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On February 6, 2010, in English, Life style, Life style | Food, by Kok mING

Chinese New Year is around the corner. I had done my shopping except a pair of new shoes… Well, rather than forcing myself to get one for the sake of new year. I’d prefer to live without it.

This weekend, family is not heading back to hometown. So, we have some time to bring our little princess out for a walk. We went to The Curve… pretty disappointed because the decorations were too little. Frankly speaking, it is lack of Chinese New Year feel everywhere!

Hehe, out of topic for the first two paragraphs. Sorry, I could not help myself. :xd:

For today, we dine in the Garden. It is because the environment is so nice and we seldom go out… So why not try this place which attracts us the most!

As you can see, the attraction is the interior. It is so lovely and romantic. Look at it, best spot for couples! :hahaha:



We ordered spaghetti and dory fish. Both are tasty. My little princess love the spaghetti very much too!

Food portion is just nice for normal eater. The food serving speed is very fast too!



Pricing wise, it is reasonable enough. You won’t regret to choose this as a place to dine with your love one.

With the good food and nice environment, compliment each other perfectly. This is definitely highly rated and I will revisit when time permits!

If you have not got a restaurant for Valentines dinner, then this is a good consideration for you.

Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Valentines!


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