Hey folks! How’s your weekend?

I had an awesome weekend with lots of fun!

Last Saturday, I went to PC Fair @ KLCC with a few colleagues for photoshooting! Yes, if you following my blog closely, shouldn’t be surprised to see this post.

I would be surprised if you claim to be my loyal reader but do not know about my interests… 😀

As usual, there were a lot of people queued up for the opening…

A lot of people complaining that this PC Fair do not have any nice babe to take photo… “Ehhhhlooooo! You are taking photograph for free and still talk like you have the total rights to give this kind of comment…” :yawn:

Let’s not wait any longer, see my PC Fair – April 2009 “loots” !! :hahaha:




First thing first, check my gears! Canon 450D with 50MM F1.8 lens! First test drive! Ready to go! First shot, got a friendly girl from PC Guru! Moving further, found another pair of Sony girls. They just arrives to work and we ask for photo. LoL!


Step into the first hall, this girl is so innocent… passed me a flyer then I ask for a photo. Seeing my hand holding a DSLR, should’ve notice I do not need to buy camera… Haha! Then we met four Acer girls. Yes FOUR… picture has only three because of my 50 MM can’t fit all in… sad case… Another 4 girls from Asus, this time I take it from different angle… got another Indian man bokeh behind.



Maxis broadband…. nothing pretty but its free for photograph! Why not take it?! Two Lenovo girl distributing flyers. Another 3 Lenovo girls… pity the middle girl has to take the printer and stand there.





Three models from Samsung but two were bokeh … Should have find a better focus before pressing the shutter… She is from PDA Arena. A4 Tech girl.





Lumix girl. Nice smile! This is the photo of the day… Is she looks like a Hong Kong actress name Sonija,Kwok (郭羡妮)? Another friendly Lumix girl~


This is the first pair of cosplay models! Look very charming! Kingsoft girls. Sexiest for the entire PC Fair… all Forum are discussing about it. Same Kingsoft girls but this focus on faces. 😛


Online game cosplay~ Ruumz girl… standing behind the broadband armies but still unable to escape from my hunt. Haha! Girl from ToxicGear. Simple and plain is nice!



Yo! Check this out. MyCNX girls. Same girls! This is the 3rd PC fair photo that I taken with them :melody: 
Looking forward to the 4th opportunity!
Wuauahahaha! Another cosplay! Yeah! We actually stand there for a few minutes to wait her to be fully dressed. :hahaha:




Same photo from the above but this is Portrait layout. Wow! Who is holding the giant wizard wand?
I actually went in for 2nd shot… couldn’t resist to hold the wand!
Another Portrait shoot!




One guy from my army keep snapping her picture 😛
Her beauty is undeniable!
Girls standing at the end of Hall 5… where is all the broadband armies strikes! Ohhhh, check this out! Canon 450D is now priced @ RM2999. I bought it few months ago, with RM2599! Smart consumer, I am! :glass:


Feel free to leave your comments~

If you are one of the model, I must say thank you for letting me to take the photo!


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