After a long time since the last family gathering, we decided to enjoy the buffet lunch at Noble House while my parents in law are in town.

We heard and read enough good reviews which saying how worth to have the buffet lunch with unlimited Peking Ducks. Also the mouth watering dishes such as Shark fin and Crispy Pork at Noble House.

After this tried… I am very sure I will not pay this much of money for this kind of food again… It was over-rated… way too much different from the others review…

Let’s start the show now!

The buffet start 11:30AM but I was told to arrive there 12PM… so we go in late and it was crowded when we arrive there.

Since we were late… I did not manage to shoot the interior because it was really crowded.

As you can see, majority of the food are deep-fried and a small Dim-Sum corner with some steamed food. If you are healthy eater, I believe this buffer is not suitable for you…



From most review, I learnt that the Peking Duck is unlimited supply and you can take as many as you wish. It is so true!

But before we can materialize our dream to have unlimited Peking Duck, it is to QUEUE! :hahaha:



I am disappointed because the Peking Duck was not tasty. It taste like oily sweet pancake…



The crispy pork was not nice at all… Most reviews said the fat melt in the mouth and the skin crispy like biscuit!

I can tell you… Any hawker stall can sell better food then this… :sadism:


The shark fin was the worst, weird taste and the texture like glue… got cheated … :cryrun:


I have tried most food except dim-sum because I was lazy to check on it after too many disappointments… However, the prawn salad and the lamb was notable. At least it is able to gives me a reason that this restaurant still serve something nice and tasty :happysigh:





Over RM50/person, lousy service (no one help to refill water and clean up)… not so tasty food…

I would not recommend you to go.

But if you are keen to try it out, go ahead and enjoy.

Until I blog the next entry. Happy commenting!


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