Corporate Director

On February 20, 2009, in General, General | History, My work, by Kok mING

I was cleaning my desk and I found something memorable. It reminds me about the milestones of my life…

That is a sweet dream memory to be a company director! Definitely hilarious too! :hahaha:

This a fun post… but seriously, how many people attended this training before?


6 Responses to Corporate Director

  1. rekony says:

    SSM ah ? 😛
    It was a fun time. Pretending to be bigshot for the day 😛

  2. Kok mING says:

    You been there before too?

  3. khang says:

    what a loser hahaha
    who needs a course to become a director? A functional brain and an open mind is what needed.

  4. Kok mING says:

    This course teaches you about the liabilities, laws and responsibilities that carry by a company director.

    If you have a Sdn. Bhd. and you haven’t attend 😛 You better do one.

  5. shelly says:

    Ooo..u went to the course eh?
    new insights to the world of share some tips with us sometimes yah!

  6. Kok mING says:

    I went like 2 years ago lo…
    Nothing to share 😛

    Not my own business, was a puppet…

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