PC Fair December 2009

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This is a long awaited event that I pinned into my calendar!

PC Fair is always has its charm on me. A few years ago, I shoot with Ixus 40 and later equip with my 450D. People do not understand why I am so interested and passionate into this… Some even say “Can’t you go on the street and just approach the pretty for a photo? Stop being a pathetic uncle and walk into crowd of youth”… So true and I must try it some days later! :happysigh:

You know… After shooting the event for a few times, it is kind of a must do activity… Beginning, it was merely for blogging the event beauty. Later it turns out to be a group activity. It has increase a lot of laughter and fun factor too. I simply enjoy the time that we walk and shoot in group, get a pose from the model and the moment we share the photos and comments. :hahaha:

Ok… enough “opening”. Let’s get into the content. 🙂

This time, although we still seeing a lot of old faces but we do notice that new faces popped up. :goodjob:

I picked some nicer shots to place into this entry, so it won’t overkill someone’s slow internet connection. The full album is available here!






As shown, 1 round will be 1.06KM, and we did 2 rounds. That quite some walking, hehe. The Gold-man photo is here because it does not fit into the babe catergory. :hohoho:



Lastly, it is my show time with the light saber!


That’s the end for this entry. I enjoyed it very much and I do hope the same on you too.

Happy commenting!

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