square. :xd:

Venice is well-known by its buildings with amazing architecture on top of the water. Also, it is a car-less city! You don’t see vehicle with engines except boats… which is very good for tourists! Having said that, it is really cost us a lot of moves to take our baggage over the bridges before we found our hostel… 🙁
(* Reminder… there is a BIG HUGE bridge right at the city entrance which lead to the train station, don’t climb it with your baggage…)

Souvenir can be found almost every where with almost the same price… be sure you buy the mask once you found the right one. It is because after you leave Venice, it is rarely any more choices for you in the other cities … :sigh:

Very lucky that is an friendly old man approaches us and offer himself to point us the direction to our hostel. It really save us a lot of time to walk through the maze with our baggage. The hostel is just 7 minutes walk from the bus station and not bad at all! Private double room with queen size bed, air-con and windows! Clean and tidy! Free breakfast + flow free coffee!!


We leave our baggage and hunt for lunch… Guess what you would try during for the first meal in Italy?! Of course pizza!

In Venice, you can find almost every restaurant sells pizza in different flavor. Also, a lot of kebab too!

We had our lunch and continue our hunt for cheap Gelato (1 Euro)!  We found it and the seller also know how to great us in Chinese. :hahaha:

After we had the gelato, we found the cheapest combo meals in Venice too. But we never buy anything because we were full… wrong timing :happysigh:


Venice has a lot of bridges connection each piece of small island. In between each small island, it forms really cool view canal! Although the weather is not too nice but the picture turns out without much regret too :hahaha:


Not wasting anymore time from you. Here I present to you the most wanted San Marco square’s photo! 😀

** Due to loading speed… full album is ready in my facebook or picasa.


The view of Venice from top. Not much people have this view tho, at least for the website I been into :hehehe:



Hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoy my stay in Venice!

Happy viewing!


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